Skyline Bow Tie Necklace


  1. High quality bow tie. I purchased it online without knowing anything from the company. Delivered in 36 hours from US to Europe.
  2. My boyfriend loves bow ties so I wanted to surprise him with something unique for our anniversary. Not only did he love the “Bernard” but the company was so easy to work with and got me the bow tie in NO TIME and in the cutest packaging! I would definitely order from them again in the future.
  3. I bought this for my boyfriend for our anniversary and it was the exact same as the photo! Great color of wood and excellent quality. Shipped to me very quickly!
  4. The Annapolis wooden lapel flower adds a brilliant pop of color to any dull look. The vibrant, yet sophisticated, accessory is made of beautiful Maple wood and is paired with a red and pink layered fabric centerpiece making it a vital addition to every neutral outfit.

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