Charleston Wooden Lapel Flower


  1. This is the first bowtie I have ever owned and it steals the show every time. I have 4 weddings to attend during the summer of 2013. I have rocked this bowtie at 2 of the 3 weddings and it has stolen the show everytime. Anyone who rocks a bowtie and see’s a wooden bowtie immediately becomes inferior. 3 specific scenes 1st wedding: As I approach the mic to say a few words the host, a friend who saw my 3-piece vintage suit and wooden bowtie says into the mic “And here comes Christian…who’s wooden bowtie puts my bowtie to shame…” 1st wedding part 2: As I return to my seat after my session on the mic the wedding photographer approaches me and says Alex Knight:”May I take a few self portrait shots of you?” Me: “Umm…sure.” *follows her* Alex Knight: “I must say, in all the weddings and events I have shot I have never seen anything quite like your bowtie.” Wedding 2: Friend: “Is that a wooden bowtie?” Me: “Why yes it is.” Friend: *to fiance*”Conor we need to get wooden bowtie for all our groomsmen.” *As I walk to the wedding buffet line a girl waves me down to her table* Girl: “Hey you.” Me: “Hi there, how you doin’?” Girl: “What kind of bowtie is that? Me: “Ah this….is a wooden bowtie.” Girl: “May I?” *Reaches to touch it* Me: “Of course.”

    Girl: *touches and feels* Ok..everyone…I just want you guys to see the awesomeness of this guys bowtie.”

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