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Bow Ties made out of Planks of Wood


Two Guys Bow Ties makes hand made wooden bow ties out of exotic planks of hardwood. Some of planks that we use are zebrawood, Oak, Maple, Bamboo, and many more. If you would like to see a wooden bow tie made out of a different plank of wood just give a shout and we will do our best to make you one. We make bow ties out of just about any type of wood such as reclaimed flooring, retired basketball courts, old tables, chairs. You name and we can probably make a really awesome looking bow tie out of it. 

Wooden Bow Ties


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  1. This is the bow tie I used for both my college graduation and when I proposed to my girlfriend! Always get random compliments from people. Can’t wait to buy more bow ties

  2. This bowtie is stylish and surprisingly comfortable to wear. When i first heard of a wooden bowtie i thought why would anyine want to wear that? That has to hurt. But it doesn’t and feela just like any normal bowtie. Live it!

  3. I love this bow tie! The craftsmanship is superior! Also the look of it is so cool and unique!

  4. Exceptional quality and workmanship, will be keeping my brother well stocked!

  5. I love this tie. I gave it to my 30-something son for Christmas this year and he thought it was really awesome. The bow tie is unique and the design is really
    classy. Definitely a great conversation piece.

  6. These bowties are simply amazing and so well crafted. Very unique and will undoubtedly be a great conversation piece. My son was elated to receive it as a Christmas gift

  7. I ordered this bow tie for my daughter’s grandfather who wears bow ties religiously and it is PERFECT! The Earl engraving was pristine with the polka dot. The edges are tapered down so it’s not just a chunk of wood. The wood is smooth and the fabric is clean, beautiful, and neatly attached. It arrived in a timely manner in a great magnetic close box, so presentation is fantastic. It’s wonderful and he’s going to love it!

  8. We originally saw the wooden bow ties on Shark Tank and were immediately interested. My son wears bow ties regularly and was so excited to receive his first wooden one just in time for homecoming. Prompt delivery and the packaging was wonderful. The bow tie was light weight, comfortable and very stylish. We are very happy with the product and will be purchasing again. Thanks!

  9. I ordered one of the bow ties when they first were introduced and was impressed with the product so i ordered earl bow tie and once again an outstanding product!

  10. I haven’t officially worn these yet, as they are for my wedding, but just handling them and trying it on, they look great and look like great quality. Plus, they arrived very quickly. I expected them to take much longer. I am very happy with my purchase thus far!

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NEW–Fraternity Bow Tie Collection

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 21st Sep 2016

tgbt-greek-postcard-front-1     black_olp

All of us here at Two Guys are excited to announce the launch of our NEW LINE of wooden bowties, the Fraternity collection. With three different design styles to choose from and three different wood types, the perfect combination is whatever you want it to be.


You can find the listings for the standard fraternity designs here.

However, if you prefer to mix things up a bit more, we don’t blame you. In fact, we’ll join you. Simply visit our Custom Fraternity Bow Tie Builder by clicking here and we’ll interactively show you exactly what your bow tie will look like.


Each fraternity we offer as the engraving options have gone through the official licensing process and has been approved by. So if you don’t see your Greek letters in the dropdown menu, don’t worry. Just send us an email at: cassie@woodenbowties.com and we’ll be happy to get the official licensing process started for you so we can get your bow tie made as quickly as possible.

Another great thing about this new line, is we offer discounts if you and your friends want to purchase your bow ties together. That’s right. Find 3 or more friends who would like one too and you all get yours for less. Up to 20% off less.


If you’re like us and love the way the Sapele wood engraves, but are bummed it doesn’t come with a matching lapel flower—don’t worry. We are currently in the production process and will be announcing it’s official arrival as soon as it’s live on our website. So sign up for our newsletter (we promise we only email you once a month with something we know you’ll want the inside info on—including special deals and promotions offered only to our most loyal followers) and make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@twoguysbowties) and Facebook (visit our page here) to make sure you don’t miss the announcement! 

Wood Bow Ties


  1. Soo gentleman soo clutch soo classic , also saw on shark tank but get some historically Black fraternity’s, know it’s hard, keep trying though

  2. I saw this on Shark Tank and thought that it was such a unique gift idea! I bought one immediately after seeing them on TV and the order process was quick and efficient! The Bow Tie was delivered within the week and was the PERFECT birthday present for my brother!

Maple Skyline


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  1. I purchased the wymsical, maple skyline bow tie as a 34th birthday gift for my daughter’s boyfriend and had it personalized with his initials and date. He loves it! It will most certainly be a conversation starter at his next social gathering! And, it will give personality to an ordinary blue denim or dress shirt! Two Guys (and Shark Tank), way to go as you continue to encourage men to “dress for success”!

  2. So unique! Quality is amazing and the detail is really intriguing! Can’t wait to give this to my fiend who loves bow ties.

  3. Great conversation starter.
    Fun to wear.

  4. We loved the quality of this product and the originality!

  5. The product is great! Gave one to my son fro Christmas and ended up getting another one for my other son in a different wood tone!! They love them!!

    I was also EXTREMELY PLEASED with the customer service!! I had questions and a small request that was dealt with immediately!!!! I would order for this company again!!

  6. I love that the bow ties and fedoras are made in the USA! The employees were friendly and very quick to answer my questions regarding my order. There are so many cool styles of bow ties to pick from and the city skylines are awesome!:)

  7. I saw this company on Shark Tank and was impressed with the product. I reached out saying I needed it by a certain date and they got it to me a week early which was great. They take care of your order right away. 2 thumbs up. I will be ordering something from them for my bday too.

  8. Overall I like the quality Iland uniqueness of the product. However I was a little disappointed with the strap that goes around my neck. I chose everything but that. I wish I could’ve customize that as well. It feels a little cheap

  9. Wearing the bow tie I caused a lot of stunning faces!
    Excellent bow tie.

  10. First off the customer service is top notch. I ordered the Atlanta skyline and it looked great. The bow tie is not the most common apparel these days so it is a bit more noticed, but a wooden one becomes the perfect ice breaker and conversation piece. My favorite tie.

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Padauk Skyline


  1. Loved the product. Thought it would be a great gift. Definitely did not disappoint and it was. Just wish i had given it to someone better.

  2. This is my second purchase of a skyline bowtie and again it’s spectacular. I absolutely love the craftsmanship. A very superior product that I look forward to wearing.

  3. Bow tie and pocket square arrived earlier than we thought it would. The skyline was true to form. The bow tie was made from very high quality hardwood and my son-in-law loves to wear it! He says it’s very comfortable and everyone thinks it’s a regular cloth bow tie. What a terrific gift!

  4. I love the color of the wood and the cloth center is perfect. I’m somewhat disappointed in the engraved skyline. It’s very hard to see and the details are of poor choice. There was no way to preview the skyline online before I ordered the bow tie. Therefore, I was just going from the great skyline options chosen by your company to be displayed on your website. That the Pittsburgh skyline would also represent the city well with its awesome buildings, views, landscapes and or natural beauties. There are so many better Pittsburgh skylines to choose from for Pittsburgh. Someone not from Pittsburgh would never recognize that this was Pittsburgh without telling them. The signature fountain at Point State park didn’t even make the skyline. It is in almost every picture of Pittsburgh. The iconic inclines on Mt Washington also failed to make the cut! So sadly to say, I am very disappointed in the choice of skyline features for Pittsburgh.that you have chosen to use.

    I will wear the tie because of the choice of wood, color and and style. But, pray that I don’t have to continually explain the engraving!

  5. I bought this bow tie for my husband on his birthday. He loved it! He received so many compliments. It’s just a really special bow tie and he looks great wearing it!

  6. I got this bow-tie for my dad for Christmas, and he loves it completely! I am so glad I also got it engraved as well.

Hampton Wooden Boutineer


  1. My husband and I love watching Shark Tank and came across your segment. Not only did my husband’s bow tie catch my eye 3 years ago, your wooden bow ties and wooden flower button caught our attention. We even bought one for his brother. Great job guys!!

  2. I found two guys about a week before my wedding and ordered a lapel flower. It was in the mail the next day and delivered to me ahead of my wedding. It looked great, I had a ton of compliments on it and people coming up after to take a look at it. Overall a great product that I would recommend to anyone looking for something unique. My photographer wife now wants to order a bow tie to match so she can use it for a stylized shoot in the future. Thanks,

Wooden Bow Ties


  1. I bought this bow tie as a thank you present for my friend who officiated our wedding. Having the option to be able to etch a quote was great. I carefully chose a quote that I knew would mean a lot to my friend and he said this was one of the best gifts he had ever received.

    So thanks guys! This was perfect!

  2. Easy to wear, the Doc is highly versatile. The subtlety of the design stands out close up in unexpected ways. It has definitely been a surprising hit wherever I’ve worn it — from work to weddings. Highly recommended for those with a slightly more conservative bent on colour and pattern.

  3. I was honestly one of the most approched people ate this wedding I went with this tie. Everyone was dazzed and kept saying it was so classy and fancy and obvioulsy, I had to tell them where to buy it. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    Thank you so much!

Wooden Bow Ties


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  1. This bow tie is a thing of beauty from the packaging down to the laser etched design on the wood. These bow ties are very well made and turn heads anytime I wear them. A lot of time and craftsmanship went into making these, and I really appreciate it. Great job guys.

  2. Love the design and how it was shipped. The fresh wood smell and detail on the tie is immaculate. Definitely a great buy.

  3. Good tie, Good style.

    -1pt for for not being able to swap out the gray cloth for any option I have at home. It should be tied onto the wood instead of glued.

  4. Great gift for my boyfriend who loves bowties. This one is unique, and high quality. The plaid etching hones in on his personal style, while the option to engrave the back added a personal touch. It’s a gift he will keep and get use out of for a long time!

  5. I bought this to wear to a wedding. Matched my suite perfectly. People loved it… until they found out it was wood… then they adored it and couldn’t get over how epic it was. I had 8 babes by the end of the night…. definitely a babe catcher.

  6. The perfect Christmas gift for my son in law, who loves bow ties.

  7. I brought the phloyd bow tie for my wedding. We absolutely love it and very impressed with the product and was delivered quickly to Australia! Natalie handled my order and she was a great help and patient throughout the process!

  8. This bow tie is amazing. I first wore it to a rehearsal dinner at my buddy’s wedding and got a lot of great remarks. The bow tie is perfect for any occasion though.

  9. This was a great addition to my husbands growing bow tie collection. I had it engraved and came put perfectly. He Wore it to an event recently and received many complements!

  10. Truly satisfied with this tie. It’s a gift for my sister-in-law and she’s gonna rock it. Fact.

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The Bow Tie in History: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 27th Aug 2014

The history of the bow tie is a long and dapper one. While we could share endlessly of its Eastern European history, we would like to share instead about its American heritage, serving the necks of some of the USA’s most rugged, sophisticated, and brilliant men of modern times.

Case in point:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Photo Credit Say what you want about his politics, there’s no denying Franklin D. Roosevelt was an extraordinary man with an extraordinary family. His cuz, Teddy, was shot in the chest before a speech and then got rushed to the hospital…After delivering his speech.

With such a legacy, is there any way FDR would mess around with inferior neckwear? Not likely.  He was a true fan of the bow tie.

Roosevelt was paralyze after contracting polio in his late 30s, but this didn’t keep him walking and standing during his terms as President. He braced up his legs and swiveled his hips across the Oval Office upright in a bow tie more than once. He delivered entire speeches standing behind the podium – his legs braced and entire body held stable by his arms. It takes some grit to wear a bow tie, and it’s grit that Roosevelt had in spades.


Photo Credit Some presidents see the world on the brink during their presidency, but FDR saw it pushed over the edge twice. Once during the Great Depression, and once during the Second World War. Unemployment during the Great Depression was nearly 25%, and you can see that times were severe. Roosevelt knew the nation’s confidence in their future was dependent on the confident image he presented. Little wonder he choose a bow tie so many times to convey it.

FDR also helmed the modern world’s most impressive military to victory in the last World War. He was the guy who got the call, “Sir, another country has managed to sneak through the entire Pacific ocean with 6 carriers, 500 planes, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, and midget submarines and they have attacked a city… here in America, one of our most strategic bases to be exact.” And you thought your job was stressful. Handle it in a bow tie, and no one will see you sweat.

Photo Credit The history of FDR is as rich as the history of the bow tie. We haven’t even discussed the Dust Bowl, his almost three-terms as President, or his political prowess at Yalta. Anyway you look at, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is an American icon. His bow tie represents America at its finest.

Steady under pressure and sophisticated even with our backs against the wall.

Grey Fedora w/ a distinct brown leather band and featuring an eyecatching solid Walnut brim.

Lightweight. Incredibly smooth finish. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


Small: 55cm or Approx 21.7 inches

Medium: 57cm or Approx 22.4 inches

Large: 59cm or Approx 23.2 inches

X-Large: 61cm or Approx 24 inches

ATTENTION—-All hats are handmade to order and will take 2-3 weeks to complete the crafting process and be packaged to send your way!—-Please keep this in mind when ordering!