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Armour Philadelphia

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 24th Dec 2014

We have a fondness for many of the cities in our great nation, and The City of Brotherly Love is no exception. We’ve been fortunate enough to be represented by Philly’s finest. From the Legendary Roots Crew’s ?uestlove wearing our wooden bow ties fillin’ in the breaks for “The Hardest-Working Band in Late Night” to our progressive, sartorial, and dapper partners selling our wooden wares, menswear mecca–Armour Philadelphia.

For those of you who don’t know the story, Armour is the brainchild of human resources veteran David Grimes. After working in corporate America for over 20 years he decided he was ready for a change. Before he traded in his corner office, he began a regimen of research and study taking night courses at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His idea for opening a menswear boutique was birthed of equal parts necessity and passion. Being a cutting-edge stylish dude had its drawbacks in Grimes’ Philadelphia hometown, as he had to shop out-of-state and online to secure the fashion forward style pieces he’s known for. The tipping point came and with it David Grimes’ Armour Philadelphia was established.

Armour Creative Director and source for our interview: Eric Hatcher

Armour isn’t like other menswear stores. They pride themselves on their penchant for offering unique and stylish separates and accessories that can be easily incorporated into any stylish man’s wardrobe. See why we get along so well?

Creative Director Eric Hatcher described the shop as, “… that slick, laid back joint where you can find some fresh accents to your existing wardrobe.” Armour stocks trousers, blazers, jewelry, dress shirts, and some other distinguished items like artwork and home accessories.

Hatcher paid us the kindest compliment when we asked if he had any personal favorites in the store. He’s a fan of anything unusual or jazzy and says our products have been a favorite of his since we first met at a trade show in New York. Our ties are different from others and that’s a quality that he always appreciates.

Hatcher said, “…the centerpiece patterns, the actual wooden construction itself. [They] can be worn with pride and confidence to a variety of venues.”

Armour’s shoppers have come to expect the unexpected from their carefully curated brands. Customers visit looking for dapper apparel, and the crew at Armour is the best at facilitating a personal, individualized look that you can call your own. Our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers work well to fit that bill for novelty and they craft a look that’s “stylishly yours.”

Hatcher continued, “Personally, I encourage our customers to wear Two Guys Bow Ties products like we like to wear them: to work any day of the week, to special occasions like weddings and holiday parties, or even on a hot date. We like to say, keep a tie handy for a quick upgrade to a casual ensemble or to add an air of elegance to any shirt and sport coat combo.”

The historic Fabic Row retailer has big plans for the future. If you’re a regular, you’ve seen them introduce a new exciting category every season. The most recent additions were undies and footwear, and very soon they’ll be offering loungewear. Because “it’s all about being comfy during life’s journey through the world-at-large.” We couldn’t agree more.

Hatcher also told us another important focus for the future at Armour will be their continued commitment to Philadelphia’s local talent. Because they love their community, the style-hub showcases a rotating line-up of designers, artists, and photographers.  Hatcher says, “There are so many rich flavors, raw skills, and diverse stories around us here… How could we ever ignore them?”

We definitely can’t ignore Armour Philadelphia, and we don’t think you will be able to, either.  If you’re near Philadelphia, be sure to check out their store.

Black Friday//Cyber Monday Sales

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 27th Nov 2015

Well, friends! It’s that time of year again. Holiday dinners spent with family and friends, and of course, some of the biggest annual sales. 

This year, for Black Friday, we are offering a FREE JAMESTOWN LAPEL with any purchase of $100 or more online or in our store. It’s walnut wood and 5-petal shape is by far our most popular and versatile lapel flower, making it a wonderful compliment to nearly any outfit. All you have to do is use the Promo Code: FRIDAY100 at check out and we’ll add it to your order when it ships!

Then on Saturday, we are celebrating Small Business Saturday by keeping our store open from 10am to 2pm here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Everyone who makes a purchase in our store during those four hours will receive a FREE WOODEN BOW TIE from our sample collection. Each one is unique and you get to choose which one to take home! 

And finally, for Cyber Monday, we are giving away a FREE WOODEN BOW TIE to the first 150 people who place an order online of $75 or more. These bow ties are taken from our collection of shop samples, therefore each one is unique and the values range from $55-85. However, due to the nature of the sale, there are no exchanges or returns of these sample bow ties. All you have to do is use the Promo Code: FREESAMPLEBOWTIE at Checkout. Nothing will be added to your cart, however, you will know it’s been applied by taking one penny off your purchase total. This will ensure your free bow tie will be added to your order when it ships. 

Please keep in mind, you can only use one coupon code per order. 

Enjoy your time with loved ones, and know all of use here at Two Guys Bow Tie Co. hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re certainly thankful for you. 

Peruvian Walnut

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 30th Jul 2014

Walnut hardwood is one of the most highly sought after species of wood used in fine carpentry. While Eastern Black is the popular choice in North America, the Andes mountain region offers a fine variety as well. Peruvian walnut has all the same qualities as its ‘Merican cousin with the added benefit of a more clear grain structure.

Also known as Nogal in its native region, Peruvian Walnut’s absence of too many knots or extra sapwood leaves more of the coarse, mahogany like wood for craftsman to craft with. Woody’s makes some seriously slick bike fenders, chain guards, and other parts out of Peruvian Walnut in Bend, Oregon. Why? Simple. Because you don’t need four wheels to ride in style anymore than you need to tie silk around your neck to look dapper.

Photo Credit

Craftsman and artist, Ross Leidy makes some of the finest looking table tennis blades we’ve ever seen commissioning Peruvian Walnut. Yes, we just said “table tennis blade.” Why? Because it’d be an insult to call this thing a ping pong paddle.

Photo Credit

Of course we’re making some extremely fine neckwear out of Peruvian Walnut. Both our Clifford and Ray are made from the Junglans species. Clifford’s red & white houndstooth really pop against the dark hardwood. This hardwood bow tie looks great anywhere. Have a dinner plans Saturday night? Suit up with it. Crushing your boys in a ping pong tourney Friday night? Take Clifford, a red, white, and blue headband, roll the sleeves up on your linen shirt and do work.

Our Ray hardwood bow tie is also a workhorse. While Ray could easily accompany you to dinner he’d honestly rather be on a pub crawl… on a bike adorned with an ensemble of other Peruvian Walnut crafted accessories. Did we mention he could pong too?

Walnut is a craftsman’s wood in all its varieties. It’s tough enough for just about anything, which means it’ll be with you for a long time to come. Whether you’re using them on the interior of a classic car, to make a guitar, as flooring, or even a dapper accessory, you can guarantee that Walnut woods will always be classy.

Adventurous Men's Accessories under $100

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 11th Mar 2016

Field Notes Graph/Plain/Ruled Notebook – $10 (set of 3)

Check out these premium notebooks at the Lodge’s website here.

Geier Gloves – $39.99-49.99

Check out these high quality leather gloves at the Lodge’s website here.

Beard Care Set – $49 or less

Check out these beard balms, beard oils, and beard combs in different scents and wood types on the Two Guys Bow Tie’s website here.

Leather Passport Covers – $50

Check out these handcrafted passport cover and field notes holder on the Lodge’s website here.

Metal Pens – $45-65

Check out these aluminum, copper, and brass pens on their website here.

Key Ring – $30

Check out these brass and black-coated key rings on their website here.

Maglite Flashlight – $16.50-$145

Check out these high-tech Maglite flashlights on their website here.

Water Bottles – $21.95-$54.95

Compared to the capabilities of YETI, you can check out these HydroFlasks on their website here.
(There sizes range from 12 ounces to 64 ounces.)

5 Great USA Made Mens Accessories Under $100

Posted by Two Guy Bow Ties on 5th Feb 2016

(Photo above taken by Mikayla Michelle Photography – check out more of her work here.)

Before we ever went from being two guys making bow ties to the Two Guys Bow Tie Co., we’ve had a huge passion for everything Made in America. We believe high quality hand-craftsmanship, job creation, and supporting the hard-working men and women in our country are some of our core priorities and beliefs as a business. Innovation, originality, enjoying what you do, and doing what you love all follow closely behind those.

But because it is not always an easy thing to find, we thought we would put together a list of some of our favorite men’s accessories that are all made in the USA as well as under $100. No one ever wants to sacrifice quality for a budget, but sometimes there’s a way to have both. We can prove it.

1. “Madison” Money Clip Wallet – $70

(Colors from left: Cognac, Saddle, Black)

For those who prefer simplicity and having the best of both worlds, Made in Mayhem created this sleek and functional leather money clip has a pocket for your cards as well. The combination of metal, leather, and suede create a truly beautiful staple that will only grow better with wear and time. You can find these on their website in additional colors and styles here.

2. Wool + Deerskin Gloves/Mittens – $39-$65

Whether you prefer fingerless gloves, full finger gloves, or mittens, Upstate Stock has what you’re looking for. Each pair is made mainly using American Raag Wool and Deerskin leather. This combination keeps your hands warm during even the coldest of winter days. Check out the different colors and styles on their website by clicking here.

3. Wooden Bowties + Lapels – $35-$85

Our wooden men’s accessories, handcrafted here in Tulsa, OK, feature a variety of wood types (including a large variety of exotic species) as well as color schemes and designs. However, with the option to design your own custom bow tie or lapel online, it makes the possibilities absolutely endless. Also, for an additional $10, a person can have a custom message or name engraved on the back of the bow tie of their choosing. Take a look at the bow ties here. You can also explore the different style lapel flowers here or design your own here.

4. SmartWool Socks – $16.95-$23.95

Smartwool knows what they’re doing when it comes to making a pair of socks that are not only comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing, but have a technology that really works. Whether a person is looking to run, hike, bike, or spend time in the snow, they have created a unique combination of features to best fit that type of activity through fit, ventilation, cushion, warmth, durability, etc. You can check out their collection of high quality socks for both men and women here.

5. “Classic” Leather belt – $100

This leather belt, featuring the color style “Cognac,” measures a versatile width of 1.25 inches and is constructed out of vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle leather. Tanner Goods also features a easy-to-use interactive sizing guide on their website to help you purchase the right belt for the perfect fit. This wardrobe staple warrants a little higher price in the budget as it will most likely be worn on a daily basis and needs to withstand such constant wear with durability and grit. Visit their website to see more belts like this one here.


Two Guys Bow Ties French Distributor

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 29th Jun 2014

Europe has long been known for its purveyance of incredible fashion. From the finest suits to the most elite shoes, articulate taste and style is no stranger to our Eastern neighbor. France in particular has shown itself as a trendsetting nation, with a love for fine works and dandy styles. When we had the opportunity to connect with a distributor who wanted to sell our wooden bow ties and lapels, we knew it was an incredible opportunity. He recently shared with us some of his personal history and why he loves Two Guys Bow Ties.


2GBT: Tell us a little about your history. Where did you work before you became a distributor for Two Guys Bow Ties?

BF: I used to work in finance in London. In 2011, I moved back to Paris, where I started my own distrbution company. I’ve always been into handwork since I was a kid when I used to make things with my father. Our family has a history of cabinet makers, and I recently went back to school at École Boulle, which is a very famous cabinet maker school in Paris. Boulle was the private cabinet maker of King Louis XIV and this school has taught the art of wood for centuries.



2GBT: How did you first become connected with Two Guys Bow Ties?

BF: I discovered Two Guys Bow Ties through the internet: they were running a private sale on a design website. I loved the idea right away and got in touch with Adam and Tim, who were pleased to find someone to broadcast their idea in Europe.

2GBT: What made you want to sell 2GBT in France?

BF: France and Europe have always had a dandy history. We love fine works and original clothing. Bowties are very posh in France, but bringing wood into it really turned things around. Two Guys Bow Ties was the perfect match to combine an innovative, dapper product with my love of woodworking.



2GBT: What kind of success have you seen with wooden bow ties and lapel flowers? Why do you think men like this product?

BF: So far Two Guys Bow Ties sells very well in France: online sales are great and all the shops we are working with are very happy with the turnover and product quality. It is still a product that we like to keep somewhat secret, and not mainstream, which lends to its appeal.

2GBT: What about our wooden bow ties and lapels appealed to you?

BF: Two Guys Bow Ties is refreshing, original and brings this extra dandy touch that we French love so much.


The reception we have received in Europe and beyond has been incredible, and we’re grateful for the work he does to share our ties with our friends across the pond. His team even had the privilege recently of sending a bow tie to King Filip of Belgium. To learn more about our French distributor, visit them on Instagram and Facebook.

Hardwood Accessories Perfect for Fall

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 26th Oct 2014

Fall is an exceptional season for men’s fashion. The change in the season and the cooler temperatures it brings leads to an onslaught of bold colors and creative ways to layer clothes for a look that is handsome, unique…and warm. 

The change in the season definitely calls for some new pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, but make sure you’re not just thinking of long sleeve shirts and sweaters. Our line of hardwood lapel flowers and wooden bow ties comes with some pieces that are sure to give your fall wardrobe a touch that is unique and appealing. Here are some of our favorite pieces for incorporating colors for fall into your wardrobe.

Our Marion wooden bow tie and Hampton lapel flower are all about warmth. Both pieces are crafted from Walnut wood for a look that is sophisticated and bold. Our Marion wooden bow tie features Maple strips inlayed throughout the tie for just a touch of intrigue. The yellow and grey centers of each piece coordinate perfectly, and are sure to complement a variety of looks this fall.

Few pieces exemplify autumn quite like our Clarence wooden bow tie. Rosewood is cut to create a horizontal grain, then given a dark polish before it is sanded by hand for a finish that is warm, striking, and beautiful. The trendy brown plaid centerpiece adds just the right touch of spark to such an intriguing piece. It’s just the touch of dandy you need.

If bold colors are the theme of the autumn season, then our Portland wooden lapel flower is just the piece for you. Deep Rosewood comes together with a vibrant orange centerpiece to create a look that is easy on the eyes, yet still bold in its style. This wooden lapel flower features small, rounded petals to help draw all attention to the beautiful grain of the Rosewood and the pop of the fabric center.

A navy suit is a must have for the Fall season, and our Concord wooden lapel flower is the perfect accent piece. White Oak wood and a deep purple fabric centerpiece merge together to create a beautiful spark that adds a just right touch to your ensemble. This wooden lapel is sure to guarantee you several complements for your dashing style.

Few colors stand out for Fall like red. It’s bold, beautiful, and warm. Our Calvin wooden bow tie and Hartford wooden lapel flower are the perfect pairing to display this beloved autumn hue. The Hartford pairs White Oak wood with a bold red centerpiece. The petals of this boutonniere offer a unique, appealing pattern. Next to the Calvin’s bright red stripes and handsome shedua wood, it creates a pair that is as brilliant as it is beautiful.

Whatever your favorite color for fall, we have a wooden bow tie and lapel flower that is sure to help you dress your best. What’s your most beloved hue to wear for the season?


A Great Gatsby Wedding

Posted on 5th May 2014

The Great Gatsby has enticed and entranced us for decades. The recent release of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh reminder of why this book has captured our attention and imaginations. It gives vintage a whole new beauty and allure, and it makes the perfect style for a wedding.


A Great Gatsby styled wedding is vintage, sophisticated, and bold, with rich accents and vintage jewelry, dapper style, and elegant lines. The bride and groom in this Gatsby themed wedding beautifully captured the style of the book.


A lush, natural setting is the perfect backdrop for this Gatsby styled wedding, paying homage to the bold, vintage style, while providing a pleasant contrast to the cream and ivory tones throughout.


The groom’s wooden bow tie of choice for this momentous occasion was the Floyd. The grey fabric aligned nicely to the groom’s cream colored tux, and the dark hardwood stands out against such a light background. The result is simple, elegant, and beautiful.


The groom wasn’t the only one to wear such fine hardwood for this Gatsby styled wedding. The groomsmen wore the Clyde another of our wooden bow ties made from a dark hardwood.


This Gatsby styled wedding is vintage, elegant, and sophisticated, a bold reminder that you can indeed repeat the past, and that it is beautiful.


Photography by Flora + Fauna. To see even more images of this Gatsby themed affair, visit their blog.


Looking to create a custom tie for your wedding day. For wedding orders of 5 of ties or more we offer a 20% discount or free customization. Contact for details.


Heather and Antonio: A Vintage Southern California Wedding

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 4th May 2014

Heather and Antonio were married in beautiful Southern California. For their outdoor ceremony, they wanted a rustic, vintage style as the theme for their wedding day. Their vintage wedding featured a soft color palette, handmade details all around, and bouquets of roses, dahlias, and amaranthus.


The key to Heather and Antonio’s success in creating such a beautiful rustic wedding is their attention to detail. Almost every aspect of this wedding was handmade. Friends helped them DIY antique furniture finds to provide decor, table areas, and seating; the flower girl boxes and ring bearers book stacks were made by hand; and the invitations and stationary were done by hand as well.


Heather and Antonio wanted their wedding to be an opportunity to display their unique personality and style, as well as the individual styles of the members of their bridal party. Each bridesmaid chose a different dress in the same color. Groomsmen wore 1920-s themed ensembles, with white shirts, black trousers, vests and suspenders, newsboy style hats, and of course, wooden bow ties.


Antonio and some of his groomsmen wore the Floyd, our wooden bow tie made from walnut, etched with a plaid design, and wrapped in light grey fabric. Its tone and color coordinated perfectly with the soft, vintage palette for this rustic outdoor wedding.


Heather and Antonio, congratulations on a beautiful ceremony, and the beginning of your life together. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your vintage wedding day!


For a more in-depth look at this wedding, visit Ruffled Blog. All photos by Melissa Brandman photography.

Looking to create a custom tie for your wedding day. For wedding orders of 5 of ties or more we offer a 20% discount or free customization. Contact for details.

WAREhaus Dallas: The Fashion Haus

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 26th Jul 2014

If you live in Dallas, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the many options available for men’s clothing. While we are sure there are an abundance of stores that offer high quality, stylish clothing for well-dressed gentlemen all over the metroplex, let us make your choice simple: WAREhaus Dallas is the only men’s clothing store you need to visit.

WAREhaus Dallas began in September of 2012 under the direction of trendsetter Patrick Ware. From the first day they opened their doors, they have pushed to create a man-driven fashion haus with a focus on building relationships and providing unique, cutting edge pieces to Dallas.

Patrick’s vision should be enough to help you decide to choose WAREhaus for all of your fashion needs. With WAREhaus, you are guaranteed to find the highest quality, most unique clothing and styles available. Each cutting edge piece is selected with care, guaranteed to provide you with the most unique fashion options around the metroplex (and beyond). WAREhaus was also built upon a commitment to customer service. Patrick grew up in a home where hospitality was a part of everyday life. He wants the men who come into his clothing store to feel like they are actually walking into his home.

Your first step inside WAREhaus is a reminder that you aren’t entering another cookie-cutter men’s clothing store in Dallas. You are entering a man’s fashion haus that offers you nothing but the highest quality, most unique cutting edge pieces around. We’ve loved the way Patrick has integrated our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers throughout his store.

Because WAREhaus Dallas celebrates unique fashion, Two Guys Bow Ties is a great addition to the store (how many wooden bow ties and lapel flowers do you see in any of those other men’s clothing stores you’ve visited?). Just as we seek to provide craftsmanship into every wooden bow tie we make, Patrick seeks to provide only the highest quality clothing and accessories to his customers. It’s a great fit, and we love getting to partner with Patrick and WAREhaus Dallas.

If you want to read more about WAREhaus Dallas and Two Guys Bow Ties (as well as see Patrick wearing one or our wooden bow ties well), check out this recent mention by D Magazine. For those of you who don’t live in Dallas but still want access to unique, cutting edge fashion pieces, they will soon be launching their new website: WAREhaus Dallas.