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A Groom's Wedding Responsibilities, Part 2

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 3rd Jul 2015

We started a blog series last week to make sure all the procrastinating grooms out there are taking care of their responsibilities for their wedding. We’re not claiming that this is a comprehensive list of all of the groom’s wedding responsibilities, but we are claiming that it’ll be an excellent place for you to start. We’ll guarantee that if you follow this list of duties of the groom, you’ll come off looking every bit as suave as we know you to be.


Photo Credit:  Blake Loates Photography

Put your guest list together

This groom duty is going to be more time consuming than you think. Before you and your bride decide who to invite to your wedding, you need to determine how large you want your guest list to be. Then, you and your bride can decide which family and friends to include on your wedding guest list, and even make notes about where you might want them to sit if you’re having a dinner (we highly recommend keeping Uncle Albert from the bar if he gets tipsy easily). As a general rule, invitations need to be sent out around eight weeks before the wedding.

Plan the Honeymoon

One of the groom’s most important wedding responsibilities is to plan the honeymoon. In your granddad’s day, this would have been solely his responsibility. Now we know you’re a classic gentleman and there’s a certain part of you that’s traditional and maybe even a little old-fashioned. However, couples these days are doing this one task together more and more. Nowadays, it is the groom’s duty to get a good vibe from his fiancée on what kind of locale you would both enjoy for the honeymoon.


Photo Credit:  Just for Love Photography

Picking Out Wedding Bands

Yes, it is the groom’s duty to buy another ring. But trust us, it’s a lot easier than the first one, and only a fraction of the cost… hopefully. The good thing is you get to pick out your own wedding band. We know you’re a distinguished gentleman so you don’t need much help choosing a great accessory. Trust us though, you can’t go wrong with wearing gold or silver. And she gets to choose hers too, so pressure relieved.

Making it Legal

It’s also the groom’s responsibility to arrange the purchasing of the marriage license. You’ll probably have to go to the courthouse and then you’ll want to be sure you get your preacher to sign it, and maybe you have to have a witness from the county commissioner’s court in some places and prick your fingers for a blood oath in others. Maybe you have to take anger management classes. Look we don’t know how your state does it, but it’s on you to figure it out.


Photo Credit:  @iamdirectorh on Instagram

Don’t Loose Your Keys

Don’t forget to have a car ready to whisk you two love birds away after the ceremony. The last thing you want to do is be stranded and unable to get to your own wedding reception in a hasty as possible manner. This sounds simple, but trust us things can pretty complicated on that day. It’s the groom’s responsibility to make sure you guys are ready to leave as soon as its time. By that time you’re both going to need some food pretty bad and she’ll hardly be able to squeeze out another smile on account of her shoes and sleep deprived state.

If you follow our groom’s wedding responsibilities with attention to detail, which we know your capable of (I mean, you wear Two Guys Bow Ties products) you’re going to get along just fine. You’re going to know exactly what needs to be done, before it needs to be done. Your soon-to-be father-in-law is going to be resting a lot easier when he sees you taking care of business like a boss, or Tom Cruise, depending on how old he is.