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“Carl” Jr. (Kid-Sized)

This kid-sized wooden bow tie “Carl” is simply the smaller version of our regular Carl bow tie. Handcrafted from Wenge wood, it’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day–what Dad wouldn’t love a matching tie with their son?– a birthday, or even for a ring-bearer or guest at a wedding! This size tie is recommended for ages 3-14. 

Adjustable length: 9.5 inches to 13.5 inches

Our Most Popular Wooden Men’s Accessories

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 25th Mar 2016

We often get asked the question when a customer of ours is looking for a gift for a friend or family member, “What are some of your most popular styles?” So we thought we’d take a few moments and answer that question for you guys!

First up, is our line of Wood-brimmed Fedoras. Currently, we offer four different colors (navy, black, grey, and brown) in four sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large), all featuring a Walnut Wood Brim. In regards to our most popular style, we’d have to say the grey and navy ones would be at the top.

Next up, is our lines of Skyline wooden bow ties. Though we do offer a custom option for these ties (therefore any wood type we offer can be used), we offer four specific wood species as main products on our website. These include: Sapele, Walnut, Maple, and Padauk. Though our most popular wood type is Walnut (mainly due to lower cost and familiarity), our favorites are either Maple or Sapele as the engravings are a bit more consistent in visibility and wood grain.

In regards to outfit combos, some our bestsellers include: the “Arthur Combo,” “The Classic Combo,” and the “Marion Combo.” The 3-piece Arthur Combo (left) features Rosewood and Orange Crosshatch fabric. The Classic Combo (center) includes The Classic wooden bow tie made with Canary wood and Silver Silk fabric and the matching pocket square. The Marion bow tie in the third combo is considered an “inlay” wooden bow tie, which is created from two separate types of wood. This base of this style is Walnut wood, while the stripe pattern is created from Maple wood. The rest of the combo is made up of the matching Heather grey fabric and the Hampton lapel flower.

(From Left to Right: Calvin, Floyd, Harvey, Frank)

Here’s a look at a few of our most popular wooden bow ties this year. “Calvin” is one of our most popular painted styles and “Harvey” has been a favorite since the very beginning. The Bocote wood used in creating “Frank” is a sure win for anyone who loves unique and exotic wood grains, versatility for more formal affairs, and a high-end looking accessory. The “Floyd,” on the other hand, is front-etched with a plaid pattern and is easily our best-selling bow tie. It’s neutral heather grey centerpiece and walnut wood make it versatile, laid-back, and easy to match with almost any ensemble.

(From Left to Right: Jack, Winston, Emery, Francis)

The most recently launched styles are shown above. Jack is our newest addition to our stock wooden bow tie collection, as the last three were all welcomed at the same time. They’ve been very well received as all four of them continue to climb their way to the top of our list of most popular bow ties.

(From Left to Right: Charleston, Cambridge, Jamestown)

Our lapel flowers have a handful of different petal designs as well as wood types. Currently we offer them in: Maple, White Oak, Wenge, Walnut, Rosewood, Padauk, and Purple Heart wood. At the top of our favorites are easily the all-wood type “Jamestown” made with Walnut, the Rosewood and Navy center “Charleston,” and the bright 8-petal “Cambridge” in White Oak.


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  1. This bow tie is a thing of beauty from the packaging down to the laser etched design on the wood. These bow ties are very well made and turn heads anytime I wear them. A lot of time and craftsmanship went into making these, and I really appreciate it. Great job guys.
  2. Love the design and how it was shipped. The fresh wood smell and detail on the tie is immaculate. Definitely a great buy.
  3. Good tie, Good style.

    -1pt for for not being able to swap out the gray cloth for any option I have at home. It should be tied onto the wood instead of glued.

  4. Great gift for my boyfriend who loves bowties. This one is unique, and high quality. The plaid etching hones in on his personal style, while the option to engrave the back added a personal touch. It’s a gift he will keep and get use out of for a long time!
  5. I bought this to wear to a wedding. Matched my suite perfectly. People loved it… until they found out it was wood… then they adored it and couldn’t get over how epic it was. I had 8 babes by the end of the night…. definitely a babe catcher.
  6. The perfect Christmas gift for my son in law, who loves bow ties.
  7. I brought the phloyd bow tie for my wedding. We absolutely love it and very impressed with the product and was delivered quickly to Australia! Natalie handled my order and she was a great help and patient throughout the process!
  8. This bow tie is amazing. I first wore it to a rehearsal dinner at my buddy’s wedding and got a lot of great remarks. The bow tie is perfect for any occasion though.
  9. This was a great addition to my husbands growing bow tie collection. I had it engraved and came put perfectly. He Wore it to an event recently and received many complements!
  10. Truly satisfied with this tie. It’s a gift for my sister-in-law and she’s gonna rock it. Fact.

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How to Fold a Wooden Pocket Square

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 15th Apr 2016

There are several ways to fold our two different styles of wooden pocket squares. Today, we’re going to show you how to do a handful of them. 

1. One Point Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing up. 
Step 2: Find the center line of the pattern (four rows on each side) and fold the pocket square in half.
Step 3: Find the center point of the pattern (the top of the fold, 4 columns on each side) and pick the pocket square up off the table. Then take one side, make an inverted triangle until it looks like photo #4.
Step 4: Repeat the step above to the other side until it looks like photo #6. 
Step 5: Fold the two wings towards the enter until they overlap.

Once you’re done with Step 5, fold the bottom selvedge edge underneath so the pocket square is half the depth. After finishing that, simply situate it into your suit or vest pocket and you’re all set! 

2. Puff Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing up.
Step 2: Find the center point (4 rows x 4 columns) and lift the pocket square off the surface. 
Step 3: With one hand holding that center point, use your other hand to gather the rest of the pocket square where the wooden pattern meets the remaining fabric. 
Step 4: Lay the pocket square gently on your surface and fold the bottom portion up towards the midline of poof.

After finishing that, simply situate it into your suit or vest pocket and you’re all good to go! 

3. Square Fold

Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing down.
Step 2: Fold over one side of the pocket square so two columns of the wood pattern are visible.
Step 3: Fold the other side of the pocket square so one column of the wood patter is showing.
Step 4: Fold the edge without selvedge up to meet the edge with the selvedge. 

Once you finish Step Four, fold the wooden edge up past the selvedge edge and you’re ready to situate it in your suit or vest pocket!

4. Square Fold (For Dot Pattern)

Step 1: Step 1: Lay the pocket square on a flat surface with the wooden pattern facing down.
Step 2: Fold one side over to the 2/3 line. 
Step 3: Fold the other side until it’s just short of the folded edge. 
Step 4: Fold the pocket square in half by bringing the non-selvedge edge up against the selvedge edge.

Once you finish Step Four, fold the fabric edge over, making sure it doesn’t go beyond the selvedge edge. After that, you’re ready to situate it in your suit or vest pocket!

Wooden Bow Ties


  1. Bought this as a gift! It didn’t come with everything on the 1st shipment. Once I contacted 2GBT they responded in minutes and had it resolved. 1-2 Days later I had all of my order. I’ve ordered from them before and I have always had a wonderful experience, I now know there have good customer service too

  2. The Calvin wooden bow tie turned out amazing and the etching was perfect! I love Two Guys Bow Ties. They are the best!

  3. I love this. I get tons of complements!

  4. Hey Guys – it might seem unusual for a 12 year old to enjoy wearing a Bow Tie, but my son wore mine to school and absolutely loves it, and looks pretty darn snazzy wearing it as well. Great product and we’ll be buying some more for sure!

“Carl” Combo


  1. Wore to a wedding, and everyone loved the look. Great quality, comfortable fit, and very unique. I will certainly be ordering more in the future.

  2. I choose “Carl” Combo for my wedding. It is elegant and modern at the same time. I’m Brazilian and I liked it when I saw the Two guys Bowtie in the shrak tank. Perfect

  3. This combos will look great on the guys!

  4. My son loved the gift.

Wooden Bow Ties


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  1. Bought it for a gift. He loves it. They were also really quick sending!

  2. I wanted a unique bowtie for my upcoming wedding, and this is definitely it. The bowtie is well constructed, exactly as described, and the engraving on the back is fantastic. I love it, and now have plans to increase my wooden bowtie collection!

  3. Love the color and the quality! wonderful product.

  4. The product was exactly as described. The craftsmanship is astounding and I would recommend this product and company to anyone. I am very happy with the purchase.

  5. I bought this bowtie for my boyfriend as a stocking stuffer and he absolutely loves it! It’s a very unique piece and makes for fun conversation. The bow tie is very high quality and well made. He looks really handsome in it too!

  6. The service is great as I ordered and it was delivered within two days. I love the efficiency. The gift was well received as well and the workmanship is great.

  7. I bought the ‘Carl’ wooden bow tie for a wedding that my wife and I attended. Was curious on how the product would be when I first saw it online, but after wearing it, I was hooked! Will definitely buy others from here. Very cool and unique idea, keep up the good work.

  8. My boyfriend loved it! It was shipped straight away. the whole process was smooth and simple.

    what else can you ask for?

  9. As a designer, I think it’s a smart idea. It’s the best way to show my dandy side of my life!

  10. My family was not surprised when I got this bow tie. I’d never owned one before. I skipped the norm and went straight to the extreme. Beautiful product and well made.

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