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Blue Spruce Beard Oil


  1. Bought this as a birthday gift. Arrived early and, in the words of my friend, was “a 12 out of 10 gift.”
  2. Arrived promptly, and was just what I expected!!! Although these are expensive, they are GREAT quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satisfied customer, and I will be ordering more!
  3. I loved this bow tie. The two guys bow tie did a swell job with this bow tie. The quality and work really shows through. I would recommend anyone getting their name etched at the back as well. It’s really worth it and personalizes it quite a bit, just to add that extra special-ness. I’m definitely going to make another purchase soon!!
  4. A fine beard deserves fine care. Apply a dime size drop of Blue Spruce Oil to your palm and gently massage into your beard. Distribute evenly with a beard comb.

    Ingredients: Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jajoba Oil, Vitamen E, Argan Oil, Essential Oils

Wooden Bow Ties

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on August 27, 2014

The history of the bow tie is a long and dapper one. While we could share endlessly of its Eastern European history, we would like to share instead about its American heritage, serving the necks of some of the USA’s most rugged, sophisticated, and brilliant men of modern times.

Case in point:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Photo Credit Say what you want about his politics, there’s no denying Franklin D. Roosevelt was an extraordinary man with an extraordinary family. His cuz, Teddy, was shot in the chest before a speech and then got rushed to the hospital…After delivering his speech.

With such a legacy, is there any way FDR would mess around with inferior neckwear? Not likely.  He was a true fan of the bow tie.

Roosevelt was paralyze after contracting polio in his late 30s, but this didn’t keep him walking and standing during his terms as President. He braced up his legs and swiveled his hips across the Oval Office upright in a bow tie more than once. He delivered entire speeches standing behind the podium – his legs braced and entire body held stable by his arms. It takes some grit to wear a bow tie, and it’s grit that Roosevelt had in spades.

Photo Credit Some presidents see the world on the brink during their presidency, but FDR saw it pushed over the edge twice. Once during the Great Depression, and once during the Second World War. Unemployment during the Great Depression was nearly 25%, and you can see that times were severe. Roosevelt knew the nation’s confidence in their future was dependent on the confident image he presented. Little wonder he choose a bow tie so many times to convey it.

FDR also helmed the modern world’s most impressive military to victory in the last World War. He was the guy who got the call, “Sir, another country has managed to sneak through the entire Pacific ocean with 6 carriers, 500 planes, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, and midget submarines and they have attacked a city… here in America, one of our most strategic bases to be exact.” And you thought your job was stressful. Handle it in a bow tie, and no one will see you sweat.

Photo Credit The history of FDR is as rich as the history of the bow tie. We haven’t even discussed the Dust Bowl, his almost three-terms as President, or his political prowess at Yalta. Anyway you look at, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an American icon. His bow tie represents America at its finest.

Steady under pressure and sophisticated even with our backs against the wall.


  1. My husband is an interior designer in the furniture business. After watching the Shark Tank, I was very excited to order one, as it seemed like a natural for someone in that business. He loves the tie. It is lightweight and comfortable and easy to wear. A bonus is that he is a guitarist and can wear it while playing. He can not tie regular bow ties, so he does not wear them. This tie is very attractive. If Two Guys were not picked up by Damen, I may have beeen sceptical of the quality. I will order more. Shipped immediately, even after that sudden exposure.
  2. My grandson loves bow ties! I knew he would like a wooden one-he had never seen one before. Ordered it for him as a Christmas gift. I had mushy grandma stuff etched on the back about success. I know he will have the tie a long time and eventually wear it to important meetings, etc. The wood is beautiful, as is the workmanship. I want to get him the New York skyline next. Thanks for putting out such a fine product.
  3. I can’t tell you how well it goes on, or how comfortable it is, as it’s a Christmas gift…. However I can tell you, it looks amazing! Excellent quality. And nice packaging. Stay tuned until after the holidays.
  4. We saw this product on shark tank and my husband though it was the coolest thing ever. He wears bow ties to work as his “signature item. ” He was completely surprised when he opened the box on our 18th wedding anniversary and saw the tie!
  5. Wore the Frank bow tie to a recent event and it was a huge hit! Beautifully crafted and very unique. Thanks guys!
  6. Awesome bowtie, and friendly and very very helpful customer service! Just what i wanted and that I imagined!

    The bowtie goes very good to a stylish shirt and adds the last touch to an great outfit. All in all an awesome product!

  7. Excellent product, goes great with pretty much any shirt/pant combo, and really stands apart from the average dress accessory. I’m very pleased with the production quality and materials as well as the timely delivery of the purchase.

    I highly recommend this tie for anyone looking to branch out into the realm of ‘interesting’, while still having a versatile accessory that’s right for any occasion.

Wooden Bow Ties

Harvey is quirky, yet striking at the same time. It’s smooth shape collectively with it’s eye catching green and blue silk plaid center piece and Canary wood make it a statement piece that will complete your look. Yes, we found the missing wooden bowtie you’ve long been looking for. You’re welcome.

Wenge Dot – Gray


  1. Fantastic product. I purchased this as a gift for my brother and he was ecstatic to receive and wear it.

  2. If I could own every single style of these bow ties, I would. Whenever I’m heading to any event on a night out in my wooden bow tie, I can always expect shock and amazement from the people I’m meeting. I can also always expect to be showered with compliments and questions about where I got my tie. Love it so much!

  3. This product is amazing and my husband LOVES it! Unique and can be worn casually or for a night out! Great work guys—I am ready to order for myself!