Famous Bow Tie Wearers: Justin Timberlake

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 17th Jul 2015

There’s a lot we could say about Justin Timberlake. We could talk about how he’s funny, smart, and iconic like a modern day Sinatra, but we’d rather talk about his neckwear of choice:  the bow tie. We’ve held true to our thesis that famous bow tie wearers have shaped the modern world, and while we’ve discussed men who changed the world politically and ideologically, now we want to talk about the dapper deftness of another famous bow tie wearer:  showbiz’s Justin Timberlake.

Like we said though, we only want to talk about Justin Timberlake’s bow ties. We know you don’t care anything about the history we’ve all heard so much about:  like how he escaped from The Mickey Mouse Club only to find his way into the oft maligned boy band, ‘N Sync. You can’t say Timberlake hasn’t paid his dues.


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But paying cruel dues that Hollywood sometimes doles out couldn’t keep JT down. You know what else couldn’t keep JT down? That haircut that he had.

Despite this, Timberlake rose from the ashes like a phoenix, donning that symmetrical, masculine icon:  the bow tie.

Sometimes a bow tie is all it takes, fellas. One day you could be teetering toward becoming the next Lance Bass, and then all of the sudden, you’re the next Justin Timberlake. While most of us are Joey Fatones, JT is different. JT is different from all of us. He’s funnier, he’s probably smarter, and he’s way more handsome.

Of course you know what he’s done after ’N Sync so why do we need to reiterate it? JT is a plain ol’ fashioned superstar. He’s as good an actor as he is talented musical act.  Timberlake is constantly reinventing himself. Think about this, he’s one of the only guys who could steal your girlfriend at every stage throughout your life, yet you’d still want to have a beer with him. Your elementary girl loved him on Mickey Mouse, your middle school girl loved ’N Sync (and your high school girl loved them too). Your first college girl, the movie buff, loved him after Black Snake Moan (2006), and your second college girl, the partier, loved him because he brought “SexyBack”. But every since you married her she loves him for his philanthropy, or so she says. You even like him now too, especially after The Lonely Island stuff and The Social Network (2010). He’s an icon.

Every time JT stares at defeat through the lens of boy band shades or a terrible movie’s camera he bounces back hard, but graceful, and always on beat. Almost like he’s about to fly.

It’s no wonder Justin Timberlake is one of the most famous bow tie wearers of all time. The guy moves seamlessly and tenaciously throughout any and every genre all in an effort to entertain. He’s a singer, an actor, and he’s one of the funniest guests to ever appear on SNL. Yeah, he’s all dat. You can’t be all dat if you if you’re unwilling to take a risk. We’re sure that’s what the bow tie is all about. In these slouchy times any kind of tie is becoming rare, but only the bold wear the rarest.

Only the boldest wear a bow tie. When you add some rare material like hardwood to the mix, we think you’ve taken the first step becoming more Justin Timberlake and less Joey Fatone. And we could all use less Joey Fatone.

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