Wooden Bow Ties


  1. This is the first bowtie I have ever owned and it steals the show every time. I have 4 weddings to attend during the summer of 2013. I have rocked this bowtie at 2 of the 3 weddings and it has stolen the show everytime. Anyone who rocks a bowtie and see’s a wooden bowtie immediately becomes inferior. 3 specific scenes 1st wedding: As I approach the mic to say a few words the host, a friend who saw my 3-piece vintage suit and wooden bowtie says into the mic “And here comes Christian…who’s wooden bowtie puts my bowtie to shame…” 1st wedding part 2: As I return to my seat after my session on the mic the wedding photographer approaches me and says Alex Knight:”May I take a few self portrait shots of you?” Me: “Umm…sure.” *follows her* Alex Knight: “I must say, in all the weddings and events I have shot I have never seen anything quite like your bowtie.” Wedding 2: Friend: “Is that a wooden bowtie?” Me: “Why yes it is.” Friend: *to fiance*”Conor we need to get wooden bowtie for all our groomsmen.” *As I walk to the wedding buffet line a girl waves me down to her table* Girl: “Hey you.” Me: “Hi there, how you doin’?” Girl: “What kind of bowtie is that? Me: “Ah this….is a wooden bowtie.” Girl: “May I?” *Reaches to touch it* Me: “Of course.”Girl: *touches and feels* Ok..everyone…I just want you guys to see the awesomeness of this guys bowtie.”
  2. Big hit at the wedding couldn’t of asked for better
  3. As they already warned, the bow tie doesn’t look exactly like on the foto – still it is very beautiful and well made. I love it and get complimented on it all the time.
    Only minus: the “belt” that let’s you fasten the tie to your neck could be more elegant to match the great style of the rest if the product.
  4. Awesome bowtie, and friendly and very very helpful customer service! Just what i wanted and that I imagined!The leather goes very good to Lumberjack shirts or more rough shirts, but also an awesome touch to a stylish shirt. All in all a awesome product!
  5. I just have to now be cool enough to wear it like a boss T!
  6. I bought the “Mr. T” tie for my son who wore it to church. We’re probably not supposed to draw attention to ourselves at church, but that’s exactly what this tie did. His young lady-friends were attracted to that tie like a moth to the flame! If I had known the reacion was going to be that strong, I would have thought twice about the purchase. Needless to say, my son loves the tie. My only complaint is the price, which is pretty steep for a tie. That being said, it was a very impactful birthday present.

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