Posted by Lacey Wilcox on July 31, 2015

If you have an upcoming wedding, one of your responsibilities as the groom is to choose a gift for your groomsmen. Your wedding may be fast approaching, and chances are you don’t have any idea what groomsmen gifts to buy. We’re going to help get you through this wedding season though. We’ve already laid out a groom’s wedding responsibilities guide, but now we want to focus on some of the other details. This groomsmen gift giving guide will make hooking your groomsmen up with great gifts as easy as pie.


We think choosing gifts for groomsmen that they can wear is your best bet. The key is to choose groomsmen gifts that play to their unique brand of dapper style. But choosing gifts that your groomsmen will wear is your chance to be remembered as the most thoughtful groom they know.

  1. Watches – We think watches are a great groomsmen gift because they’re something your fellas will wear and use all year long. If most of your groomsmen are gents of the well-dressed variety you’ll have an easy job. You can find great watches around the $100-mark and probably cheaper if you look hard. Go with something classic for the most versatility—leather band, solid color face, 3-hands, day & date. Anything more and you run the risk of gifting a ticking paperweight.
  2. Kicks – Now we’re getting into that two-birds-with-one-stone territory. It’s always a great idea to give your groomsmen a gift that they’ll wear in your wedding. A unique pair of shoes can identify them as members of your wedding party and they should also be smart enough to utilize afterwards. We don’t know what your budget or style is but you could go top-shelf with all that oil money and score you groomsmen some custom leather cowboy boots. Or do something more relaxed like Tom’s or our all-time favorite sneaker to dress up or down with—Adidas Sambas.
  3. Wooden Bow TiePocket SquareLapel Flower – We have another two-birds-with-one-stone option for you because we know you’re as efficient as you are dapper. Another great wearable gift for your groomsmen is a dapper accessory like a wooden bow tie or unique pocket square to be worn above the waist on your wedding day. Hardwood accessories like a wooden bow tie or handcrafted lapel flower are always a good option because groomsmen can wear them after the wedding. A unique, hardwood accessory like a wooden bow tie, pocket square, or lapel flower is useful for dates, interviews, sales pitches, and one-upping your co-workers with dapper style.

Of course you already know we’re the authority on item no. 3. So be sure and shop our hardwood accessories for the perfect groomsmen gifts. You could risk it by buying silk long ties and pockets squares or metallic lapel flowers/pins, but the worst thing about traditional accessories like those is that they’ll only play to a few crowds.

Not so with our handmade wooden bow ties, lapel flowers, and pocket squares. They dress up or down easy, and they always look unique and trendy.

Stay tuned for more entries to our Groom’s Gift Giving Guide series. We’ve got your back. 

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