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Yorktown Wedding Lapel Flower


  1. First saw these lapel pins and bow ties in an airport gift shop. It’s what drew me into the store. The lapel pin made a great gift for my brother. The design and quality are wonderful. Highly recommend these tastefully unique wooden jewels for anyone. Go ahead accessorize your look, I dare you.

  2. I bought this to go with my wooden bow tie for special occasions. When it arrived I was immediately pleased with the quality and over all appearance. So I put it on a smart jacket and it looked the part and very well with it’s brother bow tie.
    Then I tried it on a more of a winter coat and it looked well there too. I was afraid it might look like a broach but it is clearly a flower so no problems there. It is not overtly obvious but once somebody spots it they are all questions. I feel more a gentleman now as a result.

Lexi Arielle Photography Styled Wedding Shoot

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 21st Apr 2014

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting times in your life. We know there are a thousand things you could worry about as you walk into the next chapter of your life, but nothing is as important as the memories surrounding that special occasion. You want your wedding to be a reflection of your style and your love.


This styled wedding shares a warmth and casual, Southern style in a sweet outdoor ceremony. The look is light, simple, and charming. The natural setting is a perfect backdrop for two people who are comfortable and confident in their love. The stylist chose our Jamestown wooden lapel to adorn the groom for this beautiful outdoor ceremony. The Jamestown lapel flower works as good as it looks. Here, our lapel flower plays southern casual, and we think you’d agree: it’s as dapper as it is timeless.


Crafted from high-quality Walnut, the Jamestown wooden lapel flower is a unique and innovative piece. Its light grey center coordinates with a variety of color palettes and styles. For this styled wedding shoot, the artists involved paired the Jamestown lapel flower with a navy sport coat, denim shirt, and floral bow tie. It’s classic, but dashing, and the perfect groom’s attire for an outdoor wedding.


All of our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers are crafted from the finest hardwoods and quality fabrics, meaning they’ll be around for many years. They make the perfect gift for any groom or groomsman who possesses distinguished style, and will be around and wearable long after a traditional boutonnière. Just like the love you celebrate, they’re timeless.


We couldn’t have been happier to have been included in the styled shoot for this couple’s bright and sunny occasion. We’re always up for playing our part in the display of beautiful, distinct style. But our versatile line of handmade, hardwood bow ties and lapel flowers make a great compliment to what’s really on display: the beginning of your new life together.


See below for credit for this styled shoot:

Brand film for photographer Lexi Arielle

Fashion Styling & Art Direction: Alex Evjen //
Models: Daniel Markus and Kelsey Groetken from The Agency AZ //
Venue: The Farm at South Mountain //
Make-up: Azure Shaffer //
Hair: Amber Tillinghast //
Floral Styling & Cake: Hilary Kramer //
Assistant: Mary Claire Cook
Wedding gown: Mariee Gallery //
Bridal Accessories: Mignonne Handmade //
Bow Tie: Dapper & Dash //
Lapel pin: Two Guys Bow Ties

A Grand Affair: Lauren Conrad & Andre Wilson’s Wood Bow Tie at the Kentucky Derby

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 3rd May 2013

A widely renowned American sporting event, The Kentucky Derby, is known for more than just being a series of intensive horse races. Every year this grand occasion brings out a slew of celebrities from numerous different industries and cities from around the world. This year was no exception and as is tradition at The Kentucky Derby, the famous personalities that attended the affair came impeccably dressed.  Thousands of men and women partook in the festivities outfitted in a variety of decorative suits, brightly colored dresses and hats that were larger than life. The clothes worn by viewers alone are a spectacle to see. One of our personal favorites at this year’s event was Style Icon President and CEO, Andre Wilson. Poised with a giant smile, Wilson appeared on The Kentucky Derby red carpet dressed in a perfect crème colored suit, a matching cap, and clean white button down shirt. He chose to bring the look together with a Padauk wood, laser etched Two Guys Wooden Bow Tie, the Harold tie. Although we may be a bit bias in our favoritism, we are certainly not alone in our admiration for Andre Wilson’s Kentucky Derby look. Fashion designer, reality television star and a style icon in her own right, Lauren Conrad, was also a big fan of Wilson’s charming ensemble. In fact, she loved the Harold bow tie so much that she snapped a picture of it and shared it with her 2-million instagram followers.  At an event where everything is done in over the top flamboyance, Andre Wilson and his wooden bow tie still managed to steal the show and clearly, the hearts of Conrad’s massive social media following.

You too can purchase an attention grabbing Harold Tie in Two Guys Bow Ties online store. We promise; you don’t need tickets to the Kentucky Derby to wear it right.

Jamie Foxx in a Gas Mask and Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 23rd Oct 2013

Produced by renowned camera company, Canon, Project Imaginat10n is an exciting creative competition that invites five contestants to make one film each, based upon images submitted by everyday photographers. This year’s competition was especially good and comprised of famous personalities from many different mediums including actress, Eva Longoria, twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, Marchesa fashion designer, Georgina Chapman, LCD Soundsystem musician, James Murphy, and actor/musician, Jamie Foxx. As the 10 in Imationat10n alludes, these five celebrity directors were also required to include ten different themes (mood, character, goal etc.) inspired by the chosen photographs into their films. One of our personal favorites in this year’s competition was Jamie Foxx’s film, “…And She was My Eve.” Foxx’s short flick shares the interesting story of a man damaged early in life by unreciprocated love. As a result dedicates his main character spends his life trying to attain the perfect companion. A nosy neighbor questions his strange lifestyle and soon the uncertainty of the outside world ends up bringing his quest to an end. With a unique aesthetic and remarkable story, Two Guys Bow Ties inimitable wooden accessory fits right in. In a brief cameo, Jamie Foxx is seen wearing a gas max and a dark “Carl” wooden bowtie. Although a bit frightening, there’s no denying that Foxx’s ensemble happens to be terrifyingly dapper. Gas mask or not, the look was styled to perfection.

Luckily for Two Guys Bow Ties fans, you don’t need to be in a film directed by academy award winner, Jamie Foxx, to get your hands on our Carl tie. It is readily available for purchase on our online store. Pair it with a dark, tailored suit like Foxx did for a clean, well-groomed look. Though, do make sure you ditch the gas mask at home.

The Fashion Police Approved Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 23rd Jan 2014

E! Entertainment Television’s Fashion Police is a popular TV show that seems to have gotten as much praise as it has debate. Every week the program’s opinionated, funny and fashion forward hosts: Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Kotsiopoulous, participate in a series of discussions related to our favorite celebrities’ red carpet choices. After watching the show you’ll quickly realize that absolutely no one wants to be on this group’s worst dress list. Joan Rivers and the gang are not too friendly when it comes to talking about fashion mishaps. So, when their conversations involve risky fashion choices and brave accessories, such as our wooden bow ties, we were thrilled to hear that Two Guys Bow Ties passed the Fashion Police test. Not only was Two Guys Bow Ties welcomed by the sassy fashion television show, but was also even worn by one of the show’s hosts. George Kotsiopoulos looked incredibly dapper in a pair of navy slacks, and striped button down shirt worn underneath a hunter green printed sweater. The look was brought together with the always charming, wenge wood Carl bow tie.

Excited about the look and his new wooden bow tie, Kotsiopoulos snapped a picture of his show time outfit and shared it with his Instagram followers. Their abundant likes and comments even further supported the Fashion Police host’s unique accessory of choice. Like Katsiopoulous, you too can shine in a Joan Rivers approved wooden bow tie and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be laughed at by any Fashion Police while wearing it. Katsiopoulosus’s Carl tie as well as a range of other stylish and unique wooden accessories are readily available to purchase on the Two Guys Bow Ties website. 

Ray Dalton Rocks a Wooden Bow Tie on Stage with Macklemore at the MTV Music Awards

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 13th Apr 2013

There’s no doubt in saying that it’s been a big year for Macklemore and crew and from what we can tell, it doesn’t seem like their success will be stopping anytime soon. Last night the rapper along with producer, Ryan Lewis and singer, Ray Dalton shined on stage at the MTV Movie Awards with their incredible performance of the smash hit, “Can’t Hold Us.” Together, the group put forth a remarkable and animated performance that energized the award show’s massive crowd. Along with putting on an overall epic show, the performers also managed to impress with their unique on stage ensembles. Macklemore, enthusiastic and lively, sported an embroidered blue marching band inspired cape, black leather tank top and matching blue trousers. Ryan Lewis went for a more demure look, wearing a black bomber jacket, muted color block button up and a metallic gray tie. Ray Dalton, however, seemed to stand out the most amongst the three entertainers. The 22-year-old crooner went for a classic look; black trousers and matching black button up accessorized with a couple of gold chains and a Two Guys Wooden Bow Tie made from padauk wood, and laser etched. Dalton’s dynamic spirit kept the trio’s presence on stage, while Macklemore playfully surfed the crowd during their performance together. Already garnering attention for his powerful voice and interesting sense of style at such a young age, we’re excited to see what’s next for Ray Dalton along with his fellow collaborators, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. If their presence on the MTV Music Video Awards is any indication, we should continue to expect amazing new music and of course, impeccable style.

The Harold tie, as seen on Ray Dalton during the MTV Music Video awards, is available for purchase on Two Guys Bow Ties online store.

Justine + Mike Vendors: An Artistic Expression

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 1st Apr 2014


There’s no better day to make a statement than your big day. Your wedding day is not only your declaration of love for your soon-to-be spouse, but also a chance to put your personality and style on display.


Justine and Mike’s wedding (photographed by the talented Blake Loates) is an artistic expression of their love, individuality, and unique tastes.


The couple combines earthy, natural selections with vintage, sophisticated pieces: lace and pearls with greenery and twigs in the bouquet, a classic suit and vest complete with a boutonniere that’s mounted on bacon. It’s bold, and beautiful.

Their tie of choice, the Harvey wooden bow tie, was the perfect compliment to the groom’s attire: It brought in the green from the boutonniere, the blue from the shirt, and the rustic brown and wood tones found throughout their wedding day.


We love everything about this wedding: the distinct wedding attire, the beautiful colors incorporated throughout, and the fact that they featured a scythe in their photos. Justine and Mike, we applaud your ability to declare your style in every aspect of this special day.

To see more photos of Justine and Mike’s wedding, visit Blake’s blog

James Wolpert Has the Voice and The Right Accessories

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 25th Nov 2013

There’s no denying that NBC’s The Voice contestant, James Wolpert, has an incredibly commanding voice. Each episode he continues to surprise with his song choices and great energy on stage, but we’ve recently also come to notice that Wolpert has more than just a unique voice. The singer also seems to have an impeccable sense of style. From colorful knit sweaters to vibrant tailored blazers, we’re always excited to see what James Wolpert will be wearing with each new episode. So, you can only imagine our surprise when we noticed one of our own wooden accessories on Wolpert ‘s blazer on last night’s episode. The Voice contestant managed to even further up his style game with one of Two Guys amazing wooden flower lapels that easily added an extra edge to the singer’s usual prim and proper look.

We’re also happy to say that Wolpert’s team followed up with Two Guys Bow Ties Co. and let us know how much he loved wearing our wooden flower lapel. Finding a newfound fan of wooden accessories, we recently made some more custom lapels for Wolpert that you can expect to see on an upcoming concert he’ll be performing in with Cole Vosbury. We’re excited to see how he styles it next and will continue keeping up with both his music and stylish ensembles.

You can also order a wooden flower lapel straight from our online store. We are even able to customize them. Check out our immense offering of both wooden bow ties and wooden flower lapels on Two Guys Bow Ties online store. You know we’ll be on the lookout for how our customers style their wooden accessories too. 

The NBA Loves Wooden Bow ties

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 2nd May 2013

When Memphis Grizzlies Point Guard, Mike Conley, was spotted wearing one of our wooden bow ties, the hosts from Inside the NBA: Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley, couldn’t say enough about it. They all poked fun, but we sensed it was all secretly out of jealousy. After all, Conley clearly started the wooden bow tie trend amongst the NBA community and they’re just mad they didn’t beat him to it. So, we at Two Guys Bow Ties thought that the Inside the NBA gang deserved some wooden bow ties of their own. We even customized the ones we sent them to make sure the guys felt extra special and from what we saw, our mission was accomplished.


On an episode of Inside the NBA, Two Guys Bow Ties Co. took the front seat. Host, Charles Barkley, got the most unique wooden bow tie of the bunch. The wood on his customized wooden bow tie was made in the shape of dog bones. Each bone had a laser-etched image of either of Barkley’s two dogs, Mango and Yahoo. On the reverse side of the bow tie, the dogs’ names are also engraved making for a truly one of a kind piece that Barkley can’t ever forget. 



Shaquille O’Neal also received a personalized wooden bow tie. The centerpiece of his customized bow tie sported the superman logo, as we know O’Neal loves it. He definitely seemed so when he eagerly wrapped the bow tie around his baldhead, smiling for the camera. The show’s other two hosts also enjoyed the bow ties we sent out to them.


For those who are fans of Inside the NBA’s unique wooden bow ties, you can easily purchase one directly from Two Guys Bow Ties online store. Customizable wooden bow ties are not made just for the NBA, but for anyone who would like to order one through our online shop. So get creative, and personalize your own wooden bow tie today!

5 Ways to Incorporate Your Unique Style in Your Wedding

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 22nd May 2015

Your wedding is a day that will be more documented than Donald Rumsfeld’s tenure at the Pentagon, so you want to make sure you’re being you and that your wedding shows off your unique style. You don’t want to look back and see your face in a suit and setting that looks so foreign to your personal sense of style that someone might say, “Your head looks photoshopped into this Victorian ballroom regalia kinda like Jack Nicholson’s head looked in the final shot of The Shinning.”


Photo Credit:  Blake Loates Photography

Here’s how to plan for your big day to make sure you show your unique style in your wedding.

1.  Use Pinterest- Isn’t Pinterest just the greatest? It is a great tool for browsing what’s out there, especially when it comes to planning a wedding that shows off your unique style. Early on, it can help you figure out things like if you need an indoor or outdoor venue, if you want to class it up or down. Pinterest is great for the basics, and it’s an easy way to give your lady some input on colors, venues, styles, and themes that help bring out your personal style in your wedding.


Photo Credit:  Flora + Fauna Photography

2.  Quit using Pinterest- And sometimes, isn’t Pinterest just the worst? Once you have your initial considerations considered, get off Pinterest. Otherwise, you can get pretty bogged down in the details, and lose sight of creating ways to show your personal style in your wedding. Use it to get an abstract idea that really depicts you and your bride, but once it’s time to settle on the details you’re going to want to look within a bit to maintain your personal style in your wedding.


Photo Credit:  Melissa Brandman Photography

3.  You be you, and let her be her- Some of the best weddings are the ones that allow both the bride and groom to bring their unique styles and tastes in their wedding. Take some time to look at your fiancé’s apartment or house together and see what kinds of design features she’s using to make her home and make sure they make it into the aesthetics of your big day. Look at your own personal style and see if there are some ways to bring that out in your wedding attire and other details.


Photo Credit:  Joie Lala Photography

4.  Incorporate the feel of your venue- After you settle the basics (with your judicious use of Pinterest), make sure you’re designing your pieces around where you’ll be holding the festivities. We’re not saying that a standard cloth tie won’t work in that idillic weeping willow grove, but hey, we’ve got some accessories that would work even better for that environment and go a step farther in showing off your personal wedding style. The good thing about our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers are their versatility. Our hardwood accessories can be modern and rustic, dressy or casual. It’s all in how your piece together your big day to put your unique style on display.


Photo Credit:  SilverFly Charlotte

5.  Do Your Groomsmen a solid- While it’s the tradition of Western culture that you and your dudes go spend a few hours getting fitted for tuxes and cummerbunds you’ll wear so rarely that places actually rent them, you could maintain your personal style better by dressing up the kinds of things you already wear. We’re talking about classing up your normal, dapper fabric styles and classic looks with things like vests and wooden bow ties. Want to wear dark jeans? Go for it, just make sure you adorn your blazer and neck with some classy yet cool hardwood accessories. Want an even more unique and personal touch? Consider trying out our custom wooden bow tie option. With hundreds of fabrics and engravings to choose from, your sure to find something that helps make your wedding even more personal. Trust us, your groomsmen will thank you, and brides love it.

Keep these five things in mind, and you are guaranteed to have a wedding that will show you and your bride’s unique, personal style in your wedding. If you have any questions about wearing our wooden bow ties or lapel flowers for your big day, don’t hesitate to contact us!