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A Groom's Wedding Responsibilities, Part 1

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Fellas, let’s get this out in the open now: don’t let anyone tell you that the groom’s responsibility for his wedding is just to show up on time. It’s not true. The groom’s responsibilities for the wedding might not be as extensive as the bride’s, but he does have them. We’ll help you out with a short list of the groom’s wedding responsibilities in a two-part series. After reading these posts, you should be covered on any and all wedding responsibilities for the groom.

Purchase an Engagement Ring

The first (and one of the most important) wedding responsibilities of the groom is to purchase an engagement ring. While we could go into an elaborate discussion on carat size and style, the most important thing to know is your finance’s personality. Is she a traditionalist? If so, you’re going to want to pick the engagement out yourself and surprise her. Ask her family and friends what they think she’d like, but only just before you’re ready to buy it. If she’s not a traditionalist, you will probably want to get her input. Take the time to notice her reaction to the rings of women around her, and also consider whether she would like to use a band or diamond passed down from a family member.

Choose your Groomsmen

Another wedding responsibility of the groom is to choose the dudes who will play a role in your wedding: the best man, groomsmen, and ushers. As part of this responsibility of being the groom, it’s important to choose your most responsible, dependable friends and members of your fiancé's family. It’s the groom’s responsibility to choose guys to come for the opportunity to help out and witness a momentous occasion—not just for the beer and wine…or cake.

Choose your Groomsmen Attire

The groom’s responsibility for the wedding is to also help pick out the groomsmen attire. Consider yourself an ambassador for both your fiancé and your friends. If your future wife says she wants shiny pink shirts, then it’s the groom’s responsibility to consider your groomsmen and your fiancé and help find a compromise: "How about subdued pink pocket squares instead?” It is also the groom’s wedding responsibility to make sure the wedding clothes and accessories that maintain your personal style and that of your fiancé’s.

Purchasing Wedding Gifts

As the groom, it’s your responsibility to purchase wedding gifts for those who have played an important role in your wedding party. (Of course, you’ll want to purchase one for your future wife). The most clever of grooms kill two birds with one stone here by buying unique, beautiful gifts that can also be worn during the wedding. For instance, if your groomsmen attire of choice is a blazer, then you could buy the blazer. May we suggest anyone of our expertly crafted hardwood bow tie and lapel flower combos as a unique, handcrafted groomsmen gift your buds will use again and again?

Set Up Hotel Rooms for Your Wedding Party and Guests

Grooms have a responsibility to find your wedding party and wedding guests a place to stay. Often, part of the groom’s responsibility is to pay for this as well, but we understand that this can often get pricey. Select a more mid-range if you’re not paying. Doing this is a courtesy to those who will celebrate your big day, and is one more of the groom’s responsibilities for the wedding.

Gents, you can get started thinking these wedding responsibilities over. We’ll have more for you coming up. If you need help before you hear back from us again, just ask your mom or your soon-to-be mother-in-law. They’ll be more than happy to tell you what to do.

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