Wood Brimmed Fedoras

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 3rd Dec 2014

After the success of our wood brimmed fedora debut in this year’s NBA playoffs, we had dozens of requests to launch a line of these unique hats.


We’ve heard your cries for more wood, and we have answered, by creating an everyday piece for all you dapper dudes that is diverse enough to wear for any occasion (even your annual Christmas pheasant hunt). It’s the kind of headwear that could just get you on the cover of Garden & Gun. These hardwood brimmed fedoras are rugged, handsome, and ready for all-day action.


We use an American craftsman’s favorite wood—walnut. We’re rolling out a few different colors of high-quality, light-weight felt that add color and style but help keep the hat lightweight. We’ve finished the walnut in an appropriate shade to compliment the tone of the fabric and the natural beauty of the wood. Then we finish each one off with a band that’s perfectly suited. Our gray walnut is the only model without a leather band. Instead, we’ve opted to wrap it in gray felt? instead. Each fedora is classy enough to wear to dinner yet rugged enough to spend a day in the field. Really, it’s a timeless accessory any way you look at it.


The wooden brim isn’t just sharp and unique, it’s also durable. We’re in the business of creating things that last and our new wood brimmed fedora is no different. We’ve also solved one of the biggest concerns for the fedora sporting gentleman—the care of his hat. 


With a traditional snap brim a man has to be careful about where and how he doffs his signature piece. If he places it brim down he must place it near the edge of a surface so the brim’s form is maintained. If he places it upside down on its crown, as he should, he’s placing it on its most vulnerable feature. With our fedora, you can place it right side up on any surface. We’ve solved the quandary that has existed for as long as the fedora. Also, you no longer have to be especially mindful of handling your brim with clean hands. Our wooden brims will wipe clean every time.


We’ve made this wooden brimmed fedora as rugged as you are. We’ve crafted a piece to highlight your stylish existence every hour of every day. We guarantee you’re going to turn some heads with this one. We can promise you the upper hand in almost any situation where your head is under these hats; however, we can’t promise you’ll bag your limit flushing pheasant. And we can’t promise you she’ll give you her number, but we can promise you’ll look dang good. If we know you, that confidence is really all you need.

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