The NBA Loves Wooden Bow ties

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 2nd May 2013

When Memphis Grizzlies Point Guard, Mike Conley, was spotted wearing one of our wooden bow ties, the hosts from Inside the NBA: Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley, couldn’t say enough about it. They all poked fun, but we sensed it was all secretly out of jealousy. After all, Conley clearly started the wooden bow tie trend amongst the NBA community and they’re just mad they didn’t beat him to it. So, we at Two Guys Bow Ties thought that the Inside the NBA gang deserved some wooden bow ties of their own. We even customized the ones we sent them to make sure the guys felt extra special and from what we saw, our mission was accomplished.


On an episode of Inside the NBA, Two Guys Bow Ties Co. took the front seat. Host, Charles Barkley, got the most unique wooden bow tie of the bunch. The wood on his customized wooden bow tie was made in the shape of dog bones. Each bone had a laser-etched image of either of Barkley’s two dogs, Mango and Yahoo. On the reverse side of the bow tie, the dogs’ names are also engraved making for a truly one of a kind piece that Barkley can’t ever forget. 



Shaquille O’Neal also received a personalized wooden bow tie. The centerpiece of his customized bow tie sported the superman logo, as we know O’Neal loves it. He definitely seemed so when he eagerly wrapped the bow tie around his baldhead, smiling for the camera. The show’s other two hosts also enjoyed the bow ties we sent out to them.


For those who are fans of Inside the NBA’s unique wooden bow ties, you can easily purchase one directly from Two Guys Bow Ties online store. Customizable wooden bow ties are not made just for the NBA, but for anyone who would like to order one through our online shop. So get creative, and personalize your own wooden bow tie today!

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