Yorktown Wedding Lapel Flower


  1. First saw these lapel pins and bow ties in an airport gift shop. It’s what drew me into the store. The lapel pin made a great gift for my brother. The design and quality are wonderful. Highly recommend these tastefully unique wooden jewels for anyone. Go ahead accessorize your look, I dare you.

  2. I bought this to go with my wooden bow tie for special occasions. When it arrived I was immediately pleased with the quality and over all appearance. So I put it on a smart jacket and it looked the part and very well with it’s brother bow tie.
    Then I tried it on a more of a winter coat and it looked well there too. I was afraid it might look like a broach but it is clearly a flower so no problems there. It is not overtly obvious but once somebody spots it they are all questions. I feel more a gentleman now as a result.

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