How to Wear a Wooden Bow Tie

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 7th Apr 2016

1. The Button-Up/Collared Shirt

The first staple in wearing a bow tie, is a collared shirt. Smaller sized patterns tend to be a lot more visually appealing when paired with a bow tie compared to a large plaid styles. There is a whole range of colors, patterns, and types of collars, so get creative. Just make careful in mixing patterns to make sure they contrast each other. For example, vertical stripes and single color checks look great with polka dots, while a window pane pattern pairs well with slightly more mixed patterns that can include lines and/or shapes. Also, adding a vest or a jacket over top your button-up shirt is a great way to draw the eye to the bow tie, as well as give structure and shape to the whole outfit.

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2. The Vest

The vest is our favorite go-to clothing item to wear a bow tie with. Whether your sleeves are buttoned up or rolled up, your ensemble looks classy dressed up or dressed down. They’re extremely versatile as they can be worn with a button up in the spring or can be layered underneath a jacket for the fall. Take a look at some examples were a fan of below.


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3. Suspenders

A common men’s accessory, especially at spring and summer weddings, makes a great pair with a bow tie. There are several different thicknesses, clamps, style backs, and colors/patterns, which allows it to make a great fashion statement based on your individual style. Click here to shop at one of our favorite go-to places for finding your next pair.

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4. Cardigans

The cardigan is another piece of clothing that adds interest to an ensemble and increases the versatility of the other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. There is such a natural ease about them, which also makes them a great way to look dapper while staying casual. Ninety percent of the time, it is important to leave the bottom two buttons undone. Just trust us on this one. Most cardigans are a solid color and come in varying textures. It’s important to choose a neutral that goes well with your button-up, or venturing out with a colored cardigan and pairing it with a more neutral shirt. Certainly, again, there are exceptions to this, but it’s a great starting point.

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5. Pull-Over Sweaters

Many people like to wear sweaters with their neck ties and button-up shirt. We think this is a great idea, however, we have come to believe that crew neckline appear to be more flattering for bow ties, while the v-neck style is more fitting for a regular long tie. It may be a rule of ours, but we all know there are exceptions to every rule! Check out the different ensembles we liked below

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Image Source: here.

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