Hardwood Accessories Perfect for Fall

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 26th Oct 2014

Fall is an exceptional season for men’s fashion. The change in the season and the cooler temperatures it brings leads to an onslaught of bold colors and creative ways to layer clothes for a look that is handsome, unique…and warm. 

The change in the season definitely calls for some new pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe, but make sure you’re not just thinking of long sleeve shirts and sweaters. Our line of hardwood lapel flowers and wooden bow ties comes with some pieces that are sure to give your fall wardrobe a touch that is unique and appealing. Here are some of our favorite pieces for incorporating colors for fall into your wardrobe.

Our Marion wooden bow tie and Hampton lapel flower are all about warmth. Both pieces are crafted from Walnut wood for a look that is sophisticated and bold. Our Marion wooden bow tie features Maple strips inlayed throughout the tie for just a touch of intrigue. The yellow and grey centers of each piece coordinate perfectly, and are sure to complement a variety of looks this fall.

Few pieces exemplify autumn quite like our Clarence wooden bow tie. Rosewood is cut to create a horizontal grain, then given a dark polish before it is sanded by hand for a finish that is warm, striking, and beautiful. The trendy brown plaid centerpiece adds just the right touch of spark to such an intriguing piece. It’s just the touch of dandy you need.

If bold colors are the theme of the autumn season, then our Portland wooden lapel flower is just the piece for you. Deep Rosewood comes together with a vibrant orange centerpiece to create a look that is easy on the eyes, yet still bold in its style. This wooden lapel flower features small, rounded petals to help draw all attention to the beautiful grain of the Rosewood and the pop of the fabric center.

A navy suit is a must have for the Fall season, and our Concord wooden lapel flower is the perfect accent piece. White Oak wood and a deep purple fabric centerpiece merge together to create a beautiful spark that adds a just right touch to your ensemble. This wooden lapel is sure to guarantee you several complements for your dashing style.

Few colors stand out for Fall like red. It’s bold, beautiful, and warm. Our Calvin wooden bow tie and Hartford wooden lapel flower are the perfect pairing to display this beloved autumn hue. The Hartford pairs White Oak wood with a bold red centerpiece. The petals of this boutonniere offer a unique, appealing pattern. Next to the Calvin’s bright red stripes and handsome shedua wood, it creates a pair that is as brilliant as it is beautiful.

Whatever your favorite color for fall, we have a wooden bow tie and lapel flower that is sure to help you dress your best. What’s your most beloved hue to wear for the season?

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