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Wood Bow Ties

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on January 22, 2016

(Photos by: Coralee Stone Photography – check out their work here.

1. They’re unique.

The most obvious reason is simply how unique they are. Couples everywhere are always looking for something special or new to set apart their wedding day in a personal way. What better way to do that than with high quality, handcrafted accessories for the groom, his groomsmen, and the handsome ring bearer, of course.

2. They can be custom-made.

The second reason is something we all love but have a hard time finding: the ability to customize your accessories to perfectly compliment your wedding style or color palette. At Two Guys Bow Tie Co., we have a wide variety of wood types, designs, and centerpieces to provide a world of possibilities. We also give our customers the option to send in their fabric of choice for us to use in making both the lapel flowers and bow ties. This option is extremely popular as it allows the couple to choose exactly what they want and allow our design team to help decide the perfect wood type to match both the fabric and your desired look.

Several of the wood types include: Sapele, Walnut, Maple, White Oak, Padauk, Wenge, Rosewood, Bocote, Zebrawood, Lacewood, Purple Heart, and more. We also have a large quantity of custom fabric that isn’t on our website but have available for your use. Just send us an email at:, let us know what color scheme you’re looking at, and we can send you photos of what we already have before you go shopping for your own!

3. They have sentimental value.

One of our favorite things about the accessories we make, especially the wooden bowties, is how easily it becomes a sentimental piece that can be passed down through the family. For only $10 extra, you can have a custom message engraved on the back of the tie. Some popular engravings include one or more of these: the wedding date, the person’s name or initials, their title in the wedding, a personal note, an inside joke, a nickname, bible verse, or song lyrics. We also can do front etchings for an additional expense, or engrave handwritten notes as well. Some examples we’ve done in the past are: “Marry you, why wooden tie?” and “I love you” written in the handwriting of a loved one. Unlike fabric only accessories that fade and become dirty or faded over time, our wooden bow ties age beautifully.

4. Two birds. One stone.

Wooden bow ties and lapel flowers can be both a groomsman gift and their accessory for the wedding day. Especially with our custom back-engraving option, it is a keepsake for them to enjoy for years to come. To inspire your own creativity, one of the couples we worked with put together a neat ensemble for each of the groomsmen to enjoy using an old cigar box.

(Fortunately for those of us who enjoy taking less steps if we don’t have to, each of our bow ties and lapel flowers come in a unique magnetic box with our logo on it for premium presentation. We mention this as it isn’t necessary to take them out of their original packaging in order to gift wrap it, but it is completely up to you!)

5. Quality craftsmanship. Made in USA.

Each and every wooden bow tie and lapel flower we sell is made right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Co-Founders, Tim and Adam, oversee every step of production and consider each product we send out to be a great representation of their own personal high quality craftsmanship. Supporting Two Guys Bow Tie Co. is supporting the hard-working men and women in our beautiful country.

With 20% off 5 or more items as our wedding gift to you, we can’t think of any reasons not to wear wooden accessories on your special day. Send us an email at for your personal promo code or get answers to any questions you may have!


  1. Good looking product.
  2. So happy to receive the bow ties. Can’t wait to pass to our groomsmen. The bow ties are finely made, surpassed our expectation. No regret to choose wooden bow ties over classic bow ties. Love the engrave on the back! It’s amazing to see our wedding monogram nicely engraved on it. Cassie is such a nice person to deal with!
  3. This Bow Tie is the best tie I have ever invested in because not only is it comfortable to wear it looks great and I always get compliments on owning one!! Definitely would purchase another in the future!!
  4. Great product delivered promptly. Excellent aa around.
  5. Love, Love, LOVE this tie! It’s a real showstopper and people love it.


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  1. My husband is an interior designer in the furniture business. After watching the Shark Tank, I was very excited to order one, as it seemed like a natural for someone in that business. He loves the tie. It is lightweight and comfortable and easy to wear. A bonus is that he is a guitarist and can wear it while playing. He can not tie regular bow ties, so he does not wear them. This tie is very attractive. If Two Guys were not picked up by Damen, I may have beeen sceptical of the quality. I will order more. Shipped immediately, even after that sudden exposure.

  2. My grandson loves bow ties! I knew he would like a wooden one-he had never seen one before. Ordered it for him as a Christmas gift. I had mushy grandma stuff etched on the back about success. I know he will have the tie a long time and eventually wear it to important meetings, etc. The wood is beautiful, as is the workmanship. I want to get him the New York skyline next. Thanks for putting out such a fine product.

  3. I can’t tell you how well it goes on, or how comfortable it is, as it’s a Christmas gift…. However I can tell you, it looks amazing! Excellent quality. And nice packaging. Stay tuned until after the holidays.

  4. We saw this product on shark tank and my husband though it was the coolest thing ever. He wears bow ties to work as his “signature item. ” He was completely surprised when he opened the box on our 18th wedding anniversary and saw the tie!

  5. Wore the Frank bow tie to a recent event and it was a huge hit! Beautifully crafted and very unique. Thanks guys!

  6. Awesome bowtie, and friendly and very very helpful customer service! Just what i wanted and that I imagined!

    The bowtie goes very good to a stylish shirt and adds the last touch to an great outfit. All in all an awesome product!

  7. Excellent product, goes great with pretty much any shirt/pant combo, and really stands apart from the average dress accessory. I’m very pleased with the production quality and materials as well as the timely delivery of the purchase.

    I highly recommend this tie for anyone looking to branch out into the realm of ‘interesting’, while still having a versatile accessory that’s right for any occasion.

“Leon” Jr. (Kid-Sized)


  1. This is a really handsome bowtie! Its color combo makes it very versatile also. This tie is a smaller size which is what I wanted. I had seen some on guys that would have been too big – great on them but not for my guy! This was the perfect choice for my guy. I do wish the dimensions were listed as I just had to guess which ones would be the smaller sizes.
    Overall I love it and my guy loves it!