Wood Bow Ties


  1. My first wooden bow tie and I’m glad I chose the Arthur. Can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Gave this to a 13 year old grandchild……..he LOVES it it is well made & the knot color is perfect. He wants more also

  3. I purchased Arthur and the matching pocket square as a birthday present for my 27 yr. old boyfriend. He loved it, but I think the the most unbiased reviews came from his friends when he wore it out that night. He got ENDLESS compliments on how cool it was and cool it made him look. Now all his friends think I’m the best girlfriend for giving such a great gift 🙂 Every material is the highest quality, the orange color coordinates with more than you’d think, and my boyfriend says even though he can feel the wood occasionally against his neck it’s actually very comfortable. Would definitely recommend this product and company to everyone.

  4. I love my bow tie and will be buying more very soon! It was a huge hit and adds to my unique style for sure

  5. I got this bowtie for my brother for Christmas, and it totally rocks! It was really hard trying to pick out which awesome bowtie to get him, but Arthur was a great first wooden bowtie. It is very subtle, so you don’t notice that it’s wooden at first, but has that unique flair that gets comments from EVERYONE. Love, Love, Love!

  6. I love this bow tie. It’s my first from here, and it was a great choice! People love that it is real wood, as I got lots of hands on it. Good craftsmanship, good style. A+

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