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Wooden Bow Ties For Your Backyard BBQ : How To Really Win At Corn-Hole or Washers

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 4th Sep 2015

Men, it’s time. It’s time to clean the grill, fire up the coals, and knock the cobwebs off those outdoor games. It’s time to get the crew back together for a little springtime backyard BBQ action. We know we don’t have to tell you that being boss of your backyard BBQ isn’t just about cooking some killer good meat. You’re also expected to jam good tunes, mix good drinks, and win any game played at your house including Cornhole or Washers. But you’ve also got to look good doing it all. Our wooden bow ties are just the psychological edge you’re going to need against your opponents.


If you’re wondering which of our handmade wooden bow ties will make the biggest impact and sway the situation in your favor for backyard BBQ glory, read on and we’ll explain. Our philosophy on the matter is simple: If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. Let’s face it, no one wants to be the guy who loses games of Cornhole or Washers when he’s playing with home field advantage. We’ll make sure that won’t happen to you.


In any game of Cornhole or Washers you’re going to want to throw with Elmer or Blaise around your neck. Elmer has an outdoor vibe that just screams “I’m a Cornhole legend!” Have you ever known an Elmer that didn’t wear camo or pitch washers?


If our Elmer wooden bow tie isn’t quite your style, our Blaise will bring another kind of expertise all together. Blaise is versatile. He looks as good with a white cotton oxford as he does with a chambray work shirt that’s faded in all the right places. You could say Blaise is quick to adjust to any set of adverse elements. Wind blowing your bean bag slightly to the left? Blaise blends right into that environment. He’s unflappable. He’s even ready for the after party if you want to put the blazer on to finish the night out at your favorite neighborhood hangout.

Before you throw your next backyard BBQ make sure you pay attention to that little detail that scores big points. Order our Elmer or Blaise wooden bow tie today. It won’t be just to your Cornhole or Washers advantage to strap one on. A burger will taste better when seasoned, flipped, and served by a wooden bow tied man. A mojito, old-fashioned, or even an ice cold Dr. Pepper will taste best when delivered by a dapper dude like you donning the Elmer or Blaise.

Hardwood Feature: Maple to Brighten Your Wardrobe This Summer

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 18th Sep 2015

Summer is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, and what would a wardrobe be without some great accessories? As you already know, we have wooden bow ties and lapel flowers for every style, season, and occasion. When spring is headed out and summer is on the horizon we like to gradually transition away from darker colors to better deflect some of the sun’s heat. It’s a style choice as much as it is a practical one. If you want to stay as cool as you look we suggest you do the same.

We have some wooden bow ties and lapel flowers better suited to brighten up your wardrobe than others. Maple is a great wood to wrap around your neck if you want to stay as cool as you look. Brighten up your wardrobe by pinning the cool, white wood to your lapel this summer. Order the Lexington Lapel Flower here:


Most hardwoods, like the ones we make our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers from, are sought after for their heartwood. But maple on the other hand, wears its heart on its sleeve by having its outer sapwood in higher demand. In a world full of hardwoods with tough, ugly exteriors, prized for their insides, maple is the soft and sensitive type and he’s not afraid to show it on the outside.

If our Lexington is a little more subdued than what you were hoping to find, consider the Annapolis: Its red and white centerpiece will add the perfect pop of color accompanying any lightweight cotton blazer for a night out on the town. Seersucker fans, the Annapolis is for you because nothing looks better than red, white, and baby blue.


Maybe a wooden bow tie is more your speed, though. We have you covered with maple wood options too. Consider our Emery: It’s kind of made for summer. Its shell fabric centerpiece works as well at a wedding as it will at a beach bonfire. If you’re getting both in at the same time, we salute you. Just know, when it comes to accessories for that event there’s not a single. better. option. (Lexington Lapel: Above, Blue Shell Pocket Square)


Maple’s cool, white colored wood must be worked with care by the craftsman’s hands. It’s a dense wood so running high-speed routers or saw blades over it can quickly leave leave burn marks. It is a sensitive kind of wood, but it’s also associated with sweetness. Hard Maple is the same type of tree that has maple syrup pumping through its veins. Any one of our maple handcrafted accessories are going to be a hit with the ladies.

So whether you’re trying to muster up the strength to talk to her, or you’re just trying to brighten up your wardrobe to represent the season better, maple wood accessories will give you a serious edge. With it’s near white complexion, maple wood takes those UV rays and flings them back skyward so you stay as cool as you look. Our Emery wooden bow tie is also a perfect canvas for one of our Skyline ties: Tell us your favorite city and we precision etch its skyline to be immortalized in maple.


If you’re looking for cool, sensitive and sweet, order a maple. She’ll love it, and she’ll love you in it. And we think you’ll love that. Go do summer right. 

Quincy Stylish Lapel Flower


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Oak Geo – Gray Denim

This is not your average pocket square. The gray denim fabric with the raw selvedge edge is accented with smooth Oak wood, you heard us right, WOOD! We use a thin wood we precisely cut into tiny triangles that form a pattern that allows the fabric to move and fold to fit perfectly into your pocket. You can do an easy straight fold, a puff pocket, or our personal favorite for this design, the one point fold using the wood pattern as the point. This is truely a unique accessory you will want to keep in the family. 

Jamestown Wedding Party Boutineers


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Cambridge Wooden Boutineer

The Cambridge wooden lapel flower adds a brilliant pop of color to any dull look. The vibrant, yet sophisticated, accessory is made of beautiful White Oak wood and is paired with a complimentary green and blue fabric centerpiece making it a vital addition to every neutral outfit. 

Wood Bow Ties


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New Haven Trendy Lapel Flower


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A Groom's Wedding Responsibilities, Part 1

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 19th Jun 2015

Fellas, let’s get this out in the open now: don’t let anyone tell you that the groom’s responsibility for his wedding is just to show up on time. It’s not true. The groom’s responsibilities for the wedding might not be as extensive as the bride’s, but he does have them. We’ll help you out with a short list of the groom’s wedding responsibilities in a two-part series. After reading these posts, you should be covered on any and all wedding responsibilities for the groom.


Purchase an Engagement Ring

The first (and one of the most important) wedding responsibilities of the groom is to purchase an engagement ring. While we could go into an elaborate discussion on carat size and style, the most important thing to know is your finance’s personality. Is she a traditionalist? If so, you’re going to want to pick the engagement out yourself and surprise her. Ask her family and friends what they think she’d like, but only just before you’re ready to buy it. If she’s not a traditionalist, you will probably want to get her input. Take the time to notice her reaction to the rings of women around her, and also consider whether she would like to use a band or diamond passed down from a family member.

Choose your Groomsmen

Another wedding responsibility of the groom is to choose the dudes who will play a role in your wedding: the best man, groomsmen, and ushers. As part of this responsibility of being the groom, it’s important to choose your most responsible, dependable friends and members of your fiancé’s family. It’s the groom’s responsibility to choose guys to come for the opportunity to help out and witness a momentous occasion—not just for the beer and wine…or cake.


Choose your Groomsmen Attire

The groom’s responsibility for the wedding is to also help pick out the groomsmen attire. Consider yourself an ambassador for both your fiancé and your friends. If your future wife says she wants shiny pink shirts, then it’s the groom’s responsibility to consider your groomsmen and your fiancé and help find a compromise: “How about subdued pink pocket squares instead?” It is also the groom’s wedding responsibility to make sure the wedding clothes and accessories that maintain your personal style and that of your fiancé’s.

Purchasing Wedding Gifts

As the groom, it’s your responsibility to purchase wedding gifts for those who have played an important role in your wedding party. (Of course, you’ll want to purchase one for your future wife). The most clever of grooms kill two birds with one stone here by buying unique, beautiful gifts that can also be worn during the wedding. For instance, if your groomsmen attire of choice is a blazer, then you could buy the blazer. May we suggest anyone of our expertly crafted hardwood bow tie and lapel flower combos as a unique, handcrafted groomsmen gift your buds will use again and again?


Set Up Hotel Rooms for Your Wedding Party and Guests

Grooms have a responsibility to find your wedding party and wedding guests a place to stay. Often, part of the groom’s responsibility is to pay for this as well, but we understand that this can often get pricey. Select a more mid-range if you’re not paying. Doing this is a courtesy to those who will celebrate your big day, and is one more of the groom’s responsibilities for the wedding.

Gents, you can get started thinking these wedding responsibilities over. We’ll have more for you coming up. If you need help before you hear back from us again, just ask your mom or your soon-to-be mother-in-law. They’ll be more than happy to tell you what to do.

Credit for photos:  Flora+Fauna Photography