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Valet Trays: Organization for the Modern Gentleman

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It’s unclear why exactly the valet tray became a modern man’s accessory, but it’s not beyond comprehension to assume that it was really just an effort to allay those all too frequent, “Where’s my keys?” moments of frantic pocket searching seconds before you’ve intended to leave. For a more uneventful history of the valet, you may be interested in its likely ancestor—the clothes valet. For the last 200 years, those who’ve had the means to don fine clothing have needed an item to organize it while off their bodies. Enter the clothes valet.

If every modern man over the last two centuries who owns fine goods has required a beautiful piece of organizing furniture, shouldn’t you also? We think a luxurious hardwood valet tray is just what you need. Especially considering that it’s hardly just a man’s keys that he needs to be mindful of these days.

There’s normally something unsightly about seeing the contents of a man’s pockets splayed out as he works at his office or home. But finding somewhere to stash his EDC can also be a problem because it eliminates a degree of accessibility and spontaneity. That’s why we’ve created our wooden valet trays to be masculine works of art. They’re some of the most appropriately sized trays on the market, and their aesthetic composition is unrivaled. This makes them a perfect display piece fit for any desk, counter, shelf, or nightstand.

We’ve selected the most lustrous portions of hardwood stock to create our five different valet trays. Each one will have a depth to its grain and finish that represents the finest a tree had to offer. Each one is uniquely different, as the grains of each portion of board are uniquely different.

The final bit craftsmanship comes in the form of our contrasting inlays of various other hardwood species. The stripes are what really give our trays the uniqueness you’ve come to expect from Two Guys Bow Ties. We think we’ve hit the nail on the head with this product. Get organized with these premium display trays. They’re no doubt as unique and handsome as you. Trust us, there’s not a more dapper bit of furniture that will help you always be on time, or even show up early, and get organized throughout the coming year. 

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