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Wood Bow Ties


  1. My first wooden bow tie and I’m glad I chose the Arthur. Can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Gave this to a 13 year old grandchild……..he LOVES it it is well made & the knot color is perfect. He wants more also

  3. I purchased Arthur and the matching pocket square as a birthday present for my 27 yr. old boyfriend. He loved it, but I think the the most unbiased reviews came from his friends when he wore it out that night. He got ENDLESS compliments on how cool it was and cool it made him look. Now all his friends think I’m the best girlfriend for giving such a great gift 🙂 Every material is the highest quality, the orange color coordinates with more than you’d think, and my boyfriend says even though he can feel the wood occasionally against his neck it’s actually very comfortable. Would definitely recommend this product and company to everyone.

  4. I love my bow tie and will be buying more very soon! It was a huge hit and adds to my unique style for sure

  5. I got this bowtie for my brother for Christmas, and it totally rocks! It was really hard trying to pick out which awesome bowtie to get him, but Arthur was a great first wooden bowtie. It is very subtle, so you don’t notice that it’s wooden at first, but has that unique flair that gets comments from EVERYONE. Love, Love, Love!

  6. I love this bow tie. It’s my first from here, and it was a great choice! People love that it is real wood, as I got lots of hands on it. Good craftsmanship, good style. A+

Beard Balm

Our special combination of several natural incredients allows this Bourbon Sandalwood-scented Beard Balm to not only moisturize and condition your facial hair, but help style and shape it as well. The small tin container is comes in slides open for easy access even when you’re on the go. 

ingredients: Pure Beeswax, Shea butter, Lanalin, Jojoba oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E, and Essential Oils

Black Fedora W/ Walnut Brim

  1. I ordered this fedora for my husband for Christmas. He LOVED it! It fit perfectly and he has gotten so many compliments! Quality construction! I will definitely be ordering another one soon!

  2. I love this, so much so I purchased another one! I get a lot of compliments on it and people asking me where i got it. I always give them your info. The craftsmanship on these are amazing I was skeptical to spend so much at first but like I said…I bought another one after I received this one!

  3. Loved this fedora so much I purchased a 2nd the day after it arrived! The attention to detail and craftsmanship really says alot about this company’s charecter. They have my buisness from now on! Great job and keep up the good work. Hope to be able to customize a fedora with different types of wood one day.

  4. I received my black fedora this morning – along with a skyline bow tie, lapel, and handkerchief – and I have to say I am beyond satisfied with the products. I have the smallest head and the 55 cm is a perfect fit. Very lightweight, sleek, stylish, and extremely fast shipping. Now I can’t wait for my friend’s wedding. I highly recommend. Thank You!

  5. I’m a hat guy, plain and simple. I mostly wear cabbie hat’s and fedora’s. I’ve got plenty of fedoras, but this one takes the cake! The feel is great, the brim is beautiful, and this fedora goes with everything, from shorts and a tee to a 3 piece suit. I love it! It’s hard to decide to wear any of my others now, unless it’s raining… now 2 guys should make a wood brimmed cabbie hat!

  6. I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. We actually discovered them by seeing the company on Shark Tank, and I was waiting for a perfect time to purchase this for him. He absolutely loves it, and he looks very fashionable in it!

  7. Gave it to my husband as a Christmas gift and he loved it!!!

  8. It’s a beautiful hat, however my husband is disappointed in the fact that it cannot get wet at all. I thought the hat was a bit small… the brim could have been a bit larger. It looked a little awkward on him. I’ll send a photo if necessary.

    A normal fedora is a bit bigger with a larger brim .

  9. I’m a 27 year old woman and I bought this fedora after I saw it on the Shark Tank episode. I work in fashion and I thought the hat was really unique and stylish. I was concerned about sizing because I am a female so I bought a small after being confused by the sizing on the website. The small fits but it is snug. I probably could of gone for a medium. I have an average size head, not big or small. I think a take away would be that the sizing on the website could be improved (maybe give a measurement of the length /width of the opening of the hat. Right now I’m not sure what 55cm is but it’s certainly not the length of the opening of the hat.

    Regardless I love the hat and I recommend a medium if you consider yourself to have an average sized head.

  10. My husband loved the hat but even the large was to small. Please make larger sizes.

Custom Bow Tie

Custom Wooden Bow Ties are a perfect expression of your style. You get to choose your fabric, wood, and can even add a custom engraved message on the back. For custom designs using business logos or custom fabrics please contact 

Please note custom ties are handmade and take up to 2 weeks to make before they are shipped. For expedited tie setup please contact

Charleston Wooden Lapel Flower

The perfect piece to add to any classic menswear look, Charleston, is made of charming Rosewood with a navy fabric centerpiece. This wood lapel flower adds suave and sophistication to your outfit, sharpening the gentlemen appeal. 

Phuong + Mykel: A Brooklyn Wedding

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on May 12, 2014


Phuong and Mykel were married in Brooklyn.  Their wedding style was industrial, modern, and simply beautiful.

The bride and groom allowed each member of their wedding party to show off a bit of his or her style, while staying within the palette they’d chosen for their wedding colors.

Bridesmaids chose their preferred color and style of dress, and each groomsmen wore a different one of our wooden ties.

The groom wore the Ira wooden bow tie.  We love how the green in this tie coordinated with his boutonniere and still complemented the other colors in the wedding party, flowers, and decorations.

We wish you all the best, Phuong and Mykel.  Congratulations on such a distinct, beautiful wedding day!

To see a more detailed depiction of Phuong and Mykel’s special day, visit Manchik photography’s blog.

The Bow Tie in History: Mark Twain

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on January 11, 2015

The bow tie makes a bold statement. It’s a piece of fashion that only the most cavalier can don with confidence. Some of the most influential men in history have shaped the modern world after shaping the triangular knots around their necks. If the bow tie makes a bold statement, it’s only fitting that the boldest persons should favor this dapper, timeless staple.

A statement couldn’t get any bolder than when issued from the pen of Mark Twain. The sartorial southern satirist, with a penchant for cigars and white suits, often donned the boldness of the bow tie.

Photo Credit

He began working as a printer’s apprentice at age 12 and began publishing articles and cartoons for an adult audience soon after. Known as Samuel L. Clemens then, he was a self-educated, voracious reader and public library loiterer. His early ambition was to be a riverboat captain. “Mark twain” was actually a term used to describe a safe water depth for steamboat travel. Of course we all know “Mark Twain” as the “father of American literature.”

His first sustained writing work was in the form of travelogues. He roughed it out west, went to Europe in 1867, and visited the Holy Land during a time when world travel was in its infancy. Twain embraced science and technology with all the vigor of a futurist. It was his relationship with men like Nikolai Tesla and Thomas Edison that spawned sci-fi type stories like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. Twain’s boldness was ahead of its time.

Photo Credit

Twain’s boldness made him broke almost as much as Donald Trump. He had incredible financial troubles, and his sharp social criticism made him a target for blacklists and other forms of restriction. While most recent generations have had the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as required reading in high school, Twain’s contemporaries were shielded from its attempt to dismantle common hypocrisies.

Hardly a bolder statement could be made by hardly a bolder man than Mark Twain. Of course, he usually made it while wearing a bow tie. He spoke cleverly and unfavorably of many popular institutions like the state of American politics, social injustices, and cultural vanities.

Hemmingway said of Twain, “All modern literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.”

Cover Credit: Michale J. Deas

That’s high praise indeed. While we can’t guarantee you’ll make the same historically formative impact in your world of work with a handmade hardwood bow tie, we can guarantee it’s a good start.


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  1. A classic one. My friend likes it, especially the etching.

  2. Looks great and wood is a nice golden colour. Easy to adjust and material looks nice… Many compliments. The bow however seemed to point downward and I was unable to adjust it, making me rethink wearing it to certain occasions. Maybe it was just my one, not sure. Edges of the wooden bow were a little sharp, but not dangerous.
    Overall nice piece and very unique, fit for a wedding. But for the high price, would expect a 5 star product. Would still recommend if you seek a classy unique bow tie that doesn’t blend with the rest!

  3. Quality product. Was worried about the wood being uncomfortable, but that was not the case at all. Felt good and looked great!

  4. I got this for my girlfriend and she looks SO dapper And beautiful. It shipped quickly and looked great on arrival.
    Definitely a good purchase.

  5. My father in law love bows. So this was the perfect gift. I ordered it right before christmas and I was afraid it wouldn’t make it in time for christmas. I made an error and selected the wrong shipping type. I called them and they contacted me back immediately. They were friendly and reassured me my gift would arrive on time. He loves it. He wore it to his son (my husband) 30th birthday party. He received compliments all night. Wonderful experience! Great quality product.!

  6. No matter where I wear the tie-I get compliments & then the question where did I get it.

  7. I ordered this bow tie for my son in law, who’s making a masters degree at Oxford University in England. I got full tracking information about shipping, and receive it in about four days. The bow comes in a nice cardboard box, which is perfect even if you don’t wrap it in paper. The tie itself is of the utmost quality.

    My son in law was very happy with this gift.

  8. If you wanna stand out from the rest of the dapper fellows, this is one way to do it.

  9. I purchase this bowtie as a gift for my son’s birthday. This is a man that doesn’t show his emotions but he couldn’t help himself on this one. As a matter of fact he worn it the next at a University graduation in Los Angeles and got tons of compliments. I felt good in knowing I gave him something he enjoyed!!

    Excellent Product…Fast Shipping.

  10. Love The idea and easy to combine.

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This is not your average pocket square. The gray denim fabric with the raw selvedge edge is accented with vibrant Paduak wood, you heard us right, WOOD! We use a thin wood we precisely cut into tiny triangles that form a pattern that allows the fabric to move and fold to fit perfectly into your pocket. You can do an easy straight fold, a puff pocket, or our personal favorite for this design, the one point fold using the wood pattern as the point. This is truely a unique accessory you will want to keep in the family. 

Brown Fedora w/ a distinct brown leather band and featuring an eye catching solid Walnut brim. 

Lightweight. Incredibly smooth finish. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 


Small: 55cm or Approx 21.7 inches

Medium: 57cm or Approx 22.4 inches

Large: 59cm or Approx 23.2 inches

ATTENTION—-All hats are handmade to order and will take 3-4 weeks to complete the crafting process and be packaged to send your way!—-Please keep this in mind when ordering!