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Maven Menswear

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 28th Apr 2014

Maven Menswear is located in Lafayette, LA, in the heart of Cajun Country. Maven is well-known for carrying unique, trendy fashions, and for providing excellent customer service in a laid back, friendly shopping environment, and we’re proud to share that they carry our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers. We had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Barbier, co-owner and founder of Maven Menswear.


What was your vision behind Maven Menswear? (give a brief summary of why you opened this store)

My wife, Christina Barbier, and I began Maven Menswear in 2011. With Christina’s 15+ years of experience in luxury retail and my business management experience, we wanted to create a concept that would give our customers in Lafayette the best of both worlds: a luxury shopping experience in a store with two price points.  One price point is attainable to your average college student and we also offer higher end products for the more established professional.

Our Men’s concept has been extremely successful in the past two and a half years and has helped us to open our women’s version (Maven Womenswear) directly across the street from the men’s store. The women’s store has been open for about a year now and is based on the same values as the men’s store: offering unique fashions and styles and excellent customer service to the people of Lafayette.


What sets Maven Menswear apart from the other stores around it?

Maven brings a big city style to a small town. We wanted to carry different brands that weren’t available at other stores in Lafayette and some aren’t available in the state of Louisiana. We wanted to have cool, trendier clothes that cater to people of all ages with the same style.


What’s one item in your store that is your personal favorite?

It’s hard to say since I personally have purchased every item in the store and love them all. The wooden bow ties from Two Guys Bow Ties are definitely one of my top favorites through. They’re a really good conversation piece and will have you thanking people all night long for the compliments! When I first saw them on Uncrate.com, I knew they would be a perfect fit for our store ad I had to have them. I always tell people if a regular bow tie isn’t loud enough for you then the next step are the wooden ones from Two Guys Bow Ties.


Why do you think our Two Guys Bow Ties wooden bow ties and lapel flowers are a good fit for Maven Menswear?

The bow ties are a perfect fit for Maven. We have a very eclectic style and people who appreciate our style know that when they come into our store they will find fashions that are on trend and cool that will set them apart form the rest of the people they will be around when they are out at night or attending an event. That is exactly what Two Guys Bow Ties is about.


Any future plans you want to share?

Be on the lookout for more Maven stores to pop up in 2015! We’re still discussing what locations will be the best fit for our stores but expansion is definitely on the agenda for the early part of next year. Feel free to give us a shout if you would like to see the Maven stores in your city.


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  1. I bought a custom Canary Wood bowtie with the Albuquerque skyline etched in. Nice craftsmanship, and the tie is so unique that anybody who is near has to stop, stare, and then request to touch it. Definitely worth the extra couple of bucks to add the skyline (they have several cities from around the world so take the time to pick what you like, even if it is not your hometown). Not the least expensive wooden bowtie available, but certainly the best!

  2. I purchased the Nashville Skyline wooden bow tie (walnut with denim) for my husband. It is a beautiful, beautiful bow tie. I am fixin to order one for my brother. The craftsmanship is amazing, the colors compliment each other perfectly, and the uniqueness of this bow tie sets it in a class all its own.

  3. We ordered this bowtie as a gift. Such a cool, unique idea. Different and edgy but has that handcrafted feel.

  4. The bowtie exceeded my expectations. It came just as it was ordered. I get stopped every time I wear it because people want to get a better look at it. I highly recommend them. I also have another bowtie and lapel flower and they are equally fantastic in quality.

  5. One of a kind.
    Great conversation piece.

  6. I bought this bow tie for my husband as a birthday gift and he loved it. Every time he wears it people constantly compliment it because it really stands out! The detail is amazing and surprisingly it’s very light like fabric so it is not uncomfortable for him to wear. Can’t wait to buy more!!!!

  7. Perfect for someone looking for a unique bow tie. Outstanding quality and design!

  8. Decided to surprise my Fiancé with this bow tie and holy shit he’s in love. Every time we have to go out he wears it. He gets stopped at lease 3 times every night he wear is and gets asked where did he get it from. It’s definitely an amazing original gift.

  9. I am completely blown away by the custom quality of my tie as well as the perfection in customer service offered! I did ask a lot of questions because I wanted to make sure everything went as expected, but every question was answered and I got my tie within several days (even with a different material, that I shipped in). I have been showing the tie off and everyone loves it. Super happy to find your company and will be doing business with you again!

    Going to be looking & feeling good wearing the tie at my wedding in July!

  10. I love the idea of the product and love the materials used… Along with the colours. The only downside is that I do think the bow tie is too big. I think if it were smaller (same size as normal bow ties) it would have been much nicer… But now it’s too obvious and much larger compared to a regular bow tie. Thank you for your time,


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Wooden Bow Ties

  1. This is such a smart idea. I get tons of complements on it. At first people say “oh nice bow tie” then they get a confused look and say “is that wood?” Finally they ask where on earth i got a wooden bow tie. I like having items that you never see anyone else wearing but still look some what normal. This is the perfect product if you feel the same way

  2. This bow tie is beautiful and really cool. I purchased it for my husband and he loves it. It’s less complicated than a regular bow tie but far more customized

  3. Excellent product.

  4. I bought this, not really thinking. It was mainly impulsive, but I have zero regrets. It adds a classy touch that no other bow tie can, and can get you some attention.. whether it’s welcome or not.