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African Zebrawood:

Sought out for its beautiful black and creamy striped grain, African Zebrawood is an instantly recognizable and popular choice of lumber among woodworkers. Its beautiful, contrasting pattern makes it the perfect backdrop for many pieces, and it has been found to grace tables, floors, books, drums, and even knife handles.{Photo Credit} The African Zebrawood is [...]

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Two Guys Bow Ties French Distributor

Europe has long been known for its purveyance of incredible fashion. From the finest suits to the most elite shoes, articulate taste and style is no stranger to our Eastern neighbor. France in particular has shown itself as a trendsetting nation, with a love for fine works and dandy styles. When we had [...]

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Forage Modern Workshop

Forage Modern Workshop was born out of a love for the Midwest and good design.  The result is a store that celebrates modern craftsmanship and unique designs, textures, and tastes, while still holding to the ruggedness and beauty that makes the Midwest what it is.The owners of Forage Modern Workshop had a desire to take the [...]

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Daniella + Ross: A Colorful Palm Springs Wedding

Daniella and Ross’ Palm Springs wedding may be one of the most beautiful you have ever seen. Set at the Parker, this Palm Spring, CA wedding is full of colorful, character, and the perfect mix of the couple’s personality and style. We loved getting to see one of our wooden bow ties featured in [...]

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Celebrate Father's Day with Style

Father’s Day is coming June 15. No one’s more deserving of a unique, hand-crafted gift than the man who taught you how to throw a football, who carried you on his shoulders at the park, and taught you what it meant to be a gentleman. He’ll appreciate a thoughtful, well-crafted gift with a [...]

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Phuong + Mykel: A Brooklyn Wedding

Phuong and Mykel were married in Brooklyn.  Their wedding style was industrial, modern, and simply beautiful.The bride and groom allowed each member of their wedding party to show off a bit of his or her style, while staying within the palette they’d chosen for their wedding colors.Bridesmaids chose their preferred color and style of dress, [...]

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Lexi Arielle Photography: A Southern Styled Wedding Shoot

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting times in your life. We know there are a thousand things you could worry about as you walk into the next chapter of your life, but nothing is as important as the memories surrounding that special occasion. You want your wedding to be a [...]

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A Great Gatsby Wedding

The Great Gatsby has enticed and entranced us for decades. The recent release of the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio was a fresh reminder of why this book has captured our attention and imaginations. It gives vintage a whole new beauty and allure, and it makes the perfect style for a wedding. A Great Gatsby [...]

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Heather and Antonio: A Vintage Southern California Wedding

Heather and Antonio were married in beautiful Southern California. For their outdoor ceremony, they wanted a rustic, vintage style as the theme for their wedding day. Their vintage wedding featured a soft color palette, handmade details all around, and bouquets of roses, dahlias, and amaranthus.  The key to Heather and Antonio’s success in creating [...]

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Maven Menswear

Maven Menswear is located in Lafayette, LA, in the heart of Cajun Country. Maven is well-known for carrying unique, trendy fashions, and for providing excellent customer service in a laid back, friendly shopping environment, and we’re proud to share that they carry our wooden bow ties and lapel flowers. We had the opportunity [...]

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