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Jamie Foxx in a Gas Mask and Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Sarah Mendelsohn on 23rd Oct 2013

Produced by renowned camera company, Canon, Project Imaginat10n is an exciting creative competition that invites five contestants to make one film each, based upon images submitted by everyday photographers. This year’s competition was especially good and comprised of famous personalities from many different mediums including actress, Eva Longoria, twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, Marchesa fashion designer, Georgina Chapman, LCD Soundsystem musician, James Murphy, and actor/musician, Jamie Foxx. As the 10 in Imationat10n alludes, these five celebrity directors were also required to include ten different themes (mood, character, goal etc.) inspired by the chosen photographs into their films. One of our personal favorites in this year’s competition was Jamie Foxx’s film, “…And She was My Eve.” Foxx’s short flick shares the interesting story of a man damaged early in life by unreciprocated love. As a result dedicates his main character spends his life trying to attain the perfect companion. A nosy neighbor questions his strange lifestyle and soon the uncertainty of the outside world ends up bringing his quest to an end. With a unique aesthetic and remarkable story, Two Guys Bow Ties inimitable wooden accessory fits right in. In a brief cameo, Jamie Foxx is seen wearing a gas max and a dark “Carl” wooden bowtie. Although a bit frightening, there’s no denying that Foxx’s ensemble happens to be terrifyingly dapper. Gas mask or not, the look was styled to perfection.

Luckily for Two Guys Bow Ties fans, you don’t need to be in a film directed by academy award winner, Jamie Foxx, to get your hands on our Carl tie. It is readily available for purchase on our online store. Pair it with a dark, tailored suit like Foxx did for a clean, well-groomed look. Though, do make sure you ditch the gas mask at home.