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A Great Gatsby Wedding

A Great Gatsby Wedding

Posted on 5th May 2014

The Great Gatsby has enticed and entranced us for decades. The recent release of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh reminder of why this book has captured our attention and imaginations. It gives vintage a whole new beauty and allure, and it makes the perfect style for a wedding.


A Great Gatsby styled wedding is vintage, sophisticated, and bold, with rich accents and vintage jewelry, dapper style, and elegant lines. The bride and groom in this Gatsby themed wedding beautifully captured the style of the book.


A lush, natural setting is the perfect backdrop for this Gatsby styled wedding, paying homage to the bold, vintage style, while providing a pleasant contrast to the cream and ivory tones throughout.


The groom’s wooden bow tie of choice for this momentous occasion was the Floyd. The grey fabric aligned nicely to the groom’s cream colored tux, and the dark hardwood stands out against such a light background. The result is simple, elegant, and beautiful.


The groom wasn’t the only one to wear such fine hardwood for this Gatsby styled wedding. The groomsmen wore the Clyde another of our wooden bow ties made from a dark hardwood.


This Gatsby styled wedding is vintage, elegant, and sophisticated, a bold reminder that you can indeed repeat the past, and that it is beautiful.


Photography by Flora + Fauna. To see even more images of this Gatsby themed affair, visit their blog.


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