A Wooden Lapel Flower Makes a Manly Groom’s Boutonniere

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 28th Aug 2015

If you’re anything like most grooms you don’t care too much about the flower arrangements, the table settings, or maybe even the colors that’ll be used in your wedding ceremony. Most of that you’ll leave to your lady, not because you’re full of apathy, but because you know she’s been thinking about it since she was a girl. The problem is brides don’t usually consider the ways they’ll convey your masculinity. It’s going to be up to you to convey a dapper gentleman’s wedding, and we have just the thing—a manly groom’s boutonniere. Our wooden lapel flowers are the perfect rugged compliment to bring balance to your otherwise flowery wedding.

There are a few good reasons why a wooden lapel flower is the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere. Allow us to explain how your decision to use a wooden lapel flower instead of a traditional boutonniere could make your wedding equal parts Cinderella Story and dapper gentleman’s wedding. There are three main reasons:


New Haven Lapel Flower

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Manly Flowers

Traditional groom’s boutonnieres are usually made of real flowers. We’re not saying you should be against flowers, but it’s not the most masculine thing you could pin to your lapel. The most masculine thing that will still honor your brides’ femininity, is indeed a flower, but it’s one that’s been handcrafted in the U.S.A. out of a solid hardwood tree.


Photo: Susannah Blatchford Photography

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Forever Flowers

Another problem with the groom’s traditional boutonniere made from real flowers is the problem of their ability to last. In a matter of hours, those real (probably beautiful) flowers are going to shrink and shrivel so much so that you’ll be lucky to make it back from your honeymoon before they look like crushed potporri. And that’s if they even make it through all the dancing. A wooden lapel flower is the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere because it’s made to last. You’ll be able to pull it out and wear it on your five year or even ten year anniversary.

They’re Not Real Flowers; They’re Useful Flowers

Not only will a wooden lapel flower be the most manly kind of flower you can utilize for your dapper gentleman’s wedding, but it’ll stand the test of time as you’ll be enjoying it as a reminder of your ceremony for many years to come. Finally, a handmade wooden lapel flower from Two Guys Bow Ties is like the Army knife of sophisticated menswear accessories. You could just as easily wear it to your boss’ barbecue as you could wear it for dinner at you and new bride’s favorite date night location. Our products are workhorses. They’ll do it all. You can’t say the same thing about a real flower groom’s boutonniere. That will just be taking up space before the summer’s gone.


Photo: Susannah Blatchford Photography

We gave you a pretty good run down on the benefits of choosing a wooden lapel flower for your dapper gentleman’s wedding. But it’s not only a great choice for some rugged guy looking for the perfect manly groom’s boutonniere, it’s also a great gift for groomsmen. Best of all, if you don’t see a style you like, you can always custom order or build your own on our website.

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