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A Grand Affair: Lauren Conrad & Andre Wilson’s Wood Bow Tie at the Kentucky Derby

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 3rd May 2013

A widely renowned American sporting event, The Kentucky Derby, is known for more than just being a series of intensive horse races. Every year this grand occasion brings out a slew of celebrities from numerous different industries and cities from around the world. This year was no exception and as is tradition at The Kentucky Derby, the famous personalities that attended the affair came impeccably dressed.  Thousands of men and women partook in the festivities outfitted in a variety of decorative suits, brightly colored dresses and hats that were larger than life. The clothes worn by viewers alone are a spectacle to see. One of our personal favorites at this year’s event was Style Icon President and CEO, Andre Wilson. Poised with a giant smile, Wilson appeared on The Kentucky Derby red carpet dressed in a perfect crème colored suit, a matching cap, and clean white button down shirt. He chose to bring the look together with a Padauk wood, laser etched Two Guys Wooden Bow Tie, the Harold tie. Although we may be a bit bias in our favoritism, we are certainly not alone in our admiration for Andre Wilson’s Kentucky Derby look. Fashion designer, reality television star and a style icon in her own right, Lauren Conrad, was also a big fan of Wilson’s charming ensemble. In fact, she loved the Harold bow tie so much that she snapped a picture of it and shared it with her 2-million instagram followers.  At an event where everything is done in over the top flamboyance, Andre Wilson and his wooden bow tie still managed to steal the show and clearly, the hearts of Conrad’s massive social media following.

You too can purchase an attention grabbing Harold Tie in Two Guys Bow Ties online store. We promise; you don’t need tickets to the Kentucky Derby to wear it right.