Kid-Sized “Arthur”


  1. Wearing the bow tie I caused a lot of stunning faces!
    Excellent bow tie.

  2. First off the customer service is top notch. I ordered the Atlanta skyline and it looked great. The bow tie is not the most common apparel these days so it is a bit more noticed, but a wooden one becomes the perfect ice breaker and conversation piece. My favorite tie.

  3. I ordered this tie for my husband for our anniversary. The thing is my anniversary was less than a week away and I wanted the tie personalized. I ponied up for expedited shipping, but I was still worried I wouldn’t get it on time. I called Two Guys and left a message with my distraught concern stating that I would forgo personalization to get the tie in time. I got a call back the very next business day letting me know that not only would I get the tie on time, it would also be personalized. I was ecstatic.
    I was so excited to give my husband the tie as he is a big bowtie fan- and he loved it. It is such a unique gift, the skyline tie in particular. Such a great idea. And a great way to celebrate 5 years (wood) anniversary.

  4. Skyline Maple Wooden Bowtie Review: Intricate laser etching that is really impressive. The photo on the website does it no justice. Craftsmanship on detailing of edges can be improved but its acceptable; considering its hand-made. Hence the imperfection. It would be cool if we could customize and submit our own vector skyline files. Design: 9/10 Novelty: 7/10 Craftsmanship: 6.5/10

    Overall: 8/10

  5. Great gift for those who “Own the Town”

    Great Craftsmanship! Easy order and delivery! Great Tie!

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