Wooden Bow Ties | Wedding Packages


Wooden bow ties are the perfect accessory for your wedding to create a unique and stylish statement. They also make awesome groomsmen gifts. Two Guys Bow Ties want to be there on your special day so we offer wedding packages to make dressing the wedding party simple. 

Option 1. Stock Ties: If you find one of our stock ties that is the perfect fit for your wedding and want to order them with no changes we offer 20% off each tie with a minimum purchase of 5 ties. If you like this option just send us an email to the address below and I will send you a unique coupon code.

Option 2. Custom Ties: This is what most weddings pick. You pick which wood and fabric type you want and we waive all customization fees. There is a minimum purchase of 5 ties. Pricing is based solely on wood choice. If this is what you want to do let us know which wood types you like and we will get you pricing. You can see all our options under the Custom Bow Tie tab. We also allow you to send us your own fabric and we waive that customization fee as well. This is a great option when you are really trying to match a color exactly with your wedding color scheme. You can send us a regular necktie, a dress shirt, a swatch of fabric, pretty much any type of fabric you want to use. 

Please email any questions or decisions about your wedding bow tie order to nat@woodenbowties.com


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