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Hardwood Feature: Maple to Brighten Your Wardrobe This Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe, and what would a wardrobe be without some great accessories? As you already know, we have wooden bow ties and lapel flowers for every style, season, and occasion. When spring is headed out and summer is on the horizon we like to gradually transition away from darker colors to better deflect some of the sun’s heat. It’s a style choice as much as it is a practical one. If you want to stay as cool as you look we suggest you do the same.

We have some wooden bow ties and lapel flowers better suited to brighten up your wardrobe than others. Maple is a great wood to wrap around your neck if you want to stay as cool as you look. Brighten up your wardrobe by pinning the cool, white wood to your lapel this summer. Order the Lexington Lapel Flower here: http://www.woodenbowties.com/Lexington-wood-boutineer/

Most hardwoods, like the ones we make our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers from, are sought after for their heartwood. But maple on the other hand, wears its heart on its sleeve by having its outer sapwood in higher demand. In a world full of hardwoods with tough, ugly exteriors, prized for their insides, maple is the soft and sensitive type and he’s not afraid to show it on the outside.

If our Lexington is a little more subdued than what you were hoping to find, consider the Annapolis: http://www.woodenbowties.com/Annapolis-wooden-lapel-flower/. Its red and white centerpiece will add the perfect pop of color accompanying any lightweight cotton blazer for a night out on the town. Seersucker fans, the Annapolis is for you because nothing looks better than red, white, and baby blue.

Maybe a wooden bow tie is more your speed, though. We have you covered with maple wood options too. Consider our Emery: http://www.woodenbowties.com/emery/. It’s kind of made for summer. Its shell fabric centerpiece works as well at a wedding as it will at a beach bonfire. If you’re getting both in at the same time, we salute you. Just know, when it comes to accessories for that event there’s not a single. better. option. (Lexington Lapel: Above, Blue Shell Pocket Square)

Maple’s cool, white colored wood must be worked with care by the craftsman’s hands. It’s a dense wood so running high-speed routers or saw blades over it can quickly leave leave burn marks. It is a sensitive kind of wood, but it’s also associated with sweetness. Hard Maple is the same type of tree that has maple syrup pumping through its veins. Any one of our maple handcrafted accessories are going to be a hit with the ladies.

So whether you’re trying to muster up the strength to talk to her, or you’re just trying to brighten up your wardrobe to represent the season better, maple wood accessories will give you a serious edge. With it’s near white complexion, maple wood takes those UV rays and flings them back skyward so you stay as cool as you look. Our Emery wooden bow tie is also a perfect canvas for one of our Skyline ties: http://www.woodenbowties.com/skyline-wooden-bowtie-maple-w-blue-fabric/. Tell us your favorite city and we precision etch its skyline to be immortalized in maple.

If you’re looking for cool, sensitive and sweet, order a maple. She’ll love it, and she’ll love you in it. And we think you’ll love that. Go do summer right. 

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