5 Ways to Incorporate Your Unique Style in Your Wedding

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 22nd May 2015

Your wedding is a day that will be more documented than Donald Rumsfeld’s tenure at the Pentagon, so you want to make sure you’re being you and that your wedding shows off your unique style. You don’t want to look back and see your face in a suit and setting that looks so foreign to your personal sense of style that someone might say, “Your head looks photoshopped into this Victorian ballroom regalia kinda like Jack Nicholson’s head looked in the final shot of The Shinning.”


Photo Credit:  Blake Loates Photography

Here’s how to plan for your big day to make sure you show your unique style in your wedding.

1.  Use Pinterest- Isn’t Pinterest just the greatest? It is a great tool for browsing what’s out there, especially when it comes to planning a wedding that shows off your unique style. Early on, it can help you figure out things like if you need an indoor or outdoor venue, if you want to class it up or down. Pinterest is great for the basics, and it’s an easy way to give your lady some input on colors, venues, styles, and themes that help bring out your personal style in your wedding.


Photo Credit:  Flora + Fauna Photography

2.  Quit using Pinterest- And sometimes, isn’t Pinterest just the worst? Once you have your initial considerations considered, get off Pinterest. Otherwise, you can get pretty bogged down in the details, and lose sight of creating ways to show your personal style in your wedding. Use it to get an abstract idea that really depicts you and your bride, but once it’s time to settle on the details you’re going to want to look within a bit to maintain your personal style in your wedding.


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3.  You be you, and let her be her- Some of the best weddings are the ones that allow both the bride and groom to bring their unique styles and tastes in their wedding. Take some time to look at your fiancé’s apartment or house together and see what kinds of design features she’s using to make her home and make sure they make it into the aesthetics of your big day. Look at your own personal style and see if there are some ways to bring that out in your wedding attire and other details.


Photo Credit:  Joie Lala Photography

4.  Incorporate the feel of your venue- After you settle the basics (with your judicious use of Pinterest), make sure you’re designing your pieces around where you’ll be holding the festivities. We’re not saying that a standard cloth tie won’t work in that idillic weeping willow grove, but hey, we’ve got some accessories that would work even better for that environment and go a step farther in showing off your personal wedding style. The good thing about our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers are their versatility. Our hardwood accessories can be modern and rustic, dressy or casual. It’s all in how your piece together your big day to put your unique style on display.


Photo Credit:  SilverFly Charlotte

5.  Do Your Groomsmen a solid- While it’s the tradition of Western culture that you and your dudes go spend a few hours getting fitted for tuxes and cummerbunds you’ll wear so rarely that places actually rent them, you could maintain your personal style better by dressing up the kinds of things you already wear. We’re talking about classing up your normal, dapper fabric styles and classic looks with things like vests and wooden bow ties. Want to wear dark jeans? Go for it, just make sure you adorn your blazer and neck with some classy yet cool hardwood accessories. Want an even more unique and personal touch? Consider trying out our custom wooden bow tie option. With hundreds of fabrics and engravings to choose from, your sure to find something that helps make your wedding even more personal. Trust us, your groomsmen will thank you, and brides love it.

Keep these five things in mind, and you are guaranteed to have a wedding that will show you and your bride’s unique, personal style in your wedding. If you have any questions about wearing our wooden bow ties or lapel flowers for your big day, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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