Walnut Bow Tie Necklace


  1. This is my second purchase from Two Guys Bow Ties and once again I am more than pleased. I bought one for my son-in-law who lives in Buffalo (his tie had the city of Buffalo on it). We were all in New York City when I presented him with it. He wore it the rest of the evening and received comments from restaurant staff, diners and bartenders all evening. My husband was so impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the bow tie, that he stated that he wanted one as well. Which lead to my second purchase with the NYC etching. The personal engraving on the back of both ties made it more memorable by creating a lasting inscription of the event that was being celebrated. Even the box it was placed in shows attention to detail and reflects the designer’s true feelings about the quality of his product.

  2. Absolutely love this product. The materials are all of a stunning quality, and I adored the beautiful smell of the natural wood and the etching when I opened the box. It’s a very unique and special item, well worth the cost. Couldn’t be happier to buy through these wonderful guys again.

  3. I ordered this tie for my husband for our anniversary. The thing is my anniversary was less than a week away and I wanted the tie personalized. I ponied up for expedited shipping, but I was still worried I wouldn’t get it on time. I called Two Guys and left a message with my distraught concern stating that I would forgo personalization to get the tie in time. I got a call back the very next business day letting me know that not only would I get the tie on time, it would also be personalized. I was ecstatic. I was so excited to give my husband the tie as he is a big bowtie fan- and he loved it. It is such a unique gift, the skyline tie in particular. Such a great idea. And a great way to celebrate 5 years (wood) anniversary.

    The only possibly constructive thing I have to say about this tie is that because of the dark wood, it was a little difficult to distinguish the buildings in the skyline. I also ordered a walnut skyline tie and the buildings were much easier to see on it.

  4. Fantastic bow tie. The skyline is a creative touch.

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