Hardwood Feature: Canary Wood

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 24th Sep 2014

Sourced from Central and South America, Canary wood is the medium of choice for wood workers across the globe. Featuring a pale yellow background streaked with an assortment of colors, Canary wood is as durable as it is beautiful. Because it is resistant to insects and is incredibly easy to work with, it is a popular wood choice for furniture items and decorative pieces.

Canary wood is definitely a favorite species of wood among our team. The streaks present within the wood allow for a variety of options as we shape and cut our wooden bow ties. Because it finishes so well, the sanding that is done by hand on each of our ties doesn’t take nearly as long as it does with our pieces made from other streaked woods like African Zebrawood.

Our lineup of wooden bow ties features several pieces hand crafted from this beautiful, exotic hardwood. They’re not only a favorite among our team, they’re also very popular with our customers.

The Classic is one of our best sellers. With this piece, we cut the tie so that the grain runs diagonally. The orange and red tones of the Canary wood are offset with a silver, silk centerpiece. It creates a look that is easily dressed up or down, and coordinates with a range of shirts and blazers.

The Harry is another popular Two Guys wooden bow tie. Like the Classic, the wood for this tie is cut with the grain running at a diagonal. When topped off with a gray denim center piece, it creates a piece that is uniquely beautiful and versatile. The gray denim gives this piece just enough edge to be bold and daring, but with a color palette that is sure to compliment your favorite dress shirt.

With the Harvey, the canary wood is cut to run horizontally. The piece is finished off with an eye catching green and blue silk plaid center. The final result is intriguing and striking all at the same time, and works well for any party or fun event.

Our Leon wooden bow tie pairs the warm red and orange tones of the Canary wood with a simple denim centerpiece. Its simple, distinct flair adds just a touch of dapper to any ensemble, and allows the beauty of the Canary wood to speak for itself. It will soon become one of your most essential pieces.

Do you dare to wear Canary wood? We’d love to hear how you pair this favorite hardwood with pieces from your wardrobe. Share your pairings in the comments below!

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