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Quincy Stylish Lapel Flower


  1. From the moment I saw this company on Shark Tank, I had someone in mind who I thought would really like the products. I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boss, a very dapper dresser. He liked it a lot and stated that he would be wearing it with his suit for his New Year’s Eve party.
  2. Epic, perfect match, how can you beat this and a bowtie together? Make it wooden!!!! EPIC!
  3. I bought this this combo for a friends birthday gift. When it arrived I personally wanted to keep it for myself, the packaging was well done and the product itself was high quality and classy. Everything matched and looked superb. When my friend opened it for his birthday he loved it and wore it to a wedding he had to attend with a dark blue suit. It looked great on him!
  4. I bought this combo to wear along with a navy suit for my outdoor wedding and I received a lot of compliments. I will definitely wear it in the future whenever I want to add some flair to my outfit.
  5. The bow tie combo is stunning!!! Great quality and very unique style!!!! The packaging is very very nice more than your expectations!!!!! I’m sure that I’ll buy another bowtie combo again!!!! Thank you “The Two Guys Bowtie” for your Creations!!!
  6. I was very pleased, the product looked fantastic. Packaging is top notch.
  7. A great gift