Two Guys Bow Ties French Distributor

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 29th Jun 2014

Europe has long been known for its purveyance of incredible fashion. From the finest suits to the most elite shoes, articulate taste and style is no stranger to our Eastern neighbor. France in particular has shown itself as a trendsetting nation, with a love for fine works and dandy styles. When we had the opportunity to connect with a distributor who wanted to sell our wooden bow ties and lapels, we knew it was an incredible opportunity. He recently shared with us some of his personal history and why he loves Two Guys Bow Ties.


2GBT: Tell us a little about your history. Where did you work before you became a distributor for Two Guys Bow Ties?

BF: I used to work in finance in London. In 2011, I moved back to Paris, where I started my own distrbution company. I’ve always been into handwork since I was a kid when I used to make things with my father. Our family has a history of cabinet makers, and I recently went back to school at École Boulle, which is a very famous cabinet maker school in Paris. Boulle was the private cabinet maker of King Louis XIV and this school has taught the art of wood for centuries.



2GBT: How did you first become connected with Two Guys Bow Ties?

BF: I discovered Two Guys Bow Ties through the internet: they were running a private sale on a design website. I loved the idea right away and got in touch with Adam and Tim, who were pleased to find someone to broadcast their idea in Europe.

2GBT: What made you want to sell 2GBT in France?

BF: France and Europe have always had a dandy history. We love fine works and original clothing. Bowties are very posh in France, but bringing wood into it really turned things around. Two Guys Bow Ties was the perfect match to combine an innovative, dapper product with my love of woodworking.



2GBT: What kind of success have you seen with wooden bow ties and lapel flowers? Why do you think men like this product?

BF: So far Two Guys Bow Ties sells very well in France: online sales are great and all the shops we are working with are very happy with the turnover and product quality. It is still a product that we like to keep somewhat secret, and not mainstream, which lends to its appeal.

2GBT: What about our wooden bow ties and lapels appealed to you?

BF: Two Guys Bow Ties is refreshing, original and brings this extra dandy touch that we French love so much.


The reception we have received in Europe and beyond has been incredible, and we’re grateful for the work he does to share our ties with our friends across the pond. His team even had the privilege recently of sending a bow tie to King Filip of Belgium. To learn more about our French distributor, visit them on Instagram and Facebook.

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