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The Fashion Police Approved Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 23rd Jan 2014

E! Entertainment Television’s Fashion Police is a popular TV show that seems to have gotten as much praise as it has debate. Every week the program’s opinionated, funny and fashion forward hosts: Joan Rivers, Giuliana Rancic, Kelly Osbourne, and George Kotsiopoulous, participate in a series of discussions related to our favorite celebrities’ red carpet choices. After watching the show you’ll quickly realize that absolutely no one wants to be on this group’s worst dress list. Joan Rivers and the gang are not too friendly when it comes to talking about fashion mishaps. So, when their conversations involve risky fashion choices and brave accessories, such as our wooden bow ties, we were thrilled to hear that Two Guys Bow Ties passed the Fashion Police test. Not only was Two Guys Bow Ties welcomed by the sassy fashion television show, but was also even worn by one of the show’s hosts. George Kotsiopoulos looked incredibly dapper in a pair of navy slacks, and striped button down shirt worn underneath a hunter green printed sweater. The look was brought together with the always charming, wenge wood Carl bow tie.

Excited about the look and his new wooden bow tie, Kotsiopoulos snapped a picture of his show time outfit and shared it with his Instagram followers. Their abundant likes and comments even further supported the Fashion Police host’s unique accessory of choice. Like Katsiopoulous, you too can shine in a Joan Rivers approved wooden bow tie and we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be laughed at by any Fashion Police while wearing it. Katsiopoulosus’s Carl tie as well as a range of other stylish and unique wooden accessories are readily available to purchase on the Two Guys Bow Ties website.