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Posted on 18th Nov 2014

No Shave November is officially here, in all its bearded glory. In partnership with the American Cancer Society, No Shave November works to promote cancer awareness and help raise funds towards research and support. For the month of November, gents across the country skip their morning shave, giving free reign to their facial hair, and donate to a charity of their choice. The result is more awareness for cancer, support raised for patients and their families, and a plethora of distinguished dudes with potential bragging rights on their beards.

The key to pulling off any beard (whatever style you might choose) is in the grooming. It’s easy to tell with just one glance to tell the difference between a well-maintained beard and one that still needs some work. We’d hate to see any of you looking dapper and dashing in one of our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers and then spoil your look with a messy beard. To save you from a facial hair disaster, we’re sharing some basic tips for keeping your beard clean and distinguished.

Trimming and Maintenance When trimming your beard, you can either do it yourself, or find a barber you trust. If you go the barber route, look for gentlemen with a beard you wish to emulate. Ask around to see if they trim their own, or have it done. If they use a barber, ask for other details: how often they go, if they give any specific instructions, etc.

If you choose to trim your beard yourself, you’ll want to invest in a good pair of scissors that come to a narrow point, and a good quality beard trimmer if you prefer a shorter style.

Choosing a Beard Comb A good beard comb helps to keep your beard in a neat and orderly fashion. While there are many plastic contraptions out there that can “technically” be considered a beard comb, such a fine display of facial hair deserves a little more love than $2, don’t you think?

The downside to plastic is that is can often cause static. Few of them are designed with comfort and quality in mind. A wooden beard comb, however, is a display of craftsmanship, quality, and comfort (often in a size that will fit inside your pocket). Because it is made from wood as opposed to plastic, it also won’t generate any static.

Conditioning with Beard Oil Grow a beard for a long enough time, and you’ll soon run into a problem: itching. As you’re first growing a beard, your skin will itch considerably as the hairs come through and grow. Once your beard is longer, you’re still likely to experience some dry skin that can lead to itching. Beard oil serves a multitude of purposes: when used daily, it keeps your skin soft (and less prone to driving you crazy), it helps to prevent flakes that can arise, and it keeps your beards conditioned and free from flyaways. When choosing a beard oil, always reach for quality over cost-effectiveness. Cheaper beard oils are likely to contain substances that aren’t exactly good for your face (or the rest of you). Look for one made from all natural ingredients and that contains essential oils. Not only do they smell great, they also contain properties that are good for your beard and face.

Because we want to see you looking as dapper as possible from the chin down and the shoulders up, we’ve created our own line of beard care products. Handcrafted wooden beard combs and our unique blend of beard oils. We’re excited to launch this new line of products tomorrow, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know when they go on sale.

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