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Mike Conley’s Fashion Challenge: Can EJ Top His Wooden Bow Tie?

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 19th Apr 2013

It would seem that the rivalry between NBA players is not only on the basketball court, but off of it too. Always dressed to impressed, many basketball stars take great pride in enhancing their personal style and public presentation.  Talented Memphis Grizzlies point guard, Mike Conley, is no exception. The fashion forward athlete took a well-received risk by rocking the Phloyd, a laser etched Sapele wooden bow tie, with a button down shirt and vest look after the 2013 Playoff games. It was seemingly such a bold move that the tie even garnered some attention of it’s own. Noticed by both reporters in Conley’s presence and sports casters offsite, many perceived Conley’s choice in neckwear as a fashion challenge to his colleagues. Intrigued by the piece, sports commentators, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley all spent a good amount of time remarking on the uniqueness of the tie. At first, they almost didn’t really believe that it was made out of wood. Upon learning that interesting fact, they all responded with a mixture of laughter, intrigue and genuine desire for a wooden bow tie. What they could all agree on is that Conley’s tie was by far one of the most innovative accessories to be worn by a basketball player at the moment.

So, do you think that Mike Conley’s outfit is one that EJ will really be able top? We hope he’s up for the challenge and although we don’t think he can win, we’d definitely be excited to see what he comes up with.  If it were up to us, we’d strongly suggest one of our hand painted wooden bow tie for that extra pop and distinctiveness. Luckily, both NBA players and their fans, can easily purchase Mike Conley’s Phloyd or up the ante with a hand painted wooden bow tie on Two Guys Bow Ties online store.

Wooden Bow Ties


  1. Fantastic product. I purchased this as a gift for my brother and he was ecstatic to receive and wear it.

  2. If I could own every single style of these bow ties, I would. Whenever I’m heading to any event on a night out in my wooden bow tie, I can always expect shock and amazement from the people I’m meeting. I can also always expect to be showered with compliments and questions about where I got my tie. Love it so much!

  3. This product is amazing and my husband LOVES it! Unique and can be worn casually or for a night out! Great work guys—I am ready to order for myself!

Memorial Day Weekend Sale 2016

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 23rd May 2016


Starting THIS Saturday morning, get 20% off you purchase on our online store using the Promo Code: MEMORIALDAY16. We don’t have these types of sales often, so be sure to take advantage of it before the promotion ends Monday at 11:59 PM CST. 


Not quite sure what to wear at your family and friend gathering this weekend? We’re here to help.

To honor the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed their lives for our country, we wanted to stay patriotic within our color scheme of red, white, and blue. Our Harold wooden bow tie, crafted from red hued Padauk wood, is a perfect statement piece to pair with a light blue shirt. The zig-zag pattern etched on the front of the tie is able to be the main focal point when paired with a solid button-up short sleeved shirt. Pair this striking combo with a pair of neutral shorts, in this case we chose a medium gray, and beige shoes. Add in your favorite pair of sunglasses or watch and you have a fresh, summer ensemble. If you like the Harold bow tie and would like to see more photos of it, you can check it out on our website by clicking here.


The other bow tie we are featuring this week is our painted wooden bow tie, Calvin. This handcrafted wooden men’s accessory is made from Shedua wood, which is then painted with a red striped pattern on the front. The charcoal gray center fabric balances out the bright painted design. This allows the bow tie to be a great conversational piece without being too loud or overwhelming. Once again, we chose to pair this red-pattered tie with a textured, light blue button-up shirt and neutral bottoms. In this ensemble, we decided this pair of khaki pants complimented the revealed wood grain in the bow tie and a brown belt and pair of sunglasses drew the whole outfit together. You can find this wooden bow tie, Calvin, on our website here.

Yorktown Wedding Lapel Flower


  1. First saw these lapel pins and bow ties in an airport gift shop. It’s what drew me into the store. The lapel pin made a great gift for my brother. The design and quality are wonderful. Highly recommend these tastefully unique wooden jewels for anyone. Go ahead accessorize your look, I dare you.

  2. I bought this to go with my wooden bow tie for special occasions. When it arrived I was immediately pleased with the quality and over all appearance. So I put it on a smart jacket and it looked the part and very well with it’s brother bow tie.
    Then I tried it on a more of a winter coat and it looked well there too. I was afraid it might look like a broach but it is clearly a flower so no problems there. It is not overtly obvious but once somebody spots it they are all questions. I feel more a gentleman now as a result.

A Grand Affair: Lauren Conrad & Andre Wilson’s Wood Bow Tie at the Kentucky Derby

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 3rd May 2013

A widely renowned American sporting event, The Kentucky Derby, is known for more than just being a series of intensive horse races. Every year this grand occasion brings out a slew of celebrities from numerous different industries and cities from around the world. This year was no exception and as is tradition at The Kentucky Derby, the famous personalities that attended the affair came impeccably dressed.  Thousands of men and women partook in the festivities outfitted in a variety of decorative suits, brightly colored dresses and hats that were larger than life. The clothes worn by viewers alone are a spectacle to see. One of our personal favorites at this year’s event was Style Icon President and CEO, Andre Wilson. Poised with a giant smile, Wilson appeared on The Kentucky Derby red carpet dressed in a perfect crème colored suit, a matching cap, and clean white button down shirt. He chose to bring the look together with a Padauk wood, laser etched Two Guys Wooden Bow Tie, the Harold tie. Although we may be a bit bias in our favoritism, we are certainly not alone in our admiration for Andre Wilson’s Kentucky Derby look. Fashion designer, reality television star and a style icon in her own right, Lauren Conrad, was also a big fan of Wilson’s charming ensemble. In fact, she loved the Harold bow tie so much that she snapped a picture of it and shared it with her 2-million instagram followers.  At an event where everything is done in over the top flamboyance, Andre Wilson and his wooden bow tie still managed to steal the show and clearly, the hearts of Conrad’s massive social media following.

You too can purchase an attention grabbing Harold Tie in Two Guys Bow Ties online store. We promise; you don’t need tickets to the Kentucky Derby to wear it right.

The Fashion Police Approved Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 23rd Jan 2014

E! Entertainment Television’s Fashion Police is a popular TV show that seems to have gotten as much praise as it has debate. Every week the program’s opinionated, funny and fashion forward hosts: Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Kotsiopoulous, participate in a series of discussions related to our favorite celebrities’ red carpet choices. After watching the show you’ll quickly realize that absolutely no one wants to be on this group’s worst dress list. Joan Rivers and the gang are not too friendly when it comes to talking about fashion mishaps. So, when their conversations involve risky fashion choices and brave accessories, such as our wooden bow ties, we were thrilled to hear that Two Guys Bow Ties passed the Fashion Police test. Not only was Two Guys Bow Ties welcomed by the sassy fashion television show, but was also even worn by one of the show’s hosts. George Kotsiopoulos looked incredibly dapper in a pair of navy slacks, and striped button down shirt worn underneath a hunter green printed sweater. The look was brought together with the always charming, wenge wood Carl bow tie.

Excited about the look and his new wooden bow tie, Kotsiopoulos snapped a picture of his show time outfit and shared it with his Instagram followers. Their abundant likes and comments even further supported the Fashion Police host’s unique accessory of choice. Like Katsiopoulous, you too can shine in a Joan Rivers approved wooden bow tie and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be laughed at by any Fashion Police while wearing it. Katsiopoulosus’s Carl tie as well as a range of other stylish and unique wooden accessories are readily available to purchase on the Two Guys Bow Ties website. 

Hardwood Feature: Maple to Brighten Your Wardrobe This Summer

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 18th Sep 2015

Summer is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, and what would a wardrobe be without some great accessories? As you already know, we have wooden bow ties and lapel flowers for every style, season, and occasion. When spring is headed out and summer is on the horizon we like to gradually transition away from darker colors to better deflect some of the sun’s heat. It’s a style choice as much as it is a practical one. If you want to stay as cool as you look we suggest you do the same.

We have some wooden bow ties and lapel flowers better suited to brighten up your wardrobe than others. Maple is a great wood to wrap around your neck if you want to stay as cool as you look. Brighten up your wardrobe by pinning the cool, white wood to your lapel this summer. Order the Lexington Lapel Flower here: http://www.woodenbowties.com/Lexington-wood-boutineer/


Most hardwoods, like the ones we make our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers from, are sought after for their heartwood. But maple on the other hand, wears its heart on its sleeve by having its outer sapwood in higher demand. In a world full of hardwoods with tough, ugly exteriors, prized for their insides, maple is the soft and sensitive type and he’s not afraid to show it on the outside.

If our Lexington is a little more subdued than what you were hoping to find, consider the Annapolis: http://www.woodenbowties.com/Annapolis-wooden-lapel-flower/. Its red and white centerpiece will add the perfect pop of color accompanying any lightweight cotton blazer for a night out on the town. Seersucker fans, the Annapolis is for you because nothing looks better than red, white, and baby blue.


Maybe a wooden bow tie is more your speed, though. We have you covered with maple wood options too. Consider our Emery: http://www.woodenbowties.com/emery/. It’s kind of made for summer. Its shell fabric centerpiece works as well at a wedding as it will at a beach bonfire. If you’re getting both in at the same time, we salute you. Just know, when it comes to accessories for that event there’s not a single. better. option. (Lexington Lapel: Above, Blue Shell Pocket Square)


Maple’s cool, white colored wood must be worked with care by the craftsman’s hands. It’s a dense wood so running high-speed routers or saw blades over it can quickly leave leave burn marks. It is a sensitive kind of wood, but it’s also associated with sweetness. Hard Maple is the same type of tree that has maple syrup pumping through its veins. Any one of our maple handcrafted accessories are going to be a hit with the ladies.

So whether you’re trying to muster up the strength to talk to her, or you’re just trying to brighten up your wardrobe to represent the season better, maple wood accessories will give you a serious edge. With it’s near white complexion, maple wood takes those UV rays and flings them back skyward so you stay as cool as you look. Our Emery wooden bow tie is also a perfect canvas for one of our Skyline ties: http://www.woodenbowties.com/skyline-wooden-bowtie-maple-w-blue-fabric/. Tell us your favorite city and we precision etch its skyline to be immortalized in maple.


If you’re looking for cool, sensitive and sweet, order a maple. She’ll love it, and she’ll love you in it. And we think you’ll love that. Go do summer right. 

A Guide to Gifts for Groomsmen: Things to Wear

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 31st Jul 2015

If you have an upcoming wedding, one of your responsibilities as the groom is to choose a gift for your groomsmen. Your wedding may be fast approaching, and chances are you don’t have any idea what groomsmen gifts to buy. We’re going to help get you through this wedding season though. We’ve already laid out a groom’s wedding responsibilities guide, but now we want to focus on some of the other details. This groomsmen gift giving guide will make hooking your groomsmen up with great gifts as easy as pie.


We think choosing gifts for groomsmen that they can wear is your best bet. The key is to choose groomsmen gifts that play to their unique brand of dapper style. But choosing gifts that your groomsmen will wear is your chance to be remembered as the most thoughtful groom they know.

  1. Watches – We think watches are a great groomsmen gift because they’re something your fellas will wear and use all year long. If most of your groomsmen are gents of the well-dressed variety you’ll have an easy job. You can find great watches around the $100-mark and probably cheaper if you look hard. Go with something classic for the most versatility—leather band, solid color face, 3-hands, day & date. Anything more and you run the risk of gifting a ticking paperweight.
  2. Kicks – Now we’re getting into that two-birds-with-one-stone territory. It’s always a great idea to give your groomsmen a gift that they’ll wear in your wedding. A unique pair of shoes can identify them as members of your wedding party and they should also be smart enough to utilize afterwards. We don’t know what your budget or style is but you could go top-shelf with all that oil money and score you groomsmen some custom leather cowboy boots. Or do something more relaxed like Tom’s or our all-time favorite sneaker to dress up or down with—Adidas Sambas.
  3. Wooden Bow TiePocket SquareLapel Flower – We have another two-birds-with-one-stone option for you because we know you’re as efficient as you are dapper. Another great wearable gift for your groomsmen is a dapper accessory like a wooden bow tie or unique pocket square to be worn above the waist on your wedding day. Hardwood accessories like a wooden bow tie or handcrafted lapel flower are always a good option because groomsmen can wear them after the wedding. A unique, hardwood accessory like a wooden bow tie, pocket square, or lapel flower is useful for dates, interviews, sales pitches, and one-upping your co-workers with dapper style.

Of course you already know we’re the authority on item no. 3. So be sure and shop our hardwood accessories for the perfect groomsmen gifts. You could risk it by buying silk long ties and pockets squares or metallic lapel flowers/pins, but the worst thing about traditional accessories like those is that they’ll only play to a few crowds.

Not so with our handmade wooden bow ties, lapel flowers, and pocket squares. They dress up or down easy, and they always look unique and trendy.

Stay tuned for more entries to our Groom’s Gift Giving Guide series. We’ve got your back. 

Create Your Own Custom Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 14th Aug 2015

Not only does Two Guys Bow Ties consistently strive to bring you the most handsome and dapper neckwear on the regular, but we also offer you the ability to create your own uniquely designed hardwood accessory. Whether you’re looking for a custom hardwood bow tie to tie the knot in or just to sit back and admire as something of your own design and creation, we can make it happen.


You’ve no-doubt seen our versatility when it comes to thinking up fresh new designs, but have you ever thought of co-opting our fine-tuned skills to create your own custom designed hardwood accessory? We created the custom hardwood bow tie above specifically for St. Patricks Day. We can create a hardwood bow tie for any theme or occasion though; it doesn’t have to be a holiday. Whatever your ideas are, we can bring them to life in wooden bow tie form.


Have a big banquet coming up with a specific color scheme or design element? We can etch designs, logos, and more into your wooden bow tie backdrop of choice. Does your business deal in all things dapper, manly, or creative? Why not create a custom hardwood bow tie branded with your company’s colors or logo for a give-away, thank-you, or customer appreciation? Everyone would appreciate a uniquely designed hardwood accessory, and even better, they’ll think of your company when they don it.


You could also create your own hand-crafted wooden bow tie to rep your favorite sports team or alma mater. Show your pride in the most dapper way possible. Another instance when it would be beneficial to have created your own uniquely designed hardwood accessory is for something like a charity donation to silent auction. We could incorporate your charity’s theme into the creation of a hardwood bow tie that everyone would love.

Designing your own wooden bow tie is also a great way for the groom to get exactly the tie, colors, shades, and textures of fabric he’s looking for. Sometimes there’s just nothing out there that will perfectly match the bridesmaids’ dresses or the bouquet. Now you can create your own, and move on to the next item on your checklist.

For more info, or to begin building your own, visit our webpage.