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Unique Hand Crafted Wooden Bow Ties

Two Guys Bow Ties makes the most unique and highest quality wooden bow ties on the market. They come in a variety of colors, stains, fabrics, and wood types. These make an amazing gift for any guy. Take some time and shop around. if you don’t see what you are looking for contact as and we can probably make a custom bow tie just for you. We can make pretty much any style wooden bow tie you can think of so give a challenge and we will do our best to blow you away. 

Sandal Wood Beard Oil

A fine beard deserves fine care. Apply a dime size drop of Sandalwood Oil to your palm and gently massage into your beard. Distribute evenly with a beard comb. 

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jajoba Oil, Vitamen E, Argan Oil, Essential Oils

Skyline Wooden Bow Ties

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 9th May 2016

Handmade right here in Oklahoma, this distinctive line of wooden bow ties have quickly become the most talked about style to date. Where hometown pride meets innovative style, each bow tie features a front-etched skyline of the city of your choosing.                

There are four main wood types we offer as a part of our stock designs. These include: Walnut, Maple, Sapele, and Padauk (pictured below from left to right). The Walnut and Padauk woods are paired with a neutral gray centerpiece, while the Maple and Sapele wood types feature an eye-catching blue fabric. All four pairings are specifically chosen to compliment the wood’s tone and natural grain, as well as their unique variations. You can find these styles on our website by clicking here.

However, similar to our custom bow tie builder on our website, we also have a page where you are able to choose your own wood type, skyline, as well as the center fabric to completely customize your cityscape wooden bow tie to make the perfect gift for someone you love or to match a specific outfit in your wardrobe. The link to design your custom skyline bow tie can be found here. We have 8 wood types and 35 fabrics for you to select from with the price ranging from $75 to $90 depending on the wood species you decide on. Like the rest of our wooden bow ties, the adjustable elastic band sits snugly around the shirt collar for a comfortable fit.

Currently we offer over 60 cityscapes including:



Once your skyline bow tie is ordered, our maker’s process takes about 2-3 days as each skyline is handcrafted to order. As soon as the wood piece is hand selected, laser etched, and the fabric and strap are carefully secured, you receive an email notifying you that your USA made wooden bow tie is on it’s way to your front door!

But don’t forget to post a photo of your new tie on Instagram or Facebook when it arrives and tag us in it! We love hearing from you all. 

Mike Conley’s Fashion Challenge: Can EJ Top His Wooden Bow Tie?

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 19th Apr 2013

It would seem that the rivalry between NBA players is not only on the basketball court, but off of it too. Always dressed to impressed, many basketball stars take great pride in enhancing their personal style and public presentation.  Talented Memphis Grizzlies point guard, Mike Conley, is no exception. The fashion forward athlete took a well-received risk by rocking the Phloyd, a laser etched Sapele wooden bow tie, with a button down shirt and vest look after the 2013 Playoff games. It was seemingly such a bold move that the tie even garnered some attention of it’s own. Noticed by both reporters in Conley’s presence and sports casters offsite, many perceived Conley’s choice in neckwear as a fashion challenge to his colleagues. Intrigued by the piece, sports commentators, Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley all spent a good amount of time remarking on the uniqueness of the tie. At first, they almost didn’t really believe that it was made out of wood. Upon learning that interesting fact, they all responded with a mixture of laughter, intrigue and genuine desire for a wooden bow tie. What they could all agree on is that Conley’s tie was by far one of the most innovative accessories to be worn by a basketball player at the moment.

So, do you think that Mike Conley’s outfit is one that EJ will really be able top? We hope he’s up for the challenge and although we don’t think he can win, we’d definitely be excited to see what he comes up with.  If it were up to us, we’d strongly suggest one of our hand painted wooden bow tie for that extra pop and distinctiveness. Luckily, both NBA players and their fans, can easily purchase Mike Conley’s Phloyd or up the ante with a hand painted wooden bow tie on Two Guys Bow Ties online store.

Differences between Main Wood Types We Offer: Part 1

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 22nd Jun 2016

Our most common wood type we use for a handful of design styles, is Walnut. The wide range of wood grains can make for a very unique bow tie with a very convenient price tag. Known for it’s strength and durability, it’s sure to age well for generations to come. (“Winston” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

Another frequent wood type we use is a hardwood called White Oak. This very durable species has a trademark wood grain pattern with small rays on the slightly yellow-tinted base. It’s known for it’s density, strength, resiliency and relatively low chance of splintering if broken by impact. (“Earl” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

Wenge, a very dark colored wood, is a popular choice for being who like the Ebony look, but don’t want to pay the higher price for the real thing. It’s distinct striations give it both a brown and black appearance. (“Carl” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

The interlocked grain of the Sapele wood, often times appears wavy and has a fine uniform texture. With a reddish brown color and noticeable luster, it’s natural characteristics make for a consistently perfect engraving every time. (“Sapele Skyline” pictured above–find it here)

Padauk has a bright orange-red color with typically straight wood grain. Also a good candidate for engravings, this wood type is a perfect choice for the guy who isn’t afraid to wear a natural conversation starter wherever they go. (“Harold” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

Maple, on the other hand, is a creamy white hardwood. Known for it’s affordability and durability, it’s a great choice for a consistently clean look. It can take a rough beating and look great for years. One of the best options for engravings, it makes a great Skyline or Custom-etched bow tie. (“Emery” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

Peruvian Walnut’s deep chocolate brown color and soft texture are what sets it apart from all the rest. It’s straight and subtle grain is enhanced by the natural luster this wood type is known for. (“Cleveland” bow tie pictured above–find it here)

Canary, a clear Two Guys favorite, has a striking golden color within it’s variations of wood grain. Some pieces can be almost rainbow colored—with dark red streaks, along with the natural orange, yellow, and brown hues. Whether you wear it day-time with a nice button down or at an evening event with a trim blazer, this wood type is versatile to be a eye-catcher for both. (“The Classic” pictured above–find it here)

Wood Bow Ties


  1. Soo gentleman soo clutch soo classic , also saw on shark tank but get some historically Black fraternity’s, know it’s hard, keep trying though

  2. I saw this on Shark Tank and thought that it was such a unique gift idea! I bought one immediately after seeing them on TV and the order process was quick and efficient! The Bow Tie was delivered within the week and was the PERFECT birthday present for my brother!

The Stanley and Milwaukee: A Hardwood Duo Bringing You Style and Sophistication

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 13th Aug 2014

Have you been checking out our new combos lately? In the past few months we’ve introduced a few new wooden lapel flowers and hardwood bow ties. If you’re looking for a streak of consistency from your accessories our curated lapel and bow tie combos are for you. 

The Stanley bow tie and Milwaukee lapel pin were made for one another. They’re both finely crafted from Wenge wood, and sport a pop of coral pink.  


Why pink you ask? It’s the perfect pop of color and vibrance, with just a touch of suave and sophistication.  It takes these pieces from dark and somber to soft and alluring, with just enough intrigue to keep people glancing back at your ensemble.

Our Milwaukee lapel flower needed a shave, sanding, and smooth finish, so we gave it to him. Trust us, even you wouldn’t have liked him before. Instead of that hip, sophisticated cat he’s become, he used to look more like Lake Michigan’s version of Jeremiah Johnson. Nothing’s holding him back now. 


Brew-crew playing at home or a Sunday boat-outing, he’ll fit in anywhere.

The same was true with Stanley, our new diamond shaped hardwood bow tie. Also from blue-collar, midwestern roots, he was just like the tool of the same name – covered in dirt, oil, and confined to the shed. We cleaned him up too, and just like his partner, Milwaukee, he’s now rugged and presentable.


Stanley is just as useful as he ever was, he’s just in a different line of work now.


Pink may seem like a calculated risk, but we know it’s going to pay off. We handcrafted these for the boldest men among you, and for the men who know that ladies love a guy in pink. Remember, just because you clean up nice, doesn’t mean you can’t do work.

National Bow Tie Day: Giveaway

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 18th Aug 2016

According to National Bow Tie Day’s website “One of the most symbolic expressions of dressing well and doing well is the bow tie. Bow ties have a long history of prominence in the menswear world, dating as far back as the 17th century.”

Wearing bow ties are about confidence and putting your best foot forward in all that you do. Today, they’re reemerging and even considered elusive accessories as they’re worn by influential characters, political leaders, celebrities, intellectuals, chefs, etc. The bow tie is a style statement that simply never goes unnoticed.

So every year, a day is chosen to celebrate this icon menswear accessory and promote the personality and confidence behind the bow tie. The chosen day for 2016 is August 28th.

In celebration of this special day—one of our favorite days of the year—we are going to host a GIVEAWAY for a FREE FLOYD BOW TIE.

So join us August 26-29 and get your chance to win a free wooden bow tie for a friend or keep it for yourself. We won’t blame ya if you do.

Here’s how you’ll be able to enter to win on Instagram: simply like our post, tag a friend who loves bow ties in the comments, and make sure you’re following us on Instagram. FOR 5 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES–post a photo wearing your favorite bow tie of ours and tag us in it!

To enter on Facebook: simply like our post, tag a friend who loves bow ties in the comments, and make sure you’re following us on Facebook. FOR 5-10 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES—share the post and/or post a photo on your newsfeed of you wearing your favorite bow tie of ours and tag us in it!

This giveaway will be live until Monday night at 11:59pm central time. Winner will be announced Tuesday!

Black Silk

This classic pocket square made entirely out of black silk fabric, is bold and the perfect neutral to finish off any look in your wardrobe. This fabric pocket square is truly the best of both worlds as it makes a statement while remaining timeless! Not to mention, it matches perfectly with a handful of our wooden bow ties: Blaise, Frank, and Russell.