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5 Ways to Incorporate Your Unique Style in Your Wedding

Your wedding is a day that will be more documented than Donald Rumsfeld’s tenure at the Pentagon, so you want to make sure you’re being you and that your wedding shows off your unique style. You don’t want to look back and see your face in a suit and setting that looks so foreign to [...]

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Nataley Shepherd: Two Guys Bow Ties Production Manager and Office Manager

Nataley does it all at Two Guys Bow Ties. She’s been around since the company’s earliest days, when we crafted our handmade wooden accessories in our homes. She’s grown with Two Guys and considers it a great place for both her artistic design and leadership qualities to flourish. Read her story here:2GBT: Tell us a [...]

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Hardwood Feature: Walnut

Walnut has long been a favorite wood for crafting. Anyone who works with it can attest to its strength, durability, and natural beauty. It’s a mainly straight grained wood with an occasional wave in the grain. Its occasional wavy grain is one of its defining characteristics. Those are some characteristics we feel are equally important [...]

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The Bow Tie in History: Mark Twain

The bow tie makes a bold statement. It’s a piece of fashion that only the most cavalier can don with confidence. Some of the most influential men in history have shaped the modern world after shaping the triangular knots around their necks. If the bow tie makes a bold statement, it’s only fitting that the [...]

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Hardwood Feature: White Oak

We’re proud American craftsmen at Two Guys Bow Ties, and try to pay homage to the grand ole USA in anyway possible. Many of our handcrafted, hardwood products take their names from great American cities, landmarks, and historic personalities. That’s one of the reasons we decided to use white oak for many of our hardwood [...]

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Armour Philadelphia

We have a fondness for many of the cities in our great nation, and The City of Brotherly Love is no exception. We’ve been fortunate enough to be represented by Philly’s finest. From the Legendary Roots Crew’s ?uestlove wearing our wooden bow ties fillin’ in the breaks for “The Hardest-Working Band in Late Night” [...]

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Valet Trays: Organization for the Modern Gentleman

It’s unclear why exactly the valet tray became a modern man’s accessory, but it’s not beyond comprehension to assume that it was really just an effort to allay those all too frequent, “Where’s my keys?” moments of frantic pocket searching seconds before you’ve intended to leave. For a more uneventful history of the valet, you may [...]

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Wood Brimmed Fedoras

After the success of our wood brimmed fedora debut in this year's NBA playoffs, we had dozens of requests to launch a line of these unique hats.We’ve heard your cries for more wood, and we have answered, by creating an everyday piece for all you dapper dudes that is diverse enough to wear for any [...]

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Beard Care Essentials

No Shave November is officially here, in all its bearded glory. In partnership with the American Cancer Society, No Shave November works to promote cancer awareness and help raise funds towards research and support. For the month of November, gents across the country skip their morning shave, giving free reign to their facial hair, [...]

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Hardwood Feature: Are You Bold Enough for Paduak Wood?

While Paduak may seem to be one of our less common hardwoods, in our opinion, it is one of the most distinctive. Paduak, which comes from the Pterocarpus tree, has long been valued for its strength and durability. This exotic hardwood is sourced from Africa and Asia. Perhaps Paduak wood's most striking characteristic is its deep [...]

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