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Wooden Bow Ties


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  1. This is the bow tie I used for both my college graduation and when I proposed to my girlfriend! Always get random compliments from people. Can’t wait to buy more bow ties

  2. This bowtie is stylish and surprisingly comfortable to wear. When i first heard of a wooden bowtie i thought why would anyine want to wear that? That has to hurt. But it doesn’t and feela just like any normal bowtie. Live it!

  3. I love this bow tie! The craftsmanship is superior! Also the look of it is so cool and unique!

  4. Exceptional quality and workmanship, will be keeping my brother well stocked!

  5. I love this tie. I gave it to my 30-something son for Christmas this year and he thought it was really awesome. The bow tie is unique and the design is really
    classy. Definitely a great conversation piece.

  6. These bowties are simply amazing and so well crafted. Very unique and will undoubtedly be a great conversation piece. My son was elated to receive it as a Christmas gift

  7. I ordered this bow tie for my daughter’s grandfather who wears bow ties religiously and it is PERFECT! The Earl engraving was pristine with the polka dot. The edges are tapered down so it’s not just a chunk of wood. The wood is smooth and the fabric is clean, beautiful, and neatly attached. It arrived in a timely manner in a great magnetic close box, so presentation is fantastic. It’s wonderful and he’s going to love it!

  8. We originally saw the wooden bow ties on Shark Tank and were immediately interested. My son wears bow ties regularly and was so excited to receive his first wooden one just in time for homecoming. Prompt delivery and the packaging was wonderful. The bow tie was light weight, comfortable and very stylish. We are very happy with the product and will be purchasing again. Thanks!

  9. I ordered one of the bow ties when they first were introduced and was impressed with the product so i ordered earl bow tie and once again an outstanding product!

  10. I haven’t officially worn these yet, as they are for my wedding, but just handling them and trying it on, they look great and look like great quality. Plus, they arrived very quickly. I expected them to take much longer. I am very happy with my purchase thus far!

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Wooden Bow Ties

Melvin is quirky, yet striking at the same time. It’s smooth shape collectively with it’s eye catching black and white houndstooth center piece and Canary wood make it a statement piece that will complete your look. Yes, we found the missing wood bow tie you’ve long been looking for. You’re welcome.

Hardwood Feature: Canary Wood

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 24th Sep 2014

Sourced from Central and South America, Canary wood is the medium of choice for wood workers across the globe. Featuring a pale yellow background streaked with an assortment of colors, Canary wood is as durable as it is beautiful. Because it is resistant to insects and is incredibly easy to work with, it is a popular wood choice for furniture items and decorative pieces.

Canary wood is definitely a favorite species of wood among our team. The streaks present within the wood allow for a variety of options as we shape and cut our wooden bow ties. Because it finishes so well, the sanding that is done by hand on each of our ties doesn’t take nearly as long as it does with our pieces made from other streaked woods like African Zebrawood.

Our lineup of wooden bow ties features several pieces hand crafted from this beautiful, exotic hardwood. They’re not only a favorite among our team, they’re also very popular with our customers.

The Classic is one of our best sellers. With this piece, we cut the tie so that the grain runs diagonally. The orange and red tones of the Canary wood are offset with a silver, silk centerpiece. It creates a look that is easily dressed up or down, and coordinates with a range of shirts and blazers.

The Harry is another popular Two Guys wooden bow tie. Like the Classic, the wood for this tie is cut with the grain running at a diagonal. When topped off with a gray denim center piece, it creates a piece that is uniquely beautiful and versatile. The gray denim gives this piece just enough edge to be bold and daring, but with a color palette that is sure to compliment your favorite dress shirt.

With the Harvey, the canary wood is cut to run horizontally. The piece is finished off with an eye catching green and blue silk plaid center. The final result is intriguing and striking all at the same time, and works well for any party or fun event.

Our Leon wooden bow tie pairs the warm red and orange tones of the Canary wood with a simple denim centerpiece. Its simple, distinct flair adds just a touch of dapper to any ensemble, and allows the beauty of the Canary wood to speak for itself. It will soon become one of your most essential pieces.

Do you dare to wear Canary wood? We’d love to hear how you pair this favorite hardwood with pieces from your wardrobe. Share your pairings in the comments below!

Box Set of the Month: September

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 5th Sep 2016

This season, put a stamp of approval on your own style by rocking pieces like this Francis bow tie. Our brand has added a playful twist to the otherwise plain and traditional bow tie by creating the main portion out of quality handcrafted wood. And there’s no doubt this Rosewood and green floral combination is guaranteed to set you apart.

The warm-tone within the wood grain makes a perfect gift for any man who appreciates quality and has a bit of personality to match. The green floral pattern also makes for a great summer style accessory, whether it’s the centerpiece of the bow tie or a pocket square accent. Regardless of your preference, you’ll be eager to know this three-piece combo is being featured as September’s Box Set of the Month. This includes: the “Francis” bow tie, the “Yorktown” lapel flower and the Green Floral Fabric Pocket Square.

You can find the Francis bow tie here: here.
The Yorktown lapel flower here: here.
The Green Floral pocket square here: here.

You can also find the complete combo here: here.

For the next 30 days, this highly favorited set is 15% OFF. Simply add your three matching items to checkout and use the Promo Code: SEPT15 at checkout. 

Each bow tie you see on our website ( is handcrafted by our team of expert craftsman right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our wood shop and store-front are both located Downtown at 623 S Peoria Ave.

4th of July SALE

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 4th Jul 2016

As a local business that creates all of our products here in Tulsa, we pride ourselves in labeling our handcrafted accessories as American Made. Which is why, today is one of our favorite holidays to celebrate. Before we tell you how we plan on celebrating with you all, we’d like to share with you a bit more about the inspiration behind what we do.


The materials we use are sourced from other local businesses in the state of Oklahoma, as well as a few organizations across our country. It’s important to us that our company invests in our country, invests in creating jobs locally, and invests in other local businesses as well.

Each one of our bow ties and lapel flowers were named in honor of the hardworking men and women that built our country into the great nation it is today. Cities within the original thirteen colonies are where we gained our inspiration for our innovative take on the traditional lapel flower. Whether their unique designs feature a fabric centerpiece, or stand alone in an all-wood arrangement, your favorite lapel style adds a dapper touch to any occasion.

So, in honor of our nation’s Independence Day, we are offering a ONE-DAY (In-Store Only) Sale to our loyal customers and biggest supporters. For Today only, all of our red, white, and blue accessories (excluding Fedoras) are going to be 20% off. Check out the list below to see what items are included!

Also be one of the FIRST 5 people to stop by our shop from 10am-5:30pm and get a FREE $15 gift card!

Products On Sale TODAY Only:

Bow Ties:

Maple Skyline
Padauk Skyline
Sapele Skyline

Lapel Flowers:

New Haven

Pocket Squares:

Blue Shell
Blue Chambray
Red Chambray
Red Floral


The new kid in town, Emery, is sure to get the attention of that certain someone as well as everyone else around! With the Maple wood and the blue shell fabric centerpiece, it’s more than just a crowd-pleaser. It’s the conversation starter you’ve been waiting for! 

Box Set of the Month: August

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 1st Aug 2016

It takes something special for an American heritage brand founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma to win over a huge list of fans, including everyone from A-list actors to Cam Newton. But that’s exactly what Two Guys have done with their innovative take on many traditional menswear accessories.

So forget everything you know, bow ties are definitely still cool.

The Earl wooden bow tie is one of Two Guy’s most popular style, and for good reason. It’s dapper polka dot front-engraving on White Oak is certainly what sets it apart and the grey denim center is as versatile as it gets.

Pair them with a colored shirt and an outer layer and you not only have a dapper ensemble for any occasion, but a natural ice-breaker as well. Because as well all know, life’s too short to save your favorite bow tie for only special occasions.

Sometimes less is, in fact, more. The absence of a fabric centerpiece in the matching Plymouth lapel flower, accents the wood medium and makes a streamlined statement.

So, in honor of all things dapper, the Two Guys recently decided to share their favorite accessories at a special price with you. Each month, a three-piece combo will be featured as the Box Set of the Month and will be on sale for 15% OFF. Starting today, this month’s combo is “Earl,” which includes the “Plymouth” or “Deerfield” lapel flower and White Oak Dot (or Geo) Pocket Square or Grey Denim fabric pocket square.

You can find the…

Earl bow tie here: here.
Matching Plymouth lapel flower here: here.
Deerfield lapel flower: here.
White Oak Dot Pocket Square: here.
White Oak Geo Pocket Square: here.
Grey Denim Pocket Square: here.

Complete Combo: here.

All you have to do, is add each of your chosen items to your online cart and use the Promo Code: AUGUSTBOXSET at checkout.

NEW–Fraternity Bow Tie Collection

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 21st Sep 2016

tgbt-greek-postcard-front-1     black_olp

All of us here at Two Guys are excited to announce the launch of our NEW LINE of wooden bowties, the Fraternity collection. With three different design styles to choose from and three different wood types, the perfect combination is whatever you want it to be.


You can find the listings for the standard fraternity designs here.

However, if you prefer to mix things up a bit more, we don’t blame you. In fact, we’ll join you. Simply visit our Custom Fraternity Bow Tie Builder by clicking here and we’ll interactively show you exactly what your bow tie will look like.


Each fraternity we offer as the engraving options have gone through the official licensing process and has been approved by. So if you don’t see your Greek letters in the dropdown menu, don’t worry. Just send us an email at: and we’ll be happy to get the official licensing process started for you so we can get your bow tie made as quickly as possible.

Another great thing about this new line, is we offer discounts if you and your friends want to purchase your bow ties together. That’s right. Find 3 or more friends who would like one too and you all get yours for less. Up to 20% off less.


If you’re like us and love the way the Sapele wood engraves, but are bummed it doesn’t come with a matching lapel flower—don’t worry. We are currently in the production process and will be announcing it’s official arrival as soon as it’s live on our website. So sign up for our newsletter (we promise we only email you once a month with something we know you’ll want the inside info on—including special deals and promotions offered only to our most loyal followers) and make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@twoguysbowties) and Facebook (visit our page here) to make sure you don’t miss the announcement! 


Differences between Main Wood Types We Offer: Part 2

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 21st Jul 2016


One of our favorite exotic wood species is Zebrawood. It’s easily recognized for it’s light brown/cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. These stripes can be either chaotic and wavy, or somewhat uniform in appearance. Even though it’s strong and has a fairly high density, the bold appearance is it’s most stunning point of interest. (“Mr. T” pictured above–find it here)


Bocote, another exotic species we offer, has a yellowish brown body with dramatic dark brown to almost black stripes. This natural grain patterning is quite striking, and it’s not uncommon to see “eyes” (similar to knots) and other figurings in it. Finished off with a naturally oily/waxy feel and great luster, it’s no wonder this wood type is on our list of crowd favorites. (“Frank” pictured above–find it here)


Black Ebony, a dense black hardwood, is actually dense enough to sink in water. It’s finely textured and has a very smooth finish, making it one of the more valuable and expensive types of wood in the world. Typically, Black Ebony does not grow in thick stands or under closed cover but prefers a more solitary existence, often taking hold in rocky and infertile soils where other plants can’t survive. During its early years it develops an extensive system of roots to sustain its life during the long months of the African dry season. Its growth is incremental and take decades to grow even 10 feet and mature into it’s coveted pure black color. (“Russell” pictured above–find it here)


Rosewood, on the other hand, has a beautifully rich dark reddish brown color. It’s high quality feel and appearance is a great choice for wood-workers and the guy who seems to have everything. (“Arthur” pictured above–find it here)

One of our most unique wood types, Purple Heart, is native to tropical regions of Central and South America. With more exposure, it’s freshly cut, dull grayish/purplish color becomes a deeper eggplant purple. (Do note, however, when exposed to large amounts of UV light, the color may shift to a dark brown with purple hues.) It’s strength is great for both form and function, and with a splash of color, it’s no wonder it’s labeled one of our most unique bow tie styles. (“Victor” pictured above–find it here)