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Armour Philadelphia

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 24th Dec 2014

We have a fondness for many of the cities in our great nation, and The City of Brotherly Love is no exception. We’ve been fortunate enough to be represented by Philly’s finest. From the Legendary Roots Crew’s ?uestlove wearing our wooden bow ties fillin’ in the breaks for “The Hardest-Working Band in Late Night” to our progressive, sartorial, and dapper partners selling our wooden wares, menswear mecca–Armour Philadelphia.

For those of you who don’t know the story, Armour is the brainchild of human resources veteran David Grimes. After working in corporate America for over 20 years he decided he was ready for a change. Before he traded in his corner office, he began a regimen of research and study taking night courses at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. His idea for opening a menswear boutique was birthed of equal parts necessity and passion. Being a cutting-edge stylish dude had its drawbacks in Grimes’ Philadelphia hometown, as he had to shop out-of-state and online to secure the fashion forward style pieces he’s known for. The tipping point came and with it David Grimes’ Armour Philadelphia was established.

Armour Creative Director and source for our interview: Eric Hatcher

Armour isn’t like other menswear stores. They pride themselves on their penchant for offering unique and stylish separates and accessories that can be easily incorporated into any stylish man’s wardrobe. See why we get along so well?

Creative Director Eric Hatcher described the shop as, “… that slick, laid back joint where you can find some fresh accents to your existing wardrobe.” Armour stocks trousers, blazers, jewelry, dress shirts, and some other distinguished items like artwork and home accessories.

Hatcher paid us the kindest compliment when we asked if he had any personal favorites in the store. He’s a fan of anything unusual or jazzy and says our products have been a favorite of his since we first met at a trade show in New York. Our ties are different from others and that’s a quality that he always appreciates.

Hatcher said, “…the centerpiece patterns, the actual wooden construction itself. [They] can be worn with pride and confidence to a variety of venues.”

Armour’s shoppers have come to expect the unexpected from their carefully curated brands. Customers visit looking for dapper apparel, and the crew at Armour is the best at facilitating a personal, individualized look that you can call your own. Our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers work well to fit that bill for novelty and they craft a look that’s “stylishly yours.”

Hatcher continued, “Personally, I encourage our customers to wear Two Guys Bow Ties products like we like to wear them: to work any day of the week, to special occasions like weddings and holiday parties, or even on a hot date. We like to say, keep a tie handy for a quick upgrade to a casual ensemble or to add an air of elegance to any shirt and sport coat combo.”

The historic Fabic Row retailer has big plans for the future. If you’re a regular, you’ve seen them introduce a new exciting category every season. The most recent additions were undies and footwear, and very soon they’ll be offering loungewear. Because “it’s all about being comfy during life’s journey through the world-at-large.” We couldn’t agree more.

Hatcher also told us another important focus for the future at Armour will be their continued commitment to Philadelphia’s local talent. Because they love their community, the style-hub showcases a rotating line-up of designers, artists, and photographers.  Hatcher says, “There are so many rich flavors, raw skills, and diverse stories around us here… How could we ever ignore them?”

We definitely can’t ignore Armour Philadelphia, and we don’t think you will be able to, either.  If you’re near Philadelphia, be sure to check out their store.