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  1. Super unique and different. Excellent gift!

  2. When wearing a Two Guys Bowtie be prepared for strangers to come up and complement you. As a political photographer I’ve had some pretty well know people make comments such as, “Is that a wooden bow tie? I’ve never seen one of those before.” In those moments I take much joy in telling them all about it and bragging about how it’s made right here in Tulsa.

    If your wearing a just prepare yourself to bombarded with complements and questions.

  3. High quality bow tie. I purchased it online without knowing anything from the company. Delivered in 36 hours from US to Europe.

  4. My boyfriend loves bow ties so I wanted to surprise him with something unique for our anniversary. Not only did he love the “Bernard” but the company was so easy to work with and got me the bow tie in NO TIME and in the cutest packaging! I would definitely order from them again in the future.

  5. I bought this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and it was the exact same as the photo! Great color of wood and excellent quality. Shipped to me very quickly!


The Bernard Combo would be a wonderful new addition to your closet! This all-fabric gray cotton pocket square is sure to compliment your outfit, especially when you pair it with one of it’s matching wooden bow tie, Bernard. The exotic Shedua wood and classic neutral centerpiece makes it one of our most stunning, yet versitile combos to-date! Add in the beautiful matching lapel flower pin, Rochester, and a trio can’t get much better than this! Comes with matching pocket square.