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Grey Fedora w/ a distinct brown leather band and featuring an eye catching solid Walnut brim. 

Lightweight. Incredibly smooth finish. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 


Small: 55cm or Approx 21.7 inches

Medium: 57cm or Approx 22.4 inches

Large: 59cm or Approx 23.2 inches

ATTENTION—-All hats are handmade to order and will take 3-4 weeks to complete the crafting process and be packaged to send your way!—-Please keep this in mind when ordering! 


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  1. This time is awesome. I received so many compliments when I wore it.

  2. Christmas gift for my son in law, he loved it. Very surprised

  3. I bout the Floyd for my boyfriend for his birthday. He absolutely loves it! He’s barley taken it off since he open the box. Packaging is great, and I love the coupon for a matching lapel. Thanks Two Guys! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  4. I am very pleased with my purchase. It came safely packaged and in very fast even with the special engraving on the back side. I’m am giving this to my nephew who loves ties and I wanted something unique. He will be a first time father and I have the year of the new arrival etched on the back of the along with “DAD”. I’m so pleased and I’m excited to see his reaction since it is a Christmas gift. I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you for appearing on Shark Tank where I could follow through on my gift giving. I will order more.

  5. Got these for my wedding and everyone loves them!

  6. This bow tie is so unique and attractive that it grabs everyone’s attention. That was definitely my goal when I made this purchase for my husband, I wanted him to wear it to a wedding and have a conversation starter. We love it and so did everyone else!

  7. This was a gift for our son who loves bow ties. Turns out this is his favorite. He gets many compliments at work . Thank you for making such a unique bow tie. Genius.

  8. I got it for my husband and he totally loves it!

  9. This a Christmas gift for my son, so I don’t know what he thinks of it yet. But let me tell u it is absolutely beautiful! The picture doesn’t do it justice! We had it engraved, which makes it even more special! It arrived when they said it would and was well worth the price. We will order from u folks in the future!

  10. This bow tie has gained me such rave compliments. I feel like a million bucks when I wear it, and makes me look like a million bucks too. Besides looking very manly, it smells very manly as well.

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Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on April 15, 2016

There are several ways to fold our two different styles of wooden pocket squares. Today, we’re going to show you how to do a handful of them. 

1. One Point Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing up. 
Step 2: Find the center line of the pattern (four rows on each side) and fold the pocket square in half.
Step 3: Find the center point of the pattern (the top of the fold, 4 columns on each side) and pick the pocket square up off the table. Then take one side, make an inverted triangle until it looks like photo #4.
Step 4: Repeat the step above to the other side until it looks like photo #6. 
Step 5: Fold the two wings towards the enter until they overlap.

Once you’re done with Step 5, fold the bottom selvedge edge underneath so the pocket square is half the depth. After finishing that, simply situate it into your suit or vest pocket and you’re all set! 

2. Puff Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing up.
Step 2: Find the center point (4 rows x 4 columns) and lift the pocket square off the surface. 
Step 3: With one hand holding that center point, use your other hand to gather the rest of the pocket square where the wooden pattern meets the remaining fabric. 
Step 4: Lay the pocket square gently on your surface and fold the bottom portion up towards the midline of poof.

After finishing that, simply situate it into your suit or vest pocket and you’re all good to go! 

3. Square Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing down.
Step 2: Fold over one side of the pocket square so two columns of the wood pattern are visible.
Step 3: Fold the other side of the pocket square so one column of the wood patter is showing.
Step 4: Fold the edge without selvedge up to meet the edge with the selvedge. 

Once you finish Step Four, fold the wooden edge up past the selvedge edge and you’re ready to situate it in your suit or vest pocket!

4. Square Fold (For Dot Pattern)

Step 1: Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing down.
Step 2: Fold one side over to the 2/3 line. 
Step 3: Fold the other side until it’s just short of the folded edge. 
Step 4: Fold the pocket square in half by bringing the non-selvedge edge up against the selvedge edge.

Once you finish Step Four, fold the fabric edge over, making sure it doesn’t go beyond the selvedge edge. After that, you’re ready to situate it in your suit or vest pocket!


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  1. I ordered this bow tie for my boyfriend to wear at our friends wedding. Everyone loved it and how it easily matched my dress. He received compliments all night !

  2. I will tell you that the groom and I were the life of the party with these bow ties! Rest assure that I will be bringing more business to your website because knowone is rocking this thing in Vegas

  3. This is the second bow tie I have purchased for my husband. The etching is a wonderful option to make the tie extra personal. The tie was made from quality wood and you could tell there was attention to detail. Great product!

  4. Wonderful products, really!
    Forza gift is a perfect idea!

  5. Very original product, perfect for every occasion . Fast shipment.

    Recommended !

  6. He wore it to a family wedding and everyone loved it. Arrived nicely boxed, great quality, and prompt delivery.

  7. It is perfect and very fast!

  8. Love the workmanship on this tie. They do a great job to bring out the grain of the wood. This is the 2nd wooden bow tie that I have bought. Love them.

  9. Very nice product. Good quality and fast delivery to switzerland. Fits perfect to white shirt and blue suit.

  10. Very nice product. Good quality and fast delivery to switzerland. Fits perfect to white shirt and blue suit.

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The African Zebrawood

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on July 01, 2014

Sought out for its beautiful black and creamy striped grain, African Zebrawood is an instantly recognizable and popular choice of lumber among woodworkers. Its beautiful, contrasting pattern makes it the perfect backdrop for many pieces, and it has been found to grace tables, floors, books, drums, and even knife handles.

{Photo Credit}

The African Zebrawood is native to the forests of Southwest Cameroon. Its height is almost as distinguished as its grain: it can tower up to 40 meters above the trees surrounding it. Sometimes called Zebrano, African Zebrawood is strong and stiff. Its popularity, however, comes from its incredible, bold coloring.

The African Zebrawood

{Photo Credit}

While hardwoods can often run together and begin to look the same, this exotic hardwood makes its mark. Its unique wood grain can appear in different ways, depending upon how it is sawn. In flat sawn zebrawood, the stripes will be wavy. In quarter sawn wood, the stripes will take on a much more uniform appearance.

This exotic hardwood is bold, beautiful, and distinct. In order to give the wood grain center stage, we sand it carefully, starting out with a lower grit paper and then moving up until we reach a perfect appearance. We finish it with teak oil to help the unique grain pattern stand out. Its striking pattern creates a bow tie worth remembering, as evidenced in our Clive wooden bow tie. In this wooden bow tie, we pair the striking black and cream pattern of the Zebrawood with a grey denim centerpiece. It creates a look that is almost as striking as the Zebrawood itself: subtle, yet distinct. It’s the perfect piece to dress up or down: a staple in any gentlemen’s wardrobe.

If the Clive isn’t for you, the Mr. T wooden bow tie is an attractive piece that features this exotic hardwood. Simple, striking, and easy on the eyes, the black and cream stripes of the African Zebrawood pair perfectly with a trendy brown leather piece. It’s a staple item that will never let you down. We pity the fool that doesn’t appreciate this piece.

Wooden Bow Ties

Navy Blue Fedora w/ a distinct red-brown leather band and featuring an eye catching solid Walnut brim. 

Lightweight. Incredibly smooth finish. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 


Medium: 57cm or Approx 22.4 inches

Large: 59cm or Approx 23.2 inches

ATTENTION—-All hats are handmade to order and will take 3-4 weeks to complete the crafting process and be packaged to send your way!—-Please keep this in mind when ordering! 

Walnut Skyline


Two Guys Bow Ties makes hand made wooden bow ties out of exotic planks of hardwood. Some of planks that we use are zebrawood, Oak, Maple, Bamboo, and many more. If you would like to see a wooden bow tie made out of a different plank of wood just give a shout and we will do our best to make you one. We make bow ties out of just about any type of wood such as reclaimed flooring, retired basketball courts, old tables, chairs. You name and we can probably make a really awesome looking bow tie out of it. 

Pittsburgh Wedding Lapel Flower

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on July 15, 2014

Tim Paslay is the co-owner and designer of Two Guys Bow Ties.  Below he shares with us a little about his background for woodwork and design, how Two Guys all began, his interests, and his future goals.

2GBT:  Tell us a little about your background:  what led to you being such a talented craftsman and designer?

TP:  My background is pretty interesting. I went to college wanting to be a doctor, but after my sophomore year I realized the money I would make wouldn’t be worth the lifestyle working in medicine required. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet, but I didn’t think I would figure it out taking classes.  I decided to finish my biochemistry degree and start working construction. I loved working with my hands and liked construction at first because I was learning lots of new skills. Once I was familiar with those skills, however, I got tired of doing the same thing day in and day out. I started working with some guys who built sets and themed environments and liked it.  Every job was different and required learning new things and finding unique solutions. All of my skills have been developed on the job and in the shop and I have tried to refine my design skills over time with classes and workshops.

2GBT:  What are your other interests besides woodwork/design?

TP:  The majority of my time is spent working and building things, but one of the few things I make time for is NBA basketball. We have had some success gaining traction among athletes and part of that is because it is something I love so much. It has also made our work that much more fun and rewarding.

2GBT:  What was the beginning of Two Guys?

TP:  I was working late one night in my shop on a set and the idea just popped into my head. I started searching wooden bow ties online and saw there were a couple of guys making wooden bow ties, but not like I pictured in my head. Adam and I would meet with one other friend about once a month to discuss business ideas and I mentioned it to them at one of our lunches. It piqued Adam’s interest, so he started running numbers and doing some other research. He came back and felt like it would work so we started making prototypes.

2GBT:  Do you enjoy fashion, or was the bow tie just a stroke of genius?

TP:  I’ve always liked fashion and style, but I’m also too cheap to dress how I really wanted.  In the past I haven’t had many opportunities or reasons to devote a lot of time and energy into my wardrobe.  Believe it or not, most guys on construction sites and wood shops don’t care if your jeans are American-made raw denim. 

I don’t get too wrapped up in what designers or brands someone is wearing, but I do think that what you wear is important, because it tells people a lot about you.

2GBT:  How would you describe your personal style?

TP:  I would describe my style in the same way I would describe our bow ties:  timeless or classic with a bit of a twist to make it interesting. The majority of my closet is made up of classic staple pieces, but I love to find vintage or unique pieces that catch people’s eye and set me a bit apart. I am not afraid to take chances or step outside the box, but I try not to over do it.

2GBT:  Any future plans you want to share?

TP: As far as Two Guys goes, I hope we keep expanding our product lines in a way that is interesting and authentic, and continue to put our unique stamp on men’s accessories. We also have talked to some people about some possible collaborations that we would love to have happen.

Personally, my wife, Kara, and I are developing a home design show and are currently pitching it to a few networks. It has been fun to see how it has developed and matured as my skill set and confidence have grown with Two Guys. I would love to get to work with Kara more. This past year and a half has been so busy with bow ties that I haven’t gotten to work with her as much as I had grown used to and I really miss that. She is a lot prettier than Adam and I always enjoy getting to create with her.

To learn more about Tim’s latest design endeavors, woodworking projects, and stunt reel capabilities, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. 


Custom Lapel

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on August 28, 2015

If you’re anything like most grooms you don’t care too much about the flower arrangements, the table settings, or maybe even the colors that’ll be used in your wedding ceremony. Most of that you’ll leave to your lady, not because you’re full of apathy, but because you know she’s been thinking about it since she was a girl. The problem is brides don’t usually consider the ways they’ll convey your masculinity. It’s going to be up to you to convey a dapper gentleman’s wedding, and we have just the thing—a manly groom’s boutonniere. Our wooden lapel flowers are the perfect rugged compliment to bring balance to your otherwise flowery wedding.

There are a few good reasons why a wooden lapel flower is the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere. Allow us to explain how your decision to use a wooden lapel flower instead of a traditional boutonniere could make your wedding equal parts Cinderella Story and dapper gentleman’s wedding. There are three main reasons:


New Haven Lapel Flower

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Manly Flowers

Traditional groom’s boutonnieres are usually made of real flowers. We’re not saying you should be against flowers, but it’s not the most masculine thing you could pin to your lapel. The most masculine thing that will still honor your brides’ femininity, is indeed a flower, but it’s one that’s been handcrafted in the U.S.A. out of a solid hardwood tree.


Photo: Susannah Blatchford Photography

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Forever Flowers

Another problem with the groom’s traditional boutonniere made from real flowers is the problem of their ability to last. In a matter of hours, those real (probably beautiful) flowers are going to shrink and shrivel so much so that you’ll be lucky to make it back from your honeymoon before they look like crushed potporri. And that’s if they even make it through all the dancing. A wooden lapel flower is the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere because it’s made to last. You’ll be able to pull it out and wear it on your five year or even ten year anniversary.

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Useful Flowers

Not only will a wooden lapel flower be the most manly kind of flower you can utilize for your dapper gentleman’s wedding, but it’ll stand the test of time as you’ll be enjoying it as a reminder of your ceremony for many years to come. Finally, a handmade wooden lapel flower from Two Guys Bow Ties is like the Army knife of sophisticated menswear accessories. You could just as easily wear it to your boss’ barbecue as you could wear it for dinner at you and new bride’s favorite date night location. Our products are workhorses. They’ll do it all. You can’t say the same thing about a real flower groom’s boutonniere. That will just be taking up space before the summer’s gone.


Photo: Susannah Blatchford Photography

We gave you a pretty good run down on the benefits of choosing a wooden lapel flower for your dapper gentleman’s wedding. But it’s not only a great choice for some rugged guy looking for the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere, it’s also a great gift for groomsmen. Best of all, if you don’t see a style you like, you can always custom order or build your own on our website.