Hardwood Feature: Are You Bold Enough for Paduak Wood?

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 10th Nov 2014

While Paduak may seem to be one of our less common hardwoods, in our opinion, it is one of the most distinctive. Paduak, which comes from the Pterocarpus tree, has long been valued for its strength and durability. This exotic hardwood is sourced from Africa and Asia.

Perhaps Paduak wood’s most striking characteristic is its deep red color. The lumber is typically a bright reddish orange when cut, and becomes more brown in tone the longer it is exposed to sunlight. We’re big fans of its rich hue and rugged texture.

Like its origins, the look of our Paduak ties is bold and a bit exotic. Our customers love it for the pop it adds to any wardrobe.

Hewn from a darker hue of Paduak, our Harold tie sports bold zigzags balanced by a mild grey centerpiece. Crafted with life-of-the-party men in mind, the Harold will make sure every outfit is a statement.

Our simple Raleigh lapel flower shows a more subtle side of Paduak. This rugged accent is the perfect companion to any suit or blazer, adding a splash of color to any formal event.

This design is a bullseye for the fashion-forward gentleman. Paduak serves as a bold backdrop for polka dots on our Blaise tie, a must-have for anyone looking to stand out from the crowd.

For a pairing too dapper to pass up, look no further than our Gene + Rochester combo. Both crafted from Paduak, this tie and lapel flower combo brings out the best and brightest in your fall and winter wardrobe. Wear together or separately for an equally handsome effect.

We’re looking for men bold enough to distinguish themselves with the bright and daring tones of Paduak wood. Will you accept this challenge?

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