Styling Two Guys Bow Ties: Garcon a la Mode

Posted on 5th Aug 2014

We’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredibly fashion and style bloggers. We love the way each one gives our wooden bow ties and lapels a distinct style and look. One of our most recent faves came from the stylish Perkens Bien Aimé of Garcon a la Mode. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll notice that he has incorporated our wooden bow ties and lapels into several different outfits. The results are unique, appealing, and inspiring. We recently sat down with Perkens to talk about his site as well as his love for Two Guys Bow Ties.

2GBT: Why the name, Garcon a la Mode?

GA: When I decided to start the blog I wanted it to be something that defines the essence of who I am, not just in fashion, but in life. I recognize and appreciate style in everything. It’s a way of life for me. I also wanted it in french to pay homage to my roots as a Carib, as it is also my first language. “Garcon” means young man or man and “à la mode” means “style aware”. I couldn’t have chosen a better name.

2GBT: Can you share a bit about your site, What sets the style that you share there apart from other fashion sites?

GA: “Garcon a la mode” is true to who I am. I have a unique way of mixing colors together and adding the right accessories to complete my outfits. I look for unique statement pieces but also versatile that can easily be incorporated in my daily routine. I think some of us get too caught up on trends and the most current and hip brands out there. To me, it’s all an art; the construction of a blazer, the length of my trousers, the tie knot that I choose, the fold of a pocket square, the effect of color combos etc.. It’s the minor details. I think that’s what sets me apart.

My ultimate goal is to be an inspiration to others, a guide to the young man who doesn’t quite know how to put a proper look together, but also attract the fellow style blogger who is looking for inspiration. I have some other projects in the works which will allow me to turn it into a full site that caters to the modern gentleman.

2GBT: We first reached out to you because your style in Garcaonalamode is spot on. How did you enter the fashion world?

GA: Being exposed to fashion at a very young age and being an art lover have helped me tremendously. I was always conscious about what I wore as a young teenager. I can remember looking forward to Sunday service to wear a new tie that I thrifted or a new blazer.. That was way before instagram or the blog. I think that’s where it all started and I think I’ve been able to evolve and become more creative, confident and daring. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams as a Fashion Designer and this city really inspired me to showcase my style through social media and blogging and that’s how I created Garcon a la mode.

2GBT: When we first approached you about wearing our ties and lapels, what about the products appealed to you?

GA: I’m all about unique statement pieces. The pieces that I choose to wear have to be the perfect addition to my outfits without taking away from the look. It has to make sense and have the perfect balance. The uniqueness of the product was what appealed to me.

2GBT: We were really humbled and excited to see that you’ve worn our lapel flower several different times. Do you have a favorite ensemble that pairs with it?

GA: Yes, I love pairing brown and navy. It’s classy but edgy at the same time. These wooden bow ties and lapels work perfectly with both.

2GBT: What tips would you give Two Guys Bow Tie wearers for styling their own wooden bow ties and lapel flowers?

GA: They are perfect statement pieces that can be worn smartly and casually. They’re really easy to style. It’s always better to use light colored shirt if you want to use your wooden bow tie as statement piece. And be confident when you rock these babies, you’ll get showered with compliments. I promise!

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