NEW Product: Wood-Brimmed Fedoras

Posted by Two Guys Bow Ties on 5th Oct 2015

All of us here at Two Guys Bow Tie Co.™ are so excited to announce the official launch of our newest product line, the Wood-Brimmed Fedoras! With over four colors and four sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to fit your style.

After our first batch of hats we tested last year, it became quite obvious to us people were loving our innovative take on the traditional fedora. So we knew we had found our next product line.

Each wooden fedora is carefully handcrafted by our best wood-workers right here in our local wood shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Because of the carefully planned process and selected materials these beautiful hats are made with, the walnut brim is incredibly smooth and lightweight, the felt is high quality and comfortable, and the genuine leather is carefully cut and hand-dyed by us as well.

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These wood-brimmed fedoras are an investment. Each fedora is shipped to you along with a canvas bag to store it in and directions in how to best care for it. Also included in the package are: a bottle of mineral oil and some sandpaper we cut into the shape of the USA. We’re proud of the fact our products are American-made and we want to share that with you guys–our greatest supporters. By using the care package we put together, your new wooden fedora will grow to become even better with age and wear.


Because each hat is made to order, the production time is typically between 2-3 weeks. We take the time to make sure each wood-brimmed fedora we send out is of the highest quality as that is our brand standard.

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The four styles we offer at this time are: gray (top left), navy (top right), black (bottom left), and brown (bottom right)


Each fedora has a Walnut brim and comes in sizes: Small (55cm), Medium (57cm), Large (59cm), and X-Large (61cm). Because this sizing method is not exactly typical, we do also offer foam padding to ensure the perfect fit!

However, if you happen to get yours in the mail and realize you need to exchange it for a different size, simply send us an email at: [email protected] and we’ll get you taken care of. All you have to do is pay $14 for shipping (the cost of sending it one-way) and the rest is on us! Just let us know what size you need and we’ll get the new one on it’s way to you as soon as possible.

It’s amazing to us how quickly this new product has become both a fan and staff favorite and we’re excited to hear what you think of it as well!

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