Forage Modern Workshop

Posted by Lacey Wilcox on 15th Jun 2014


Forage Modern Workshop was born out of a love for the Midwest and good design.  The result is a store that celebrates modern craftsmanship and unique designs, textures, and tastes, while still holding to the ruggedness and beauty that makes the Midwest what it is.


The owners of Forage Modern Workshop had a desire to take the pressure off buying great design.  They wanted to provoke consciousness in purchasing by encouraging people to think twice about what they buy:  who made it, where does it come from, how was it made?  The products in their store reflect this desire for quality products made with a quality purpose.  Each item in the store has been chosen with care, creating a selection of Midwest modern design, rustic gifts, and items made with the highest levels of craftsmanship.


Forage Modern Workshop believes that the home is a reflection of each person and family’s unique personalities.  Your home is the physical representation of your story: it’s filled with furniture and decor that is old and new, gifts from those you love, and items that required months of saving and waiting.  The pictures around us are reminders of places we have been, people we have loved, and moments we will never forget.  The home is a space for inviting, welcoming, and warming.  It should be beautiful because it reflects our stories, and our stories are beautiful.


What sets Forage Modern Workshop apart is its combination of old and new merchandise.  Of the new merchandise, 60% is from local Midwest designers and makers, reinforcing the owners’ love for old school craftsmanship, their region, and modern design.  They wanted local artists, craftsman, and designers to have a platform to showcase the quality, modern furniture that comes only from the Midwest.


But Forage Modern Workshop isn’t just about great furniture.  They see themselves as a lifestyle store, and carry well-designed products for every aspect of your life.  A mutual appreciation for craftsmanship in all things led to Forage carrying Two Guys Bow Ties.  They appreciate the mixed elements found in our ties, an effect that is reflected throughout their store.  We’re told they look really good next to the Eastvold Credenza, a classic piece with a distinct style.


Above all, the members of Forage Modern Workshop believe that work should be enjoyable, and they like having a good time.  They hope to provide a space that supports young and fresh design and are collaborating with friends and other local businesses to hold galleries, pop-ups, and other fun events.  Their store is a reflection of their passions, risks, and desires to encourage creativity and collaboration.

Photos by Canary Grey Photography

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