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Hardwood Feature: Are You Bold Enough for Paduak Wood?

While Paduak may seem to be one of our less common hardwoods, in our opinion, it is one of the most distinctive. Paduak, which comes from the Pterocarpus tree, has long been valued for its strength and durability. This exotic hardwood is sourced from Africa and Asia. Perhaps Paduak wood's most striking characteristic is its deep [...]

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Hardwood Accessories Perfect for Fall

Fall is an exceptional season for men’s fashion. The change in the season and the cooler temperatures it brings leads to an onslaught of bold colors and creative ways to layer clothes for a look that is handsome, unique…and warm.  The change in the season definitely calls for some new pieces to incorporate into your [...]

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Hardwood Feature: Canary Wood

Sourced from Central and South America, Canary wood is the medium of choice for wood workers across the globe. Featuring a pale yellow background streaked with an assortment of colors, Canary wood is as durable as it is beautiful. Because it is resistant to insects and is incredibly easy to work with, it is a [...]

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Show Your School Spirit with Style

College football season is here, and fans everywhere couldn’t be happier. Your favorite team deserves the most dapper attire possible. No matter who you yell for, we have hardwood accessories to help you show your school spirit at any event. We’ve put together some pairings that are sure to have people talking [...]

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The Bow Tie in History: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The history of the bow tie is a long and dapper one. While we could share endlessly of its Eastern European history, we would like to share instead about its American heritage, serving the necks of some of the USA’s most rugged, sophisticated, and brilliant men of modern times.  Case in point:  Franklin Delano RooseveltPhoto Credit Say [...]

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The Stanley and Milwaukee: A Hardwood Duo Bringing You Style and Sophistication

Have you been checking out our new combos lately? In the past few months we’ve introduced a few new wooden lapel flowers and hardwood bow ties. If you’re looking for a streak of consistency from your accessories our curated lapel and bow tie combos are for you. The Stanley bow tie and Milwaukee lapel pin were made [...]

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Peruvian Walnut

Walnut hardwood is one of the most highly sought after species of wood used in fine carpentry. While Eastern Black is the popular choice in North America, the Andes mountain region offers a fine variety as well. Peruvian walnut has all the same qualities as its ‘Merican cousin with the added benefit of a more [...]

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Tim Paslay: Co-Owner and Designer of Two Guys Bow Ties

Tim Paslay is the co-owner and designer of Two Guys Bow Ties.  Below he shares with us a little about his background for woodwork and design, how Two Guys all began, his interests, and his future goals.2GBT:  Tell us a little about your background:  what led to you being such a talented craftsman and designer?TP:  My [...]

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African Zebrawood:

Sought out for its beautiful black and creamy striped grain, African Zebrawood is an instantly recognizable and popular choice of lumber among woodworkers. Its beautiful, contrasting pattern makes it the perfect backdrop for many pieces, and it has been found to grace tables, floors, books, drums, and even knife handles.{Photo Credit} The African Zebrawood is [...]

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Two Guys Bow Ties French Distributor

Europe has long been known for its purveyance of incredible fashion. From the finest suits to the most elite shoes, articulate taste and style is no stranger to our Eastern neighbor. France in particular has shown itself as a trendsetting nation, with a love for fine works and dandy styles. When we had [...]

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